Demystifyingthe Behaviourof Others


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We tend to interpret the behaviour of
others through our own value systems

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Demystifyingthe Behaviourof Others

  1. 1. Demystifying the behaviour of others Dr Robina Chatham Making a difference
  2. 2. Making a Interpretation of behaviour difference We tend to interpret the behaviour of others through our own value systems For example: • John is not mean he’s thrifty • John is not brave he’s foolhardy • John is not open he s naïve he’s • John is not committed he is obsessed • John is not sensitive he is over emotional • John is not imaginative he is unrealistic • John is not sceptical he is cynical • John is not astute he is cunning • John is not persuasive he is manipulative Our interpretation tells us more about us than it does about John To truly understand John’s behaviour we need to interpret it through his value system; not ours © Robina Chatham Ltd
  3. 3. Making a Archetype model difference • Eight life stories – identity & fulfilment • What motivates & drives us – our innermost values • Helps us understand where others are coming from – their personal agendas • Explains chemistry • Increases our chances of achieving win-win outcomes hi i i i t © Robina Chatham Ltd
  4. 4. Making a Archetypes we live by difference MALE FEMALE FATHER MOTHER MEDIA WARRIOR SAGE AMAZON TRIX ETERNAL BOY HETAIRA © Robina Chatham Ltd
  5. 5. Making a Archetypes and “motor cars” difference Volvo estate People carrier p BMW Citrö Citröen 2CV Mercedes Push bike Jaguar Porsche Ferrari 4 track Large motor bike © Robina Chatham Ltd
  6. 6. Making a Prime motivators difference Motivation to take responsibility for others Motivation Motivation to achieve to learn and and win understand Motivation for adventure and freedom © Robina Chatham Ltd
  7. 7. Making a As perceived by others difference Noted for maturity and taking responsibility but… Bossy and authoritarian Attitudes towards responsibility Noted for independence and playfulness d l f l but… © Robina Chatham Ltd Untrustworthy and flighty
  8. 8. Making a As perceived by others difference Noted for drive Attitudes Noted for and wisdom and charisma but but… towards intellect but but… Aggressive and ambition Unworldly and a pushy wimp © Robina Chatham Ltd
  9. 9. Potential strengths and weaknesses Making a difference Strengths – natural leader, dependable, protective Weaknesses – di W k dictatorial, inflexible, anxious i l i fl ibl i Responsibility Strengths – high achiever/producer, Strengths – wise, patient, modest independent, dynamic Weaknesses – unworldly, lack of Weaknesses – impatient, insensitive, common sense, self sacrificing “cut throat” Winning & succeeding Learning & understanding Freedom & adventure Strengths – seizes any and all opportunities, exciting, fun Weaknesses – lack stability, fickle, tendency to abdicate © Robina Chatham Ltd
  10. 10. Needs Making a difference Father/Mother Responsibility Responsibility Challenge Stability To be in control To learn/acquire new knowledge Warrior/Amazon Sage/Mediatrix Adventure Adventure Freedom Challenge New interests Excitement Eternal Boy/Hetaira © Robina Chatham Ltd
  11. 11. Dislikes and frustrations Making a difference Father/Mother Stupidity Shallowness Uncertainty Aggressive behaviour Incompetence Improper behaviour Warrior/Amazon Sage/Mediatrix Routine Routine Wimps Mundane Inactivity Taking responsibility Eternal Boy/Hetaira © Robina Chatham Ltd
  12. 12. Dangers that might befall them Making a difference Father/Mother Workaholic Unprepared to take a risk or chance Insufficient attention to own needs/desires Not experiencing life to the full f ll Not being able to relax Lack of recognition Warrior/Amazon Sage/Mediatrix Cut off nose to spite face Not completing Taking risks with anything health/safety Misunderstood Never being contented Become unsettled Eternal Boy/Hetaira © Robina Chatham Ltd
  13. 13. How others may see you Making a difference Father/Mother Sensible Serious Hard working Studious Confident Calm Warrior/Amazon Sage/Mediatrix Restless Fun & exciting Work hard/play hard type Playful & immature y Unpredictable Lazy but lucky Eternal Boy/Hetaira © Robina Chatham Ltd
  14. 14. Dealing with the archetypes – from an Eternal Making a Boy/Sage perspective difference Father/Mother Toughen up, be more Be more serious & serious & temper enthusiasm demonstrate follow through Warrior/Amazon Sage/Mediatrix Toughen up, stand my ground & not get p persuaded into doing g Be myself things I am not comfortable with Eternal Boy/Hetaira © Robina Chatham Ltd
  15. 15. Archetypes and occupations Making a difference Father/Mother CEO’s Social worker Senior Managers Academic Political leaders Councillor Army major y j Civil servants Head teacher Primary teacher Charity work & golf Cooking & reading Warrior/Amazon Sage/Mediatrix Sports people Nature guides Sales people Photographer Entrepreneurs p Professional student Traders – futures & Archaeologist options Artist Extreme sports & Travelling to new places drinking Eternal Boy/Hetaira © Robina Chatham Ltd
