Manual de entrenamiento bilingüe y curso de capacitación para hoteles


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Manual de entrenamiento bilingüe y curso de capacitación para hoteles

  1. 1. Manual de entrenamiento bilingüe y curso de capacitación para personal de hoteles.
  2. 2. MisiónDiseñar estrategias de capacitación y entrenamiento eficiente y efectivo para garantizarsatisfacer las necesidades de hospedaje de todos los huéspedes que nos distinguen con supreferencia, ofreciéndoles un trato amable y cortés mediante un personal altamenteentrenado en brindar un servicio de comunicación bilingüe, de manera que se cumplan susexpectativas de calidad en la atención al cliente. VisiónPosicionaremos en el mercado local como la mejor empresa de capacitación bilingüe ylograr un reconocimiento a nivel nacional, avalado por la recomendación de nuestrosclientes, procurando para ello un desarrollo sostenido basado en políticas de calidad ymejora continúa para garantizar un crecimiento que nos permita ofrecer un servicio deexcelencia.
  3. 3. Nuestra Metodología Diseñar un manual con su respectivo curso de entrenamiento a la medida de las necesidades de nuestros clientes. La efectividad del material esta en el uso preciso de diálogos basados en experiencias reales y de ilustraciones lo cual lo hace fácil de usar y de recordar. Capacitar al personal previamente seleccionado por nuestros clientes para que puedan sostener conversaciones en tiempo real con los huéspedes de nuestros clientes y de esta manera, facilitar la comunicación ofreciendo un servicio completo.
  4. 4. Contenido del manual bilingüeFood and Beverage Manager Banquet ManagerFront Office Manager Room Service MangerExecutive Chef Maintenance EngineerSales and Marketing Manager Bar ManagerPersonnel Manager SpaRestaurant manager
  5. 5. DAY ONE DAY TWO DAY THREE DAY FOUR DAY FIVE DAY SIXDuration: Two Duration: Two Duration: Two Duration: Two Duration: Two Duration: Twohours. hours. hours. hours. hours. hours.Material: Topic Material: Topic Material: Front Desk Material: Topic Material: Topic Material: TopicFood and Beverage Restaurant Manager. Banquet Manager Room Service Executive Chef.Manager. manager and Bar Skills: Listening, Sales and Manger and Skills: Listening,Skills: Listening, manager. speaking. Marketing Personnel Manager. speaking.reading and Skills: Listening, Manager. Skills: Listening,speaking. reading and Skills: Listening, speaking. speaking. speaking.Activities:  Activities: Activities:  Activities: Activities: o Activities: 1. Introduce 1. Introduce 1. Introduce 1. Introduce 1. Introduce 1. Introduce vocabulary vocabulary vocabulary (list vocabulary vocabulary (list vocabulary (list (list enclosed). (list enclosed). enclosed). (list enclosed). enclosed). enclosed). 2. Hand out 2. Hand out 2. Hand out copies 2. Hand out 2. Hand out 2. Hand out copies copies of the copies of the of the listening copies of the copies of the of the listening listening listening activity and have listening listening activity and activity and activity and them listen and activity and activity and have them listen have them have them fill in the gaps. have them have them and fill in the listen and fill listen and fill 3. Break them up listen and fill listen and fill in gaps. Break in the gaps. in the gaps. into teams and in the gaps. the gaps. Break them up into 3. Break them up 3. Break them up role play 3. Break them up them up into teams and role into teams and into teams and scenarios. into teams and teams and role play scenarios. role play role play role play play scenarios. scenarios. scenarios. scenarios.
