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  2. 2. Information of London *Capital of United Kingdom (uk) * motto: «Domine Dirige Nos» * flag: *shield:
  3. 3. London tourism British Museum Tate Modern National Gallery Natural History Museum London Eye Museum Madame Tussauds National Maritime Museum Tower of London.
  4. 4. museum madame tussauds
  5. 5. Education London is the region of Britain with the highest concentration of institutions of higher education, making a total of 30 universities The major academic institution is the "University of London” Universities such as: University College London and the London School of Economics, are considered elite universities.
  6. 6. fashion London fashion Stations depends but the winter is the natural season of the English city so that the Londoners should dress warm use jackets and boots, scavers and gloves etc..
  7. 7. Celebrities *Charlie Chaplin *Isabel I *Isaac Newton *William Shakespeare *queen Elizabeth *The Beatles
  8. 8. Festivities and parties In London there are national and local celebrations. The holidays are called "Bank Holidays". *Chelsea Flower Show: Exposure of plants and flowers *Baishaki Mela: is the New Year celebration in Bangladesh *Notting Hill Carnival: biodiversity
  9. 9. Thank you! This is the end