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This is a biography about Steve Jobs and Apple Inc.

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SIS P6H Steve Jobs Biography

  1. 1. By: Irvin Chiu P6H
  2. 2. <ul><li>Born: Steven P. Jobs February 24, 1955 (1955-02-24) (age 53) San Francisco, California, U.S.A. </li></ul><ul><li>Occupation: Chairman and CEO of Apple Inc. Board of Directors of Walt Disney Company </li></ul><ul><li>Salary US$1 </li></ul><ul><li>Net worth: US $5.4 billion (2008 Forbes) </li></ul><ul><li>Spouse(s): Laurene Powell </li></ul><ul><li>Children: 4 </li></ul>Steve’s wife Next
  3. 3. Steve Jobs was born on February 24 th, 1955. His real parents were not married and did not want to keep him. A married couple named Paul and Clara Jobs decided to adopt him. He didn’t know that until a few years ago. He was a very smart but naughty boy. He skipped from Primary 4 to Secondary 1-2. He had a friend and they once ran to the hospital to taste rat poison. Steve Jobs with friend Steven Wonziak
  4. 4. Steve attended Cupertino Jr High School and Homestead High School in Cupertino. He graduated from High School and attended Reed College, but he dropped out after one semester but continued to study calligraphy which he never knew that it will help him with his company. Steve Jobs in his late teenage age.
  5. 5. Steve Jobs met his wife at a college when he was representing the NeXT Cube. He met Laurence Powell and they had dinner together often and then, they got married. Presiding over the wedding was the Zen Buddhist monk Kobun Chino. They have 3 children (On information, it said four because one was his other daughter, Lisa). Apparently, Jobs couldn’t speak well at that time because of stage fright. Kobun Chino
  6. 6. Steve Jobs started Apple Inc. with his friend Steven Wonziak, whom they met and became friends, they worked at HP together for a summer job and now, they formed a company together. They just started the company in a garage and a man called Mike Markkula and a few other people worked with them. They wanted to create a better, smaller, more powerful computer that can be used in family households as well. They worked for a quite a while and Steve Wonziak delivered the first computer called Apple I. It didn’t have a screen and a mouse. But it was quite okay. (He likes to put his feet in the toilet bowl and flush) The Apple I had a MOS 6502 @ 1Mhz with a CPU with a 4KB which is expandable to 8KB or 48KB. It cost around HKD$5334 dollars. Apple I Apple Logo with Issac Newton discovering the law of gravity
  7. 7. The next Apple computer called the Apple II, it had a better keyboard, a screen, a mouse and a smaller PC. It was more successful than Bill Gates and Paul Allen’s BASIC system as Apple decided not to buy BASIC for other computers, but to build the Apple II with a similar system as BASIC, but built inside the computer. This was the computer that made Steve Jobs a young millionaire, and he was only 22 with a net worth of around US$200 million. The next Apple product was the Apple III which is a highly upgraded Apple III. It had a RAM of 128KB, but expandable to 512KB. It was very expensive, around HK$60840. Apple II Apple III
  8. 8. Apple became a very rich company, but all these Apple products was Steve Wonziak’s idea. Jobs felt like he was just not doing anything and decided to create an Apple computer with a bunch of other people. When the product was built, he named it LISA, after his first accidental daughter he had with his previous girlfriend. It was a good product, and it was known for the start of the Macintosh. The Macintosh was meant to be called McIntosh, but another company had that name, so they named it Macintosh or known as the Mac.
  9. 9. Steve Jobs couldn’t take it anymore as the CEO of Apple Inc., mainly because of a man called John Sculley, the President of Apple Inc.. Steve resigned at 1985 at took some of the great Apple employees to create a better company called NeXT. One year after the founding of NeXT, he helped a company called Pixar, he hired many people and Steve wanted to create something called “Computer Animated Movies”. The first short film was called “Tin Toy”. But it was a big hit. After the CEO died, his wife chose someone else over the CEO’s best friend, his best friend was called David Geffen. Geffen was so mad, he and two other people including Steven Speilberg formed Dreamworks®.
  10. 10. While Steve was doing quite well, Apple was suffering a great loss. Apple Inc’s share price was trembling. Apple needed a CEO, someone with knowledge of controlling Apple Inc., and that was Steve Jobs, They had no choice as Steven Wonziak resigned before Steve Jobs did. NeXT closed in 1996 and Apple Inc. managed to get Steve back in 1997, Steve remained as Board of Directors of Pixar. Steve was the messiah of Apple Inc.. Jobs had changed for the better, except for when in business, he was a bit more generous, he decided to give employees a raise and he would receive US$1 a year.
  11. 11. After a 18 year old boy created a website called I think to download music, it inspired Steve Jobs to expand Apple Inc.’s electronics by adding a music store called iTunes, and the iPod. It was a big hit, many people on the street would be fiddling with the iPods.
  12. 13. In mid-2004, Jobs announced to his employees that he had been diagnosed with a malignant (Harmful, malevolent, injurious; harmfully cancerous) tumor in his pancreas. The doctors said that he would die soon, but he was probably one of the very few lucky ones who have been diagnosed with this because he survived. During his leave, Tim Cook took over as post CEO.
  13. 14. The MacBook was a large hit for Apple Inc.. Many people rushed to buy it, especially people going to college. The latest MacBook was released recently in October, 2008. It was announced as a “green” sort of laptop, mercury free and many others.
  14. 15. MacBook Pro is the “updated and higher-tech” MacBook, it was larger and powerful, it looks better before the new ones were created but it could not beat the MacBook’s sales.
  15. 16. Apple recently released the MacBook Air, the two slogans were “There’s Something In The Air” and “Thinovation”. It was thin, with no disc drive, because this MacBook was meant for wireless, it was more powerful in wireless than MacBook Pro. But many users complained for overheating problems so Apple crated the new one with a less chance of overheating and higher graphics.
  16. 17. Last year, the iPhone was released, it was very revolutionary but it didn’t received enough sales, because it was too expensive, the proof is that Apple employees went on the street and asked people why they didn’t buy the iPhone. 51% said it was too expensive. The iPhone 3G was released in July 11 th 2008 and they sold 13 million iPhones. They are still the no.1 revolutionary phone as it can now play video games.
  17. 18. His Wealth On the information page, you saw his net worth was US$5.4 billion dollars with only earning US$1 per year, how can that happen? Well, when Steve returned, he was given around 7-8 million shares which was about more than 10% which is A LOT! So, when the company of that share you bought earns money, you will earn some money too, which when Apple Inc.’s share shot up, Steve earned a large sum of money.
  18. 19. Made By: Irvin Chiu Sources: Wikipedia iCon: Steve Jobs Operating System: Windows Vista Business Microsoft Powerpoint 2003+2007