  6. 6. Día uno –Day oneI.VocabularyVocabularypart of speech Meaning Example sentenceà la carte Is it possible to get the steak à la carte? I dont eat without a side dishadjective potatoes.alcohol, liquor a distilled liquid such as rum or whiskey This beer has 5% alcohol.nounall you can eat These are all you can eat fries, so let me know if you customers pay one fee and can eat as much as they wishadjective want more.appetizer Would you like some garlic bread or another appetizer small snack before a mealnoun to start?apron Remove your apron before you come out to the dining a cloth covering worn over the clothes while cookingnoun room.awful (taste) very bad taste The customer said that her pasta was awful.adjectivebar place in an establishment where people go to get a drink If you sit up at the bar you dont have to order any food.noun (especially alcoholic drinks)
  7. 7. barbeque southern style of cooking over a grill The barbeque wings are our specialty.noun/verbbarstool The guest fell off his barstool before he even ordered a tall seats that customers use at the barnoun drink.bartender staff member that mixes, pours, and serves alcoholic I do part-time work as a bartender in a local pub.noun beveragesbeverage Can I bring you some beverages while you look at the drinknoun menus?bill, cheque, check the slip of paper that tells the customer how much to pay Table 3 would like you to bring them their cheque.nounblack coffee Should I bring some cream, or do you take your coffee coffee without any milkadjective + noun black?boil style of cooking that involves placing food in a deep pot of We usually boil the potatoes first so that they will cookverb extremely hot water faster.booster seat a plastic unit that fits on top of a chair to help small children Will your child be needing a booster seat today?noun reach the tablebooth/bench type of seating in which people sit side by side on a Wed prefer a booth if you have one available.noun cushioned areabooze alcohol Youve been into the booze already, havent you?noun(idiom)bottle opener All of the servers keep bottle openers on their a device used for opening beer bottles that dont twist offnoun keychains.bread basket Ill bring you a bread basket to hold the kids down until slices of bread and butter served before and with a mealnoun dinner.
  8. 8. breaded rolled and cooked in bread crumbs The shrimp is breaded in our homemade batter.adjectivebuffet self-serve tables of food that are set out for the customer to The plates and everything you need are up at the buffet.noun pick and choose fromburnt overcooked to the point of turning black The toast is burnt around the edges.adjectivebusboy, busser a person who helps out in a restaurant (especially clearing Ask the busboy to help you bring out all of the food.noun and setting tables)cash paper money payment I dont have any cash. Do you accept Visa?nouncashier staff member responsible for collecting customers money at We dont have a cashier; you have to pay your server.noun the front of an establishmentcharge I will have to charge you an extra dollar to add ice to add a feeverb cream.chef staff member who is professionally trained to prepare food Our head chef is one of the best cooks in town.nounclear remove finished or unused items from a table You need to clear this table and set it for four.verbcocktail Would anyone care for a cocktail on this warm sunny an alcoholic drink with juicenoun day?coffee maker machine that dispenses coffee into a glass container for You need to teach the new waitress how to operate thenoun pouring coffee round an offering of coffee and refills around a section of a Lets ask the busboy to do a coffee round while we takenoun restaurant a smoke break.
  9. 9. combo, combination mixture The combo platter has veggies, ribs, and chicken fingers.nouncomment card a piece of paper that customers are given to record their When she asked for a comment card I knew she wasnoun dining experience going to complain about the food.complaint a problem with service or food The guest brought his complaint to the manager.nouncondiments types of sauces that are added for flavouring (i.e. mustard) All of the condiments you should need are on the table.nouncook prepare and heat food until it is ready to serve The guest says that this chicken isnt cooked enough.verb/nouncorkscrew You will need to learn how to work a corkscrew before tool for removing the cork from the top of a wine bottle.noun you start bartending.counter flat area often used for placing dishes on or preparing food I left one of the salads on the kitchen counter by mistake.nouncomplimentary The desserts are complimentary because the dinner took free of chargeadjective so long.creamer small plastic container of cream for coffee Will you need more than two creamers for your coffee?nouncredit card a plastic card that allows people to pay for something later You forgot to sign your credit card slip.nouncustomer, guest person who goes to an establishment to be served It is our policy that the customer is always right.nouncustomer service Our restaurant got the award for having the best treatment of guestsnoun customer service this year.
