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Advancing businessin Pharmaceuticals   across the globe
Pharmaceuticals - a highly                                                                                                ...
Who is TACK?                                                                                                            We...
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SUCCESS STORΥ                                                                                                             ...
SUCCESS STORΥ                                                                                                             ...
In a fast-changing and highly complex                            business environment                     it is of paramou...
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Tack Pharma


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Tack Pharma

  1. 1. Advancing businessin Pharmaceuticals across the globe
  2. 2. Pharmaceuticals - a highly New sales and challenging market promotion models When we think about the pharmaceuticals market today, we All in all, this means that fundamentally new sales models, can think about the many challenges the industry faces - or we approaches and practices are needed. The reality is not the can look at these as opportunities in disguise. Indeed, it�s a same all over the world but the increasing complexity highly challenging market, both because of the impact of of markets demands new strategies and new skills to recent changes and because of trends we can foresee: benefit from new opportunities. Renewed marketing strategies must carefully consider each Challenges include: � New healthcare policies, like e-prescribing and strict � Decreasing growth rates globally and in mature markets, formularies, are introduced to more advanced markets. stakeholder group and prepare effective actions. Sales Treatment protocols specify which medicines are such as the USA and Western Europe; only �pharmerging� markets such as China, India, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Korea particularly safe, efficacious and cost-effective in representatives must genuinely understand the concerns different patient populations and Mexico register significant growth � New stakeholders influence buying decisions: payers, of the stakeholders they are to influence, develop new sales � As price consciousness in healthcare increases globally, generic products are swiftly gaining ground. This eats into patients, governments, distribution channels, pressure offers and approaches and find ways to reach out to them. groups and � with less power � prescribers the profits of innovative market players who see branded products threatened by a much shorter life cycle protection � Increased accountability � all stakeholders must be prepared to prove their decisions and be held � There is an increasing need to demonstrate the economic viability of products and solutions � with a cost-benefit responsible for results A new approach to sales should New promotional materials � more technologically enabled: e-detailing, closed loop marketing and other analysis taking all aspects of the therapeutical process � Thanks to the Internet, patients have much increased embrace the following key aspects: digital tools into consideration access to health-related information through �health 2.0�: websites, blogs, forums. Based on this, A new incentives model � a review of incentive and � The GP market is decreasing in the face of growing A new target segmentation � not focusing on all patients exert an increasing influence on doctors� compensation systems, including bonuses, performance importance of specialised markets doctors but rather only the ones who really matter; not treatment decisions. reviews, and non-monetary incentives focusing on doctors only but health professionals in a broader sense including health managers, pharmacists, A new training model � which includes: nurses, distributors etc � Strong scientific knowledge A new sales offer � with a specific approach to each � Negotiation tools and techniques fine-tuned to stakeholder and targeted arguments that are meaningful, the target audience Mature & Advanced Markets always bearing in mind the �return on investment� � A solid understanding of pharmaco-economics More complex sales model viewpoint Difficult access to doctors � Fresh and effective information gathering Restructing Health Systems A new dimension of sales force teams � smaller, techniques New stakeholders more focused teams with a wider view on pharma issues, Less importance of doctors yet more specialised in their target markets, and with a � Relationship management skills Distribution complexity strong support of multi-disciplinary teams � Teambuilding and teamwork practices. Changing portfolio Pharmerging Markets More traditional Sales model (reps � prescriber) > 02 > 03Pharmaceuticals
  3. 3. Who is TACK? We focus on fundamental aspects of business success Maximising the contribution of your people in achieving TACK Sales Skills Tower Sales and Sales Management profitable and sustainable growth We�ve all experienced dramatic changes during this time - politically, economically and socially in the global environment. What has remained constant throughout is that �selling� is the single most important Generating exceptional performance requires an all-embracing approach and the successful integration organisational activity. It�s simple - without �selling� you have no revenue of systems, processes, tools, people, knowledge and, of course, relevant competencies and skills. and without revenue you have no business. At TACK we offer the complete package to develop your people and advance your business. Revenue generation is an evergreen issue and the responsibility for TACK is a world leading provider of training and development solutions. profitable revenue growth is not confined to the sales team. That�s why We design bespoke solutions to fully address our clients� needs, demands, challenges and opportunities. our sales development programmes are targeted at all customer touch We offer one of the broadest ranges of training programmes available