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ON.LAB Mininet


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Short overview of Mininet, ON.LAB open source network emulator

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ON.LAB Mininet

  1. 1. MininetAt A Glance1
  2. 2. ON.LAB Portfolio3rd partycomponentsNetwork OSApps AppsNetwork OSApps AppsOpen InterfacesOpen InterfacesNetwork HypervisorData PlaneFlowVisorMininet network(emulated switches, links,and end hosts)ONOSSDN IP-Peering
  3. 3. Mininet At A GlanceMininet creates a realistic OpenFlow network, running real kernel, switch andapplication code, on a single machine (VM, cloud or native), in seconds, with a singlecommandPackaged with Ubuntu - Availableon Github. Packaged as a VM27k downloads - ON.LAB withinGENI project, Start-ups, SystemEngineers bloggers etc.Available today; open source, permissive BSD licenseactive mailing list with over 601 membersfrom 184 different domains in academia,and industryCONVENIENT REALISTIC EMULATOR FOR SOFTWARE-DEFINED NETWORKSDemonstrations SupportUsageDevelopmentDistributionUsed in many events(ONS, SIGCOM, Interop, etc.) todemonstrate SDN capabilities
  4. 4. What You Can DoRapidly prototype, develop and testo Interestingly-sized networks (16-100 nodes)start up in secondso No lengthy lab reconfiguration or rebootingrequiredo Always-accessible network resources, in anytopology, at essentially no costo Designs that work on Mininet transferseamlessly to hardware for full speedoperationRepeatedlytest, analyze, andpredict networkbehaviorQuickly getup andrunningEasily andinexpensivelydemonstrateand share
  5. 5. What You Can DoEasily and inexpensively demonstrateand shareo Facilitate demonstration duringmeetings, classes and eventso No expensive equipment to ship or install:runs on a basic laptop or EC2o Upload/download/share live, runnabledesigns with anyoneo Learn from and build upon existing designsRapidlyprototype,develop andtestQuickly getup andrunningRepeatably test,analyze, and predictnetwork behavior
  6. 6. What You Can DoRepeatably test, analyze, and predictnetwork behavioro Easy replication of experimental and testresultso Examine effects of code or networkchanges before testing/deploying onhardwareo Allows automated system-level tests andexperimentso Recreate real-world network and test casesfor a variety of topologies andconfigurations Quickly getup andrunningRapidlyprototype,developand testEasily andinexpensivelydemonstrateand share
  7. 7. What You Can DoQuickly get up and runningo Free and permissively licensed (BSD)o Minimal hardware requirementso Accessible to novices thanks to simple CLIo Smooth learning curve thanks to walkthrough,tutorial, examples and API documentationo Strong users and support communityEasily andinexpensivelydemonstrateand shareRapidlyprototype,developand testRepeatably test,analyze, and predictnetwork behavior
  8. 8. What Mininet Users Told UsNow normally presentations are really dull andtalking about OpenFlow, clients have blank lookson their face.But after about a 20 minute talk I fire up two virtualmachines, one running the IBM controller and theother on Mininet and I show the clients whatOpenFlow can really do in a demo environment.The enthusiasm is wonderful, and it is partly due tothe great interfacing possibilities of MininetGEORDY KORTEIBM Certified Network Specialist
  9. 9. Mininet EvolutionUniversity PrototypeEnd 2009 / Early 2010Proof of concept, expands to theStanford community to test newresearch ideasV1.0 -2.0: SDN Emulation takes off2011-2012Platform for SDN development andreproducible researchPerformance fidelity features: link andCPU bandwidth limitsUse in university courses and SDNtutorialsUser and API documentationUser base expands beyond universitiesFuture Mininet: Scalable emulation forresearch, development, and teaching2013-2014Key component of SDK for SDNDistributed execution on cluster/cloudImproving and understanding accuracyand performanceEnhanced documentation, startercode, and system examplesExpanding community, user base andimpact in research, education, industry