  10. 10. cutlery, silverware, In a fine dining restaurant the staff has to polish theutensils tools for eating with (fork, knife, spoon) silverware.noundebit Can we pay by debit here, or do you only take credit use bank card to pay directly from bank accountnoun cards?deep fried cooked in a large pot of oil Most of the appetizers on our menu are deep fried.adjectivedefrost, thaw remove frozen food from the freezer to prepare Dont forget to defrost some pies for tomorrow.verbdesignated driver person in a party who agrees not to consume alcohol in order Is there a designated driver in your party or are youadjective + noun to drive everyone home safely taking a taxi?dessert sweet treat after a meal I think were too full to have dessert tonight.noundessert tray a plate of all of the desserts that customers can view and Ill bring the dessert tray around and see if I can temptnoun order from any of you with a slice of cake or pie.dirty dishes Ill just clear these dirty dishes and make some room for plates that customers are finished withadjective + noun at a cheaper cost We got a discount because we are regular customers.noundishwasher the staff member/machine that washes the dirty dishes Can you bring the dishwasher these pans to clean?noundoggie bag unfinished food that is packed up for the customer to take I cant finish my steak, but Ill take a doggie bag.noun home
  11. 11. draft beer from a keg that pours out of a tap We have a selection of local beers on draft.noundressing liquid topping for salads Would you like Italian or French dressing?noundry no sauce Ill have dry toast with two eggs.adjectiveentrée, main course The entrées are after the lunch specials on page 6 of the the largest part of a meal (after appetizer, before dessert)noun We dont provide table service. This is a fast-food an eatery that offers quick inexpensive foodnoun restaurant.fine dining The waiters wear bowties because its a fine dining a very expensive eating establishmentnoun restaurant.float small amount of cash used to make change at the beginning I need a roll of quarters for my float.noun of a server or bartenders shiftfree refills beverages that can be filled again without any cost Have all of the soda you want; its free refills here.adjective + nounfry cook over an element in oil Dont fry the vegetables too long or they will go soggy.verbgarnish food that is added to a plate for appearance or colour(i.e. Dont forget to garnish all of the entrees that go out.noun/verb parsley or fruit)glassware Make sure the glassware doesnt have any spots before group of drinking glassesnoun you put it away.gloves (plastic) Whenever you are handling food make sure you are covering for the hands to prevent the spread of germsnoun wearing gloves.
  12. 12. gratuity/tip When we have a large party were allowed to add a 15% extra money given as a thank you for servicenoun gratuity to the bill.greet Your priority as a hostess is to greet the guests at the say hello and welcome customers to the establishmentverb door with a smile.grill cooking over iron slats that allow for oil and fat to drop The healthiest way to prepare meat is on a grill.noun/verb downhairnet a covering worn on the head while preparing food If you dont want to wear a hat, you can wear a hairnet.nounhappy hour short amount of time when alcoholic drinks are on sale Were expecting a rush because its almost happy hour.nounhighball alcohol served with soda Our highballs are on for half price today.nounhighchair a tall chair with a plastic tray designed for a baby The party is for ten plus a highchair.nounhold leave off/without Ill take a hamburger, hold the bun.verbhomemade made from a recipe We serve the best homemade soup in town.adjectivehost, hostess staff member in charge of greeting and seating customers in a Please wait and the hostess will seat you.noun restaurantingredients Ill check the ingredients to make sure there arent any all of the different foods that are combined in a recipenoun nuts.kettle pot for boiling water for tea Ill put the kettle on and make some fresh tea.noun