in the market in our areas of expertise. points within your organisation. We�ve been helping businesses and professionals fulfil their potential and perform at their very best for over 60 TACK�s internationally renowned sales development programmes cater years. TACK has worked with clients around the world, in many markets and across industries, helping them at every for every level from fundamental to advanced. We can support you in stage of the business cycle. every step of your career development - whether you are in a support role, a salesperson, sales specialist or sales leader. We can assist TACK has drawn on its years of experience to continue to innovate and develop world-class development orgnisations to �sell their way to success� at every stage of their life cycle. programmes. And today we�re proud to offer our services in over 60 countries and 35 languages across the globe - a total support package to deliver lasting results, which is �The TACK Difference�. Our know-how is validated by regular research into buyers� views of salespeople and our models have been developed and refined with 60 years of field testing! A special focus on Pharmaceuticals What�s more, many of our sales development programmes are endorsed by the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (UK). Having served dozens of clients in Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare across the globe, we came to realise that the particular needs of the industry require and deserve specific solutions suited to the particularities of the business. That�s why we �ve developed a dedicated line of development services for the Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare industry. Our clients appreciate our specialised solutions. We �re sure that once you learn more, you will TACK Management Skills Tower appreciate them, too. Leadership and Management Development Managers today face a fast-changing environment, highly complex business issues and challenges like nothing they have experienced in the recent past. Equipping them with the appropriate competencies and skills is of paramount importance in their ability to manage effectively, deliver results and make a positive contribution towards organisational success. The key to success is your people - their skills, motivation, adaptability and productivity. TACK�s leadership and management development solutions blend the best of proven leadership theory with highly practical application of management techniques. Our offering caters for every level of experience, from first-time team leaders to senior managers. We provide your people with a highly practical management toolkit so they are fully equipped to lead their teams to success even in a turbulent business environment. What�s more, many of our leadership and management development programmes are endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management (UK). 04 > 05Financial Services
  4. 4. SUCCESS STORΥ World leading Pharmaceutical Company, Europe Why work with TACK? Building sales and management excellence Background and objectives With their global market share exceeding 5%, our client is one of � Comprehensive field coaching by Regional Managers. By working with TACK you�ll be in great company - Report Annual the worlds leading pharmaceutical companies. They employ about Regional Managers� workshops covered: 100,000 people in 100 countries throughout 5 continents including 2010 � Effective Supervisory Management: effective management TACK client success stories a sales force of 35,000 medical visitors. TACK has an ongoing co- operation with them in a number of European markets dating back practice along key situational variables to 1999 and TACK today is one of their preferred suppliers when it � Motivational Leadership: how to motivate sales performance in a What we offer you is not generic sales and management development. We offer you highly specialised development solutions, comes to learning & development. Our client contacted us to design sustainable way specifically designed and fine-tuned to meet the needs and requirements of the Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare industry. and launch a comprehensive competence development process � Field Coaching: providing sales coaching support to facilitate TACK has world-class Partners across the globe, all working closely together to design and deliver consistent solutions for their Medical Visitors and Regional Managers. The objective of effective learning from experience throughout your organisation. You can benefit from our services in over 60 countries and 35 languages � all organised and the initiative was to ensure that the sales force learns and actively � Project Management: planning, leading, organising and co- managed through a single point of contact. applies effective sales and sales management practices that are ordinating effectively vital to succeed in an intensely competitive market. To achieve this, Whatever your learning and development needs, TACK is uniquely well-placed to plan, design, deliver and coordinate a truly a consistent and structured learning process was put in place that � Strategic Thinking: implementing strategy to create impact. global service geared to your local business objectives. combined short, focused learning modules with real-life practice and In-between sessions, managers tried and tested-out new practices, All our trainers and consultants are experienced experts in our proven international sales and management models, conscious reflection to learn from experience. reflecting on and sharing relevant experiences with each other. All techniques and processes. In addition, they share a passion for seeing our clients succeed and they will work closely with you covered managerial issues had immediate relevance and real-time to ensure your solution is not only delivered, but also implemented. Response application to actual challenges. The following success stories from around the globe demonstrate how TACK has helped clients succeed in achieving Together with internal subject experts, TACK designed a bespoke profitable and sustainable growth. learning process featuring 3 classroom training workshops for