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  • For Marshall fans they also added an ABET accredited engineering program
  • Electrical engineering

    1. 1. Electrical Engineering B y I saacS tevenson
    2. 2. E d u cation R e qu ire m e nts• You can be an engineer with only 2 years of school and an associates degree but the pay isn’t as good.• If you get your bachelors degree your starting pay as an engineer increases about 10%• If you want to go above that you can get masters degree and make even more money
    3. 3. Money• An engineer with an associates degree will make anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000 starting base pay. (depends on location)• An engineer with a bachelor’s degree can make from 60,000 to 65,000 dollars a year. (also depending on location)
    4. 4. • ABET stands for Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.• There are only two school in the state of West Virginia that offer ABET accreditation for degrees.
    5. 5. Which schools offer ABET?• One School that Offer ABET Accreditation is West Virginia University• The only other school that offers it is West Virginia institute of technology• Marshall has also recently opened up an ABET generalized engineering program.
    6. 6. What will ABET do for you?• ABET accredited progams once completed will allow you to take a test once the course is completed.• This test if passed allows an engineer to become a professional. (which allows for setting up your own office and what not)
    7. 7. WVU• WVU is located in northern West Virginia in the city of Morgantown.• It costs roughly 16,000 dollars to attend WVU per year.• Link to WVU’s website
    8. 8. Tech• You can also go to tech for engineering.• They are ABET accredited and are home to the golden bears.• They have a good student to teacher ratio of 14:1.• They cost about the same as WVU.
    9. 9. Internship programs• Internship programs allows for unpaid on the job training and preperation for your job ahead.• This will also help you get hired on by the company that you accept an internship from allow for and easier job hunt.
    10. 10. Co-op programs• Co-op programs allow for on job training like internship but you will get paid extremely well while learning.
    11. 11. Companies that will hire• You can be hired by a variety of companies.• The government agencies that will hire engineers are FBI, NSA, and the CIA.• You can be hired by companies like Pittsburg Steel, AEP, and most electrical companies..• Also if you have your professional if you can start your own company
    12. 12. What you will be doing.• You will mostly be drawing designs and plans for people and companies to build to ensure that lives will be saved or just simply make them easier.
    13. 13. Job availability• There is a lot of people above the age of 50 as electrical engineers meaning that they will retire soon• This allows for anyone going into the field to have a huge chance at getting an electrical engineering job
    14. 14. Benefits• Your benefits would mostly have to do with your company that you got hired on to.• Dental insurance• Health insurance• Life insurance• Retirement• 401k• Vacation Time
    15. 15. My Interests in Engineering• I plan to go to WVU Tech for electrical engineering for my bachelor’s degree.• Then I plan to go on to either work or further my education at Ohio State University and get my master degree.