  13. 13. last call the last chance for a person to get an alcoholic drink before Well have two more screwdrivers for last call.noun the establishment closeslemon, lime wedge a small segment of lemon or lime put on the rim of a glass Id like a lemon wedge for my ice water please.nounlineup a number of people waiting for something Is this the lineup to pay or get seated?noun/verbliqueur alcohol that has a syrupy/sweet taste Can I offer you a coffee liqueur to go with your dessert?nounmanager person in charge of a section of a restaurant Id like to speak to the floor manager about the service.noun/adjectivemelt warm to soften (i.e. cheese/butter) First, melt two tablespoons of butter in the microwave.verbmenu a booklet of all of the food that can be ordered Do you have a childrens menu we could see?nounmicrowave a small appliance that heats and cooks food quickly We can heat your dinner in the microwave if you like.nounmild not spicy Id like a half dozen mild chicken wings.adjectivenightclub establishment where adults go to dance and drink alcoholic If you work at the nightclub you will have to stay until 2noun beverages AM.non alcoholicbeverage a drink that resembles a certain drink without the alchohol Can I order a non alcoholic beer?adjective + noun
  14. 14. on the rocks on ice Ill take a whiskey on the rocks.preposition + nounon the side request for a food item to NOT be put on top of another food For the nachos, can we have the sour cream on the side?preposition + noun itemorder make a request to a server Is everyone ready to order lunch now?verb/nounover charge I think you over charged us for our drinks; we only had give a customer a bill that is too high (by mistake)verb one each.pack up put in a take-out container for the customer to bring home Would you like me to pack up the rest of that pizza?verbparty group of people at or waiting for a table A party of twelve just walked in without a reservation.nounpatio We closed the patio because it looks like its going to outdoor seeatingnoun rain.pitcher, jug a container with a spout to pour water, beer, or other Well take a pitcher of beer with four glasses.noun beverages out ofportion a separate amount of food The chicken fingers are already portioned in the freezer.noun/verbpour dispense liquid from a container Can I pour you folks another glass of water?verbprepare get food ready The servers have to prepare the salads themselves.verbpub establishment that specializes in casual food and alcoholic I can wear whatever I want when I work at the pub.noun beverages
  15. 15. rare cooked meat that is pink inside This steak is too rare for me to eat.adjectiverecipe list of ingredients and instructions for preparing a certain Our chef is so talented that he almost never bothers withnoun type of food a recipe.regulars You can give the regulars a complimentary drink from people who come into an establishment oftennoun time to time.reservation We dont take any reservations; its first come first a request to have a table saved for a certain amount of peoplenoun served here.restrooms place for people to use a toilet and wash hands The restrooms are to your left and down the stairs.nounroll-up Before we punch out we have to prepare enough roll- a set of cutlery wrapped in a napkinnoun ups for the night shift.rush a large amount of customers arriving at the same time We always have a rush after church on Sundays.nounsauce What kind of sauce would you like on your ice cream, liquid flavouring added to foodnoun butterscotch or chocolate?schedule a notice of the time and date each staff member has to work If you want to book off a day, let me know before I makenoun/verb in a certain period of time the schedule.seasoning dry flavouring added to food He wants the chicken plain without any seasoning.nounself-serve the customers bring their own food items to the table and do We have a buffet on, so its self-serve for lunch.adjective not pay for service
  16. 16. seniors discount a reduced price for people over a certain age (i.e. over 65) We have a seniors discount of 25% off on Mondays.nounseparate cheques We asked for separate cheques but it all came on oneadjective + noun/verb a different bill for each member/group sitting at a table bill.+nounserve look after a customer, bring items to a customer Is there someone in charge of serving out on the patio?verbset get a table ready with items such as cutlery and glassware I need you to clear and set table five for a party of eight.verbshot one ounce of alcohol served in a small glass (shot glass) Lets do a shot to get this party started.nounshooter an ounce of alcohol and juice combined Is there a shooter that has orange juice in it?nounside dish choice of food that goes with a main meal The two side dishes are mashed potatoes or french fries.nounsour I think the milk has gone sour from sitting out of the acid or fermented tasteadjective fridge too long.sous chef Our sous chef is leaving to become the head chef at staff member who works under and assists the main chefnoun another restaurant.specials items that were prepared particularly for a certain day and Would you like to hear the specials before you decide onnoun are usually at a reduced price lunch.specialty food item that a restaurant is popular for Homemade fish and chips is our specialty.noun
