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Search & Writing Resources


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Michigan State University, College of Education, Institute for Research on Teaching and Learning, Doctoral Student Support. Dissertation and Research Funding: Search and Writing Resources. Quick slideshow to cover the basics of grant and fellowship search and writing resources for education doctoral students.

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Search & Writing Resources

  1. 1. IRTL Grants & Fellowships Workshop Series Dissertation and Research Funding: Search & Writing Resources Institute for Research on Teaching and Learning Doctoral Student Research Support April 2015
  2. 2. IRTL
  3. 3. Institute for Research on Teaching & Learning IRTL supports doctoral students in the College of Education by enhancing their knowledge of funding opportunities and grant writing. We are available to discuss funding opportunities; assist in conceptualizing, writing, and revising a grant proposal; or assist in preparing a competitive budget request. What is IRTL?
  4. 4. • Workshops, sessions for groups and classes • Overview of grants & fellowships; Grant proposal writing; Budget development; RCR; and more! • One-on-one consultation ( • in person, over the phone, Skype/FaceTime, email • Web resources ( • Sample proposals, budgets, timelines, resources • Monthly newsletters (sign up on our website) • Announcements, workshops, resources, funding opportunities • Facebook updates ( What does IRTL do?
  5. 5. Resources for Searching & Writing
  6. 6. • It’s never too early or too late to start searching, but you will need to cut through the clutter and be a “smart searcher” • To be successful, you will need to: Finding funders Search in the right places Know relevant agencies Learn grant cycles
  7. 7. Start local • Talk to faculty members, people on campus with similar interests, supervisors, colleagues, those who work in grant-funded programs. • Talk with your librarians. MSU Libraries: Jon Harrison • • Consider any on-campus funding search resources. • Focus on community organizations or other entities located in your area. • IRTL Selected Funding Opportunities Search in the right places
  8. 8. MSU Libraries
  9. 9. Other people of interest may include: • Grant administrators • Statisticians or those in charge of databases • Budget staff • Development/Fundraising/Advancement staff • Outreach office • Technology staff (data management, resources, etc..) Search in the right places
  10. 10. • College of Education fellowships • hips.asp • The Graduate School • • International Social Science Research Seminar • Consider On-Campus Funding Search Resources
  11. 11. • Instantly search IRTL selected funding opportunities on the IRTL website (update coming soon – filterable!). • Videos, slideshows, sample materials. • Planning stage, budgeting, writing information. • 1:1 and small group conversations • Workshops and guest appearances in class • Subscribe to the IRTL monthly funding alert newsletter. • • Like our Facebook page for other updates through the month. IRTL Resources
  12. 12. • Fellowship programs on campus • CoEd Fellowship to Enhance Global Understanding • Bailey • RCAH • IIT • COGS Professional Development funds • Up to $300 available once during your time at MSU • COGS Travel funds • Up to $300 available once during your time at MSU • Departmental professional development funds • Varies by department, may be renewable • Think about non-monetary support Other options to consider
  13. 13. • Foundation Center • Foundation Directory Online Professional *MSU Library • Foundation Grants to Individuals Online *MSU Library • Foundation Directory Free **NEW** • GrantSelect, GuideStar *MSUNetID required • Databases
  14. 14. Government databases & agencies • Government databases (e.g. • Government agencies (NSF, NIH, etc..) • State governments ( Know relevant agencies, foundations & associations
  15. 15. Sept: APA, AERA, Fullbright IIE, NSF Oct: Spencer, IRA, NSF Nov: AAUW, SSRC, IRA, Ford, Wenner-Gren, ETS, AERA MDF, NSF GRFP, Soros Dec: AAUW, Boren, ETS Jan: AERA, APA, NSF, SSRC, FLAS Feb: ETS, NSF, KCP Mar: WARC, Tinker Apr: NSF, NIJ May: Wenner- Gren June: Fulbright DDRA July: AIR Aug: NSF, NCAA • Grants and other funding sources typically follow a regular cycle. • Plan ahead so you can prepare your materials on time, rather than waiting (perhaps a year) until the next deadline. Learn grant cycles Fall Spring Summer
  16. 16. Consider non-monetary support options as well: • Office space • Parking permit approval/sponsorship • Copying • Printing • Telephone • Physical storage space • Account management • Equipment (computer, video, audio, transcription) Non-Monetary Support
  17. 17. • Doug Campbell is available to meet with students and faculty to address your written work at all stages of the writing process. • Regular office hours in 116-I Erickson Hall • Email: MSU College of Education Office of Student Writing Assistance
  18. 18. Links to budget creation resources at MSU: Budget workshop slides: Sample budgets: getSamples.pdf Budget Resources
  19. 19. Links to grant writing resources: Proposal Writing workshop slides: Planning your proposal: Writing your proposal: Proposal Writing Resources
  20. 20. Funds may be out there … we just need to hunt for them.
  21. 21. Institute for Research on Teaching and Learning 2nd Floor, Erickson Hall Bob Floden, Director, Marcy Wallace, Associate Director, Megan Drangstveit, Graduate Assistant, (201C Erickson Hall) IRTL – Doctoral Student Research Support