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Gaining edge with nba betting


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Gaining edge with nba betting

  1. 1. Gaining edge with NBA BettingThere are a number of gamblers thatconsider NBA as the toughest sport tohandicap. Well, it could be true since the82-game season is a grind, the teamsfluctuate in motivation, energy andhealth on a nightly basis. If you’re asmart bettor then you will utilize all theinformation available in order to gain anedge in NBA betting.NBA Betting is a fun and lucrative sportto wager in if you know what you’redoing so here we have lists of tips tofollow in order to help you out.Tip 1: The most popular teams aren’tthe best ATS TeamsSadly, it’s a tragic fact of life. A lot ofNBA betting enthusiasts love to wager on the public teams. For example, Los AngelesLakers, Boston Celtics and Miami heat have had no winning ATS record in 2010-2011.Boston barely had a winning record at 20-19-2, but that would not pull a profit afterjuice. So you have to be careful with betting on public teams.Since bookmakers know that NBA betting enthusiasts love to wager on these teams, itis very hard to find value with any of them, especially at home. The Lakers and the Heatwere particularly profitable away from home so it may be to your benefit to wait untilthese public teams hit the road if you wish to bet on them.Watch out for teams that the public falls for during the season and since it is discussedthat they won’t be so much as profitable, avoiding them may be a smart move.Tip 2: Home Moneylines can be your friendThe home-court advantage is alive and kicking in NBA betting. Teams are alwayscomfortable playing in their home-court therefore would probably have more edge thanthe team on the road. If you are confident in a home team but is a bit shaky on giving upthe points then take the moneyline. The risk is higher but you have a higher chance ofsuccess as well.Tip 3: Dig information about the officialsJust like there are ‘over’ and ‘under’ umpires in baseball, there are ‘over’ and ‘under’refs in basketball.
  2. 2. There are a lot of websites online that can provide you statistical information on eachofficial, including the records of teams with the zebras. Always consider the stripes justbefore you are laying down a wager if the information is available to you.