Results Medical Visitors and 4 workshops for Regional Managers. � Learning and performance improvements were reassuringly Medical Visitors� workshops covered: confirmed by competency tests and knowledge exams, as well as anecdotal feedback and performance measures � Basic and Advanced Selling Techniques (2 days): based on TACK�s PRO-PAYBACK Selling� Model, adapted to relevant legal, � The designed processes are still in place, with all new sales staff ethical and professional requirements going through the programme � Time & Territory Management: a specially adapted version of � TACK has also trained a number of internal facilitators to lead part TACK�s Key Account Development programme of the programme internally � Profitable Negotiating: an intense, practice-based workshop � Regional Managers now use TACK�s system for performance Original offering experiential learning on effective negotiations evaluation and development. SUCCESS STORΥ Top global pharmaceutical company, Portugal Implementing a new sales model Find from best brand recreate PMS Background and objectives � A training workshop introducing the new structure and the new sales model Our client is among the global top 5 of the pharmaceutical industry. They are present in over 100 countries, on 5 continents. They have � Sales training workshops based on TACK�s PRO-PAYBACK about 80 production units and over 100,000 employees all over the Selling� model with specific business simulations for Sales world. As the global financial crisis hit the world, major changes Managers and their Sales Representatives, Medical occurred on the Portuguese pharma market forced by governmental Representatives and Pharmacy Representatives. regulations. This called for a major strategic redefinition of the Results business model, as well as the resources and organisational structure of the company. TACK was called in to help our client design the new � Our client recognised a much improved acceptance sales model and implement it successfully. of change as their teams went through the programme Response � Better aligned and better focused sales teams through the PRO-PAYBACK Selling� model � A workshop focusing on major changes in the Portuguese � A new way to promote drugs in Portuguese market (selling pharmaceutical market by therapeutical areas) successfully implemented. 06 > 07Pharmaceuticals
  5. 5. SUCCESS STORΥ SUCCESS STORΥ Innovative pioneer in the medical devices industry, China Top global healthcare company, UK Enhancing sales competency Designing a Sales Competency Framework and a Sales Academy Background and objectives Programme which equipped sales representatives with a Background and objectives to meet team and individual needs of sales and product managers comprehensive and practical toolkit of solution-driven sales Our client is a US-based leading global medical devices company, techniques to totally satisfy customers and defeat competition Our client is one of the world�s top healthcare companies, � A core Consultative Selling programme providing the employing over 10,000 people to improve patient care around the operating in 50 countries employing over 28,000 employees. They foundations with additional application workshops focusing on world. Through their five product groups (Trauma, Spine, Cranio- � Adapted a hands-on approach in the learning process offer healthcare professionals and hospitals a comprehensive practical use under specific sales scenarios Maxillofacial, Biomaterials and Power Tools) they develop, produce to ensure that embedding of the new knowledge, skills and competencies is achieved range of products, from surgical instruments to innovative � Complementary sales management and product management and market instruments, implants and biomaterials for the surgical implants, and therapeutic systems. Medical sales is a complex workshops to review core sales skills, so managers can reinforce fixation, correction and regeneration of the human skeleton and � Worked closely with each participant to develop an effective and fiercely competitive market, involving a wide range of new ideas and techniques its soft tissues. They operate in product markets with high growth, personal action plan products with very different target markets and sales cycles. driven by aging population and improvements in technology � A comprehensive series of management workshops and � Crafted specific competency development plans for each sales To differentiate themselves and meet their challenging growth that allow treating more patients with better implants. To deliver one-on-one sessions: Key Account Development, Core Sales and sales management level. targets, they consistently look after the quality of products and their value of Customer Orientation and generate more business Management Skills, Coaching, Business Planning, Recruitment Results the professionalism of their people. Recognising the importance development, they launched a comprehensive sales competency Interviewing and Selection, Marketing and Finance of attracting and retaining talented sales professionals, they development program. They selected TACK as their exclusive � Equipped sales consultants with TACK�s highly effective established a learning platform for all their salespeople. Their � Design and management of a creative training and team development partner. We helped design and deliver customised PRO-PAYBACK Selling� model aims were to practice consultative selling to ensure value-adding building event, titled �Beating the Competition�. sales training and development solutions, which addressed their � Effectively helped them to achieve improved sales partnerships are built with customers and create a consistent and specific business needs and targeted learning objectives. Results performance, better customer relationships, and thus a more professional approach across their three divisions. They selected Response consistent delivery on business objectives TACK as their training partner, as they felt that TACK�s holistic view � Since the start of the programme over 150 employees of development and our comprehensive sales offering was the participated in the Sales Academy. The Out Patient Medical � �Translated