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Verb to be


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Esta presentacion es un repaso de la estructura del verbo to be en el presente simple.

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Verb to be

  1. 1. The meaning of the verb to be is:“ser” o “estar”
  2. 2. Examples: (when it means “ser”)I am a woman.You are a man.He is a boy.She is a girl.It is a cat.We are a family.They are students.
  3. 3. When it means “estar”I am in my house.You are in Aguascalientes.He is in the school.She is in the restaurant.It is in the garden.We are in the classroom.They are in the soccer field.
  4. 4. Contractions with the verb to beI am I’mYou are You’reHe is He’sShe is She’sIt is It’sWe are We’reThey are They’re
  5. 5. Negative with the verb to beI am not I’m notYou are not You aren’tHe is not He isn’tShe is not She isn’tIt is not It isn’tWe are not We aren’tThey are not They aren’t
  6. 6. Questions with the verb to bebe + subject Short answersAffirmative negativeAre you an engineer? Yes, I am. No, I’m not.Is he a teacher? Yes, he is. No, he isn’t.Is she a secretary? Yes, she is. No, she isn’t.Is it your dog? Yes, it is. No, it isn’t.Are we friends? Yes, we are. No we aren’t.Are they students? Yes, they are No, theyaren’t.
  7. 7. Ing. Isabel Fernández BeltránCentro de Educación MediaUniversidad Autonoma de Aguascalientes