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Integrating BlueMix into a DevOps pipeline


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Presentation describing how you might consider integrating BlueMix into a DevOps pipeline using JazzHub, BlueMix and IBM Urbancode Deploy

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Integrating BlueMix into a DevOps pipeline

  1. 1. Understanding JazzHub and Bluemix
  2. 2. Environments set up in minutes versus days or weeks Choice: Languages, Services and Tools Friction free way to experiment with new middleware capabilities New apps mean new developer needs middleware capabilities Self service environment to deploy, scale and monitor applications Securely connect to and integrate with existing applications data
  3. 3. Experimental in nature - Require rapid iteration - Faster time to market - May be decommissioned quickly Are written in multiple languages - Web: JavaScript, Ruby, Java, PHP - Mobile: iOS, Android, SDK Composed of Services - Build using a composition model of stitching Building Cloud & Mobile apps - Build using a composition model of stitching capabilities together - Capabilities often require time to test in app beyond the scope of a free trial Integrate with existing systems - Data is often located in multiple places (public, private, traditional data center) - Existing systems may not scale at the same the level of cloud applications
  4. 4. Cloud Operating Environment Development Services Application Services CREATE CONSUME • Enable applications to be rapidly & incrementally composed from services APPLICATIONS / WORKLOADS • Persistence • Messaging & Workflow • Scripting & Programming Languages • Code Repository & Version control • Continuous build & Test Cloud Operating Environment Operational Services Infrastructure Services CAPACITYCONTROL composed from services • Deliver application changes continuously • Enable continuous availability • Support fit-for-purpose programming models & services • Embed manageability of services & application • Workload Optimized & Elastic • Compute, Storage, Network • Clustering & Elasticity • Logging • Monitoring • Security IBM Confidential
  5. 5. Introducing JazzHub What is JazzHub? − JazzHub allows you to develop and collaborate on software projects in the cloud. − Fully hosted task tracking, agile planning, and integrated source control so you have everything you need to develop your next app, feature or product. − IBM’s premiere hosted environment for Cloud application development, with built-in DevOps capabilities − Free public and fee-based private projects (free during Beta) − Explore and join existing projects Start quickly. Simply.Start quickly. Simply. − No downloads required! − Create your first project in minutes Work the way you want to work − Browser-based development using integrated Eclipse Orion technology provided by JazzHub − Full support for local development with Eclipse or Visual Studio − Built in support for Jazz Source Control − Connect to your existing GitHub projects
  6. 6. Developing in the Cloud, for the Cloud 6
  7. 7. What is IBM BlueMix? IBM BlueMix leverages Cloud Foundry to enable developers to rapidly build, deploy, and manage their cloud applications, while tapping a growing ecosystem of available services and runtime frameworks How Does it Work? IBM will provide services and runtimes into the ecosystem based on their extensive software portfolio Introducing IBM BlueMix DevelopmentDevelopment Service Simulation Functional Testing Delivery Pipeline Performance Testing Rich client IDE Web-based IDE OperationalOperational MobileMobile Logging Monitoring Backup Scheduling Mobile Runtime SMS Passes Location Intelligence getLocation Push Notifications Data & AnalyticsData & Analytics NoSQL Predictive Analytics Social Analytics Relational DB MapReduce Infrastructure & SecurityInfrastructure & Security Application ServicesApplication Services Identity Application Security Object Storage Smarter Infrastructure Caching Business Rules Workflow Java PHP Ruby Python Messaging Rich ecosystem of current and planned services Enable applications to be rapidly and incrementally composed and operated IBM-hosted & 3rd party services
  8. 8. Run Your Apps The developer can chose any language runtime or bring their own. Just upload your code and go. Deliver DevOps Development, monitoring, deployment and logging tools allow the developer to run the entire application APIs and Services A catalog of open source, IBM and third party APIs services allow a developer to With BlueMix you can party APIs services allow a developer to stitch together an application in minutes. Cloud Integration Build hybrid environments. Connect to on- premises systems of record plus other public and private clouds. Expose your own APIs to your developers. Extend SaaS Apps Drop in SaaS App SDKs and extend to new use cases (e.g,. Mobile, Analytics, Web)
  9. 9. ...Businesses can react quickly to test new markets and deliver accelerated business value BlueMix Application Development JavaDevOps Services IBM Application Performance Management IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale Mobile DB Continuous optimization to drive better business outcomes
  10. 10. Jenkins IBM UrbanCode Deploy
  11. 11. Line of Business BlueMix SmartCloud Orchestrator IBM Pure Application System IBM UrbanCode Deploy IBM UrbanCode Release Jenkins Plan and Measure Release and Deploy Rational Team Concert Rational Quality Manager Rational Test Workbench Rational Test Virtualization Server Develop and Test Monitor and Optimize