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  1. 1. Alba RuizLaura SarmientoEnglish2011-2012
  2. 2. Danone was established in 1918 by Isaac Carassoin Barcelona.Danone was a little factory which producedyoghurts.In 1923 Danones yoghurts were used like amedicine and they were prescribed inpharmacies.In 1941 Danone started as a public limitedcompany (Danone, S.A) with Luis PortabellaComte-Lacoste as the president.Danone’s yoghurts were made with plasticcontainers, which started to replace theporcelains ones.This made the popularization easier and theybecame a product of diary use to get a healthyand well-balanced diet.
  3. 3. In 1968 Danone made his first ad and in 1981and in 1982, Danone opened two newfactories in Barcelona and in Asturiasrespectively.The Barcelonas Olympic Games in 1992 weresponsored by Danone.Danone institute was born in 1993. By the timeDanone was acting in more than 10 countriessuch asCanada, Russia, China, Belgium, Brazil, EE.UU.,etc.In 1998 Danone was the sponsor of the FrenchFootball Mundial.In 2000 Danone started a campaign in favourof childhood and youth. Besides, it has takenpart in different campaigns to promote ahealthy daily life.
  4. 4. Isaac Carasso established in 1919 an enterprise called Danone (it was thepatronymic of his sons name Daniel).Danone is a public limited company and the property is divided intoshares, therefore the owners are everyone who have Danones shares.Although the president of Danone is Javier Robles, the person whocontributed more besides Isaac Carasso, was Daniel Carasso. Daniel Carasso was a Jewish born in 1905 in Thessaloniki (Greece), where his family had lived after Spains expulsion of Jews, but he kept his Spanish nationality. In 1916 his family moved to Barcelona and four years later, his father began marketing Danone.
  5. 5. Daniel Carasso did commerce studies inMarsella. Because of the attraction to thescientific world, he decided to study at PasteurInstitute in Paris.During the second world war, in 1941, he leftEurope and gave his enterprises to LuisPortabella and Norbert Lafont, then he travelledto the United States, where he established a newyoghurts enterprise called Dannon.When he came to Europe in 1951, he got backhis enterprises and he set up Danone groupjoining with a french group of enterprises calledBSN. Danone Group got an international success.Daniel Carasso died in Paris in 2009 at the age of103.
  6. 6. DANONES ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY.Danone has a series of basic principles which are about the use of adequatetechnology to reduce the emissions and residues, sustainable farming, andreducing Danone’s packaging, production and transport impact.DANONE INTO ACTIONDANONES PLEDGE ON CO2Danones products come from nature. That’s whyDanone wants to reduce his impact on the environment.Danone has pledged to reduce his carbon footprint by30% between 2008 and 2012.At the moment, Danone has already achieved over 20%reduction.SUSTAINABLE FARMINGDanones products are dairy based. The fact is that cows produce methane which is agreenhouse gas.In 2005, Danone improved the quality of milk by reducing saturated fat content andincreasing the level of omega 3, it reduces the amount of methane emitted from cowsby up to 30%.
  7. 7. REDUCING DANONE’S PACKAGING IMPACTSince 2000, Danone has been working to reduce the weight, shape, size... of thepackaging , which helps Danone to reduce the impact that the packaging has on theenvironment.Helping consumers recycleAs well as reducing the amount of packaging that Danone uses, Danone makes theirpackages as recyclable as possible.REDUCING DANONE’S PRODUCTION IMPACTSince 2000, Danones production facilities have anenvironmental policy that focuses on reducing theamount of materials and energy used. Danone has sofar achieved a 30% reduction in water and energyconsumption.REDUCING DANONE’S TRANSPORT IMPACTDanone is constantly looking at the best ways totransport their products from source to stores.Danone have programmes in place to ensure the mostefficient driving, improving fuel consumption andtherefore reducing carbon impact.
  8. 8. Danone belong to the sector alimentary and makes dairy products.From more than 90 years, Danone hasnt stopped to develop, doingsignificant progress, until now. the Objective is to have the best taste andbetter quality.Danone not only has made naturals yoghurts also has made products withother taste or texture.Some of the products more known are:Griego Yoghurt natural or Danissimo Original with different tastes Vitalinea like lemon, strawberry...
  9. 9. Activia Actimel DanacolDanonino Savia Danup
  10. 10. Flan Cuajada Arroz con lecheLa copa Danet Mousse
  11. 11. Danone thinks that her responsibility dont end onlywith the creation of the product. It has aengagement with people and environment. SoDanone set up a lot of social engagements:This solidary initative, strengthen the help toplaces in Spain that are affected economically.Danone does donations. Socially responsableIn this project take part Danone and Cruz Roja.Encourages the developmentof local agriculture and food security.Danone works with professionals of Sant Juan de Déuin Barcelona, where offers better medical service toyoung and children who have nutritional problems. Together, we spread life
  12. 12. Today, Danone in Spain employ 1849 persons (27% women), 1000 ofthem work in the five factories that Danone has in Spain. The rest ofpeople work in office and in the business.According to a survey where have participated 82% of the employers:•77% of women and 83% of men think thatthere is a fair relation between salary and work.•94% think there is a fair deal with the sex of thepeople.•only 49% think that promotion happens to peoplewho are worthy•56% think that the company avoid doingfavoritism