  17. 17. spicy hot flavour Any item with three chilies beside it means that the dishadjective is very spicy.stay to eat in the restaurant Are these coffees to go or to stay.verbstir, mix spin round and round with a spoon Stir the soup for a few minutes before you serve it.verbstraw long hollow plastic stick for drinking out of Can I please get a straw for my ice tea?nounstraight up alcoholic drink without any mix or ice He always has a straight up glass of rum after his meal.adjectivesubstitute replace one item for another Can I substitute the carrots for corn?verbsupervisor staff member in charge of watching over things and dealing When Im not here George will be your supervisor.noun with problemssweet If you like sweet things, youll love our chocolate taste with a lot of sugaradjective cheesecake.take-out food that is packed up and eaten at home You can either eat in or order food to take-out.adjective/verbto go to take out of the restaurant Were just going to order a pizza to go.verbtoppings What type of toppings would you like to have on your food items that go on top of other food items to add flavournoun pizza?uniform clothing that staff members have to wear The uniform here is black pants and a white shirt.noun
  18. 18. waiter, waitress staff member in charge of taking orders and serving food and When I got promoted from a hostess to a waitress Inoun beverages started making tips.waiting list list of groups who want a table to eat at We have a twenty minute waiting list tonight.nounwarm up heat food to an enjoyable temperature for eating Would you mind warming up the babys bottle for me?verbwell- done cooked for longer than average The meat was so well-done it had no flavour.adjectivewine list a menu of all of the wine you can order from the glass, litre, You will notice that we have a lot of local wine on ournoun or bottle wine list.winery There is another winery up the hill that you might enjoy a place where wine is made, tasted, and soldnoun stopping tasting If you are intersted in trying some wines you should go sampling different types of wineadjective on a wine tasting tour. © 1997-2012 EnglishClub
  19. 19. II. Poner audio y que cada uno lea mientras escucha.Waiter: Hi. Welcome to Heavenly Pies. May I take your order? Man: Oh! Ranch, please.Man: Uh . . . yes. Id like the chicken fried steak. Waiter: Would you like anything else?Waiter: Okay. Would you like fries, bread, or rice with your meal? Man: Well, Id like to see your pie menu. Thats the main reason why I like to dine here.Man: Umm. Ill take the rice? Waiter: Oh, Im so sorry, but we arent serving pies today.Waiter: Would you care for anything to drink? Man: Huh? I thought this was Heavenly Pies Restaurant.Man: Yeah. Ill take a medium orange juice. Waiter: Well, it usually is, but, Dave, our baker, slipped in the kitchen on aWaiter: Im sorry. We only have large or small. banana two days ago,Man: Well, in that case, uh, Ill have a small one. and hurt his leg. [Oh] Hell be out for at least two weeks. In the meantime,Waiter: Okay. A small juice. And what kind of dressing would you like were serving ice cream sundaes instead. Sorry.with your salad. Man: Wow. Im sorry to hear that. Well in that case, Ill have an ice cream sundae.It comes with the fried steak. Woman: Ill be back with your order in a few minutesMan: What dressings do you have?Waiter: We have French, Italian, blue cheese, and ranch.
  20. 20. III. Poner el audio y que cada participante escuche y llene los espacios.Waiter: Hi. Welcome to Heavenly Pies. May I (1) your order?Man: Uh . . . yes. Id like the chicken fried steak. (2)Waiter: Okay. Would you like fries, bread, or rice with your ?Man: Umm. Ill take the rice?Waiter: Would you care for anything to drink?Man: Yeah. Ill take a medium orange juice.Waiter: Im sorry. We (3) have large or small.Woman: Well, in that case, uh, Ill have a small one.Waiter: Okay. A small juice. And what (4) of dressing would you like with your salad. It comes with the fried steak. IV. Formar grupos de tres participantes y crear diálogos basados en vocabulario de bebidas y alimentos.