F1 Betting: Sport for the 21st Century Woman


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F1 Betting: Sport for the 21st Century Woman

  1. 1. F1 Betting: Sport for the 21st Century Woman Car racing is said to be a sport that is exclusively for boys. Male car racers who became popular with this sport are Mark Webber, Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button. But in this 21st century, women are also active, visibly participating in car racing events. We now have our versions of female car racers such as Sara Fisher, Danica Patrick, Tiffany Chittenden, Jodie Hemming, Pippa Mann, and Katherine Legge. Is that why F1 betting is also becoming popular in women, especially stay-at-home mothers wherein they make sports betting and online casino gaming as their past time? Before, people are not open to the idea of female racers. They don't see women participating in this kind of event as one of the motorsport racers. What they can only do is to merely watch and cheer for the male drivers. But today they don't look at it the same way. Women of the 21st century are more active and competitive. You can see this transformation just by how they choose sports or activities that could give them sense of independence and self-fulfillment. They are highly motivated in achieving their goals. They know what they want and they choose the path they want to follow. Proof of this is our world's female car racers, great women politicians and many more. In F1 betting, bettors should consider these following factors: Bettors should base their wagers on the top drivers' standings. This will give you a greater chance of winning your bet since you are investing your money on the driver that has a good record. Latest F1 betting news, odds, statistics, previews, scores and results can also be reviewed for even a higher chance of winning wagers. Formula One is an open cockpit, open wheel race car with one sitting capacity. It has front and rear wings, and an engine right behind the driver. Formula one is driven using semi-automatic sequential gearboxes, with a required seven forward gears and one reverse gear, using rear wheel drive. Full automatic gearboxes and systems are illegal. The purpose of this is to keep driver skill in top condition, which is very important in controlling the car. Although it is a strict regulation, some weren't able to follow this so the FIA introduced new rules to decrease speed while increasing driver's safety. A lot of online sites are now open to motorsports betting, particularly Formula 1. F1 racing has never been more popular in betting websites, until now. Many females now are also fans of F1
  2. 2. betting. It is surprising that in some F1 betting sites, more and more racing fans are now following female racers. They are now starting to have interest on female drivers because they are being perceived as very flexible and competitive. They also said that gender shouldn't affect the way they treat people in this type of sport. These testimonies should open our eyes that we should never see women as underdogs in this type of sport. By this time, our attitude when it comes to underestimating females should have changed. Indeed, females are welcome as F1 drivers but more importantly, they are welcome in the online betting world too.