  16. 16. Making a Archetypes and dress difference Smart – suit & tie “Neat and tidy” y Sensible and practical – umbrella Informal – cords, tweeds & Designer labels sandals or slippers Formal or smart casual “Hippy” Hippy Make an impact Comfortable and relaxed Brands & gadgets Non conformist Make a statement © Robina Chatham Ltd
  17. 17. Making a CEO research difference Father 25% 60% Warrior Sage 15% 0% Eternal boy 16 males and 4 females © Robina Chatham Ltd
  18. 18. Making a Comparative data – length of time in post difference Axis CEOs < 5 yrs CEOs >18 mths Father/Sage F th /S 60% 10% Warrior/Father 25% 55% Eternal Boy/Warrior 15% 30% Sage/Eternal Boy 0% 5% © Robina Chatham Ltd
  19. 19. Making a Two types of leader… difference Type E (egocentric) Type H (humble) Characteristics Characteristics Large ego Humility - shy unpretentious shy, unpretentious, Personal drive & ambition awkward, eccentric Strategy first, people second Fierce, even stoic, resolve towards Likes to take the credit life Cite bad luck or external People first, strategy second factors when things go wrong Apportion credit to others or good others, Fail to set up for enduring luck success Take responsibility for & admit their mistakes Routinely select superb successors Consequences Consequences Immediate positive shift in Transformation to a truly great performance only to be company followed by its subsequent A pioneering and foresighted attitude decline/demise coupled with a good dose of shared At best continued mediocrity values Level 5 leadership, Jim Collins, HBR, Jan 2001 © Robina Chatham Ltd
  20. 20. Making a The Great Irony difference The warrior archetype that often drives people to become Type “E” leaders, stands at odds with the humility ( y (coming from the g Sage archetype) required to become a Type “H” leader When you combine this irony with the fact that boards of directors frequently operate under the false belief that a larger- than-life, egocentric leader is required to make a company great, you can see why Type “H” CEOs are in the minority © Robina Chatham Ltd
  21. 21. Making a How does it help? difference Team context © Robina Chatham Ltd
  22. 22. Making a Characteristics of a true team difference Small number of people With complementary skills Rotating leadership Engaged in the production of a collective work product United i U it d in a common purpose Work with positive intentions towards the collective good Understand each other © Robina Chatham Ltd
  23. 23. Making a Team values difference What values do you believe should drive your team into the future? Being with people you like Helping other people Personal growth Budget control Helping society Power and authority Challenging complex problems Honesty Public service Change and variety Independence Quality of what I take part in Competence p Influencing others g Recognition g Competition Innovation Reputation Creativity Integrity Respect Decisiveness Intellectual status Responsibility and accountability Effectiveness Job tranquillity Search for truth Efficiency Knowledge Security Ethical practice Leadership Stability Excellence Love of country Status Excitement Loyalty Team work Fame Meaningful work Telling the truth Fast-paced work Membership of the Community Tolerance Flexibility Money to spend Trust Freedom Order Wisdom Friendship Personal challenge Work under pressure Fun Personal development © Robina Chatham Ltd
  24. 24. Making a Process difference Step 1 Everyone works through the list of values on their own and selects the ten values they feel should drive the team into the future Step 2 Each group consolidates all their individual views and select the most popular five values Step 3 Each group lists their top five values on a flip chart and adds a one line justification for its choice to each value Step 4 Everyone now considers all the selected values along with their justifications and casts their vote alongside their top three. The top scoring three to five values are then selected © Robina Chatham Ltd
  25. 25. Team values and their relationship to the Making a archetypes difference Responsibility & Stability R ibilit St bilit Father/Mother helping other people love of country responsibility & accountability public service order tolerance effectiveness ethical practice thi l ti leadership telling the truth budget control competence security being with people you like influencing others integrity membership of the community efficiency decisiveness loyalty power & authority stability team work respect status helping h l i societyi t quality of what I take part in personal development meaningful work job tranquillity reputation excellence knowledge competition money to spend Growth & Profit personal growth Learning & Understanding g g Warrior/Amazon recognition wisdom Sage/Media trix intellectual status personal challenge search for truth creativity challenging complex problems fame work under pressure friendship freedom innovation fast paced work excitement change & variety independence flexibility fun Innovation & Risk © Robina Chatham Ltd Eternal boy/Hetaira
  26. 26. Making a Thank – you and any questions? difference Dr Robina Chatham +44 (0)1234 765103 © Robina Chatham Ltd