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Irungu houghton How can ICSOs remaining relevant in the face of the 4 Ps


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Presentation to the Scanning Horizons Workshop convened for 15 leaders from International CSOs by International Civil Society Centre

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Irungu houghton How can ICSOs remaining relevant in the face of the 4 Ps

  1. 1. “Remaining powerfully relevant in a world dominated by 4 Ps” Irũngũ Houghton Amnesty International Kenya @irunguhoughton What is the challenge facing
  2. 2. A differentiated, globalised and polarized world Rise of authoritarian regimes that demonize human beings Aid leverage unhinged by trade interest and HR disinterest Over 60 repressive anti-NGO laws & practices, Kenya no different Recent transition of 50 countries from developing to middle income countries While devolving and moving closer to the ground, ICSOs left politically paralysed and prostrate
  3. 3. Trait 1/3: Risk Adversity in the face of the Ps The demonisers and social media incentivises bold lies and social polarisation Our business model is no match for politicians, preachers, publicists and pop stars It only take a couple of big hoaxes to really convince the public that noting’s real Reluctance to go beyond the imperial model and frame an assets based model
  4. 4. 2/3 Trait: Closed bureaucracies Our governance systems still slumber on a lie 500 top NGOs 64% Boards & 63% CEOs still drawn from the western world. Only 4% of CEOs are of African origin. Short-term Programmes, neat silo-ed SDGs mirrors incapable of reaching the persuadable majority Expatriates no match for increasingly muscular local elites Directive action and control valued over leverage and influence
  5. 5. Disconnect from #FeesMustFall #NoThirdTermism #ThisFlag #Oromoprotests Institutional strengthening, sustainability and build public supporter bases Social listening, big data management, issues that resonate with persuadable majority now needed Trait 3/3: Social movements and citizens disinterest