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M&E Monthly Report ARC

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Contoh Monthly Reports

  1. 1. M&E Monthly Report – May 2009 Monthly Repor t – May 2009 MONITORING and EVALUATION Unit AMERICAN RED CROSS – TRP- INDONESIA A. REPORT SUMMARY • Revision of program log-frames, M&E Plans and M&E tools/checklists for CBFA, SOCMOB, AHI, YRC was completed, where as initial meeting with other programs teams were held for the same. • PSP End line Survey’s field work completed, report is due in June. • Presentation outlining the findings of YRC baseline survey was developed and shared with Bangkok for review. • ToR for AHI end line survey to be conducted later in October November was drafted and shared with respective staff and Bangkok office for feedback. • Methodology and questionnaire for the SOCMOB baselines surveys was finalised in coordination with Health and M&E TAs. • CBFA data verification performed, report is still due. • M&E team worked with Nancy on enumerators and supervisors training manuals. • Filing system for M&E was introduced. • Two new staff, Deputy M&E Manager an Sr. Database Officer joined the M&E unit. • Priorities for the June include development of end line ToRs, and data verification of the PSP and ICBRR programs, inception of SOCMOB surveys in the field, and finalization of PSP end line survey report. B. DETAILED REPORT The Monitoring & Evaluation Department continues to provide technical support to programme departments in monitoring; reporting against the Log-frames, data verification and analysis. The M&E department conducted the following major works during May 2009; 1 Review of Log-frames, M&E Plans and M&E Tools/Checklist A comprehensive review of the Log frame, M&E Plans and M&E tools/checklists of each program was initiated in May with an Aim to finalise each M&E document before the end of June – start of new fiscal year. A series of review meetings were held with each program team to achieve the following • Identification of AF indicators in log-frames • Log frame Revisions, • Synchronizing the Log-frame Indicators to M&E Framework 1 of 4
  2. 2. M&E Monthly Report – May 2009 • Revisions and updating of the M&E plans in light of log-frame revisions • Securitization of each indicators to check if proper monitoring/reporting tools is available • Development of new and updating the existing tools as per the modified M&E plans During the reporting period all documents for the health sector programs were finalized, log-frame for OD was reviewed, and initial meeting with ICBRR, PSP and WATSAN were held. Once revision are finalised, the updated log-frames will be sent to Bangkok office for approval. The review meetings highlighted the need of data verification for different program, Data verification of CBFA is reported separately. 2 PSP End line Survey in Banda Aceh and Aceh Basar PSP End line Survey in Banda Aceh and Aceh Basar districts that started in April was completed in the reporting period. An analysis plan was developed with the help of PSP program manager and TA. The first draft of the report is expected to be received in the first week of June. 3 Support to Youth Red Data entry and analysis of the base line data of Youth Red Cross (YRC) was completed in April. A presentation based on the survey findings was developed and shared with health TA in Bangkok. The feedback received is currently being incorporated. Once finalised, this presentation will serve as the formal report of the survey which will be used to compare the end line results towards the end of the program. M&E Officer had conducted half day socialization session for PMI representative on a newly developed monitoring sheet. It was decided that an entry program will be developed by the DB officer. This program will be shared with the respective branches coupled with the training. 4 AHI End Line ToR ToR for the end line survey of the AHI program was drafted and shared with health TA and respective program staff for feedback. This feedback will be incorporated before getting it approved by the Management. The survey is scheduled for October-November 2009. A conference call with potential consultant (TANGO) is scheduled for June 17th. 5 SOCMOB Base Line Surveys After much deliberation, it was decided to go ahead with the SOCMOB baseline surveys. A methodology was developed with the support of Bangkok (Health and M&E TAs). Questionnaire for the TB, Dengue and Malaria surveys were drafted and shared with Bangkok for feedback. 6 CBFA/ICBRR Base Line Survey Final analysis and reporting was outsourced to another US based consultant. Analysis plan for this survey report was developed in coordination with the Health and DM Delegate. The report is no expected in June. 7 CBFA Data Verification 2 of 4
  3. 3. M&E Monthly Report – May 2009 A verification visit to of CBFA program was performed in the Banda Aceh PMI branch. Three visits to PMI branch were made to collect the required information. Verification report is still awaited as it requires inputs form the CBFA M&E officer who was away on RnR and field visit. Data verification field visit was also used to socialise the PMI on modified volunteers and RKD members HH visit reporting tool. 8 FILING SYSTEM for M&E A filing system was introduced in the M&E unit. The system will ensure that all documents relating to upcoming surveys and evaluation are properly filed. M&E officer will take lead on this. 9 Nancy’s Visit and Work on Enumerator Training Manual M&E Delegate and Deputy M&E manager worked with regional curriculum advisor in reviewing the Enumerators training manual. Initial discussion on the Supervisors training was also held, the detailed feedback will be provided in the coming month. 10 MISC Several issues were discussed with the Sr. M&E Advisor (Gabriel) during his visit to Indonesia in June Following is summary of main points 1. TRP M&E Calendar was updated and shared with the key staff. 2. Methodology and timeline for the end lines and evaluation were also discussed. After discussion with Michael, WATSAN end lines were pushed further on January/February to allow the program to do most of the work. 3. WATSAN had planned separate end line for urban and rural. Same was the case for final evaluation. I and Gabriel thought of combining them in to one end line and one evaluation. Michael will update us after consulting the team. 4. M&E Delegate will try to draft most of the ToRs (even if they are in draft format) for all of the end line and evaluation before I leave for my RnR by the 10th of July. Programs finishing by Dec 09 are obviously the priority. 5. WATSAN log frame revision was also discussed. Since Yohannes is on home leave, it was agreed that we will update the log frame in country and then we’ll send this to BKK for their comments/approval. 6. Login for Knowledge management Website was discussed; anyone recommended by the deleation can get the access. It was agreed that M&E delegate will coordinate this. 7. Gail will support us in data verification as well the end lines. Gabriel and Gail are sharing the work for the end lines whereas Gabriel will be responsible of all the final evaluations of TRP. Gabriel will have the approval authority for all end lines and evaluations (Consultants, ToRs, Methodology, Instruments, Final Reports etc). 8. Gail (Regional M&E Advisor) was requested to visit Indonesia in the first week of August to help M&E team data verifications. 9. Gabriel offered to come to Indonesia to Provide Support during my home leave in December/January. 10. Hiring of Enumerators for End lines: It was agreed that we should not hire volunteer who worked on our project as enumerators for the end line/final evaluations to maintain neutrality. Other enumerators can however be hired on ARC contracts provided that they are directly managed by the consultant. C. STAFFING 3 of 4
  4. 4. M&E Monthly Report – May 2009 Two new staff, Deputy M&E Manager and Sr. Database Officer joined the M&E unit bringing the total strength of M&E Unit to 4 staff members including one M&E office and M&E Delegate. Another post of Sr. M&E Officer is still vacant. D. PLAN FOR THE NEXT Month Priorities for the next month includes • Data verification for the PSP and ICBRR. • Training for SOCMOB baseline enumerators will conducted in the first half of June • Review of the remaining and log-frames and M&E tools • ToR development for PSP and ICBRR, finalization of AHI ToR, and development of another one for ICBRR case study collection. • Sr. DB officer will mainly work on the DB development for the ICBRR program. • New staff will be socialised on PDP system End Produced by _________________________________________ Shahzad Tahir Monitoring & Evaluation Delegate 4 of 4