Unpopular nba betting types


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Unpopular nba betting types

  1. 1. Unpopular NBA Betting typesThere are moneylines, parlays and point-spread but there areother bets that aren’t getting all that attention in NBA betting.Being a professional NBA betting enthusiast requires you toknow all of your options and utilize them to your advantage.Knowing only moneylines and parlays won’t get you that farso let’s get down to the lists of unpopular NBA betting types.Teasers:Believe it or not, there’s a strategy to this type of bet. This betis similar to a parlay and here, you have to win all your gamesbut it’s different since here you are allowed to move yourpoint spread to your favor. A lot of people like this kind of betand can really earn profits to this, if you wish to do the samethen research on NBA betting strategies about teaser betting.Pleasers:This is quite possibly the most unpopular of all bets. Pleasersare a mix of a parlay and a teaser but with a twist. Instead of getting points to use in your favor,you’re giving points away making it harder for you to cover. In exchange, the bookie is willingto give you enormous odds to win. The difficulty level is of course compensated by odds givenby bookmakers, although you need to be very good at NBA betting in order to take a taste on thisone.Props:These bets match up player vs player in order to score the most points in the game and such.Props can get ridiculous that would extend to bets like who will get the ball first or score first.Such ridiculous bets should never be bothered with. There is however value to be found in anybetting matchup involving individual players stats. As a tip to you, dont just look at what theplayer averages over the course of a season, check out how that player does vs. the team inquestion. Some gems are to be found here by turning over these rocks! Props have very lowlimits because astute players can dominate them!Futures:These are long term bets so if you want something long term, go for futures. This is a long termbet such as a particular team to have over or under a certain amount of wins during the season.There there’s the high risk/high reward bets such as picking which team will win their division orleague championship.