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Title pending-


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Title pending-

  1. 1. *Title Pending* By Archie, Izzy, and Molly
  2. 2. Synopsis - A woman wakes up everyday without any memory of any previous days except from occasional flashbacks. She encounters another man that is using her for biological experiments that she is not aware of. Another man is trying to save her but she is not sure if she can trust him or the other man as the man who is using her has tricked her into trusting him and therefore thinks of the other man as a threat. Slowly due to clues and flashbacks she pieces together the truth and with the other man plots to kill the one doing experiments on her and after they fall in love.
  3. 3. Character information Woman (Rachel)- is key focus of film as she is the one who has amnesia. The character in terms of appearance is very basic and has a a very plain face, this is the emphasise how little she knows. In terms of her behaviour she is weak, and vulnerable and believe what she hears from the man that is using her as she is easily manipulated. The way she reacts to her flashbacks shows she is confused but determined to discover the truth, this is shown by her resisting crying and looking around the room for answers rather than giving up. A good example of a character very similar is Christine who is played by Nicole Kidman in the film Before I go to sleep because she is very confused and almost gives up but shows a lot of determination in the way she acts and the lack of trust she has for others around her.
  4. 4. Character information Man(Samuel)- trying to do experiments on her has a very cold hard face with little to no expressions to emphasise his evilness. His character is very evil and intelligent with lots of knowledge what is going on this creates a harsh contrast to the character of Olivia. His appearance is almost attractive but most of people become less attracted to him due to the way he treats Olivia. A good representation of this kind of character is Tom Hiddleston in the TV show the Night Manager because you are unsure if you trust him or not and only at the end are you totally sure if you can trust him due to his two-faced actions.
  5. 5. Character information The other man (Daniel) is trying to save the girl. His appearance is similar to the first man so therefore again he has a hard expression and is almost attractive but due to the way he treats Olivia and his expression which are cold, we are unsure of whether we should trust him. A good example of this character is Ben Affleck and the character he plays in the film Gone Girl because we are unsure of his character and what role he plays in the whole story until the end. He is presented as a very normal, suburban man however he is hiding a secret.
  6. 6. Opening sequence Firstly in the opening scene, there will be a close up shot of Rachel’s face where she is waking up and we will see her reaction to being in a new environment. Her reaction is very confused due to her memory loss she has no idea where she is, this is shown by bright lighting, tinnitus sounds like heartbeat and buzzing sounds and a slight blur and delay on everything she sees. This shows that the setting is inside reminding us that she is out of touch with the outside world and is unsafe to be outside which represents the genre as she is unstable due to the confusion. Also sets a sense of confusion among the audience for the narrative.
  7. 7. Opening sequence She starts experiencing flashbacks after a black screen and a short section of dialogue from her explaining her character and part of the narrative. She states she is an amnesiac which clearly states the genre of psychological thriller and gives the audience an idea of narrative. The flashbacks are very brief and we only see very brief into her past, keeping the audience on edge.
  8. 8. Opening sequence Lastly, the male character (evil one) enters and introduces himself as someone who is “here to help” this is confusing as the man is seen in the flashbacks as someone who treats her badly. This implies a sense of confusion among the audience as well to reinstating the genre. The character is seen as an untrustworthy and shows no facial expressions in order to set the scene of mystery among the audience and the female character.
  9. 9. Target Audience Profile Typical member of the audience: - Our typical member of the audience is a 20- 30 year old higher class woman. Higher education 25 middle/higher class as complicated storyline and also may not be experiences of working class Female
  10. 10. How will it appeal to our target audience Due to the confusion and sense of mystery that comes with the opening sequence, this will appeal to a younger audience based on target audience research. The high complication of the storyline is aimed at people of a higher income as they may be better educated. The representation of the characters is relatively young so this will also appeal to younger audience and the main character is a young woman.
  11. 11. Mood board
  12. 12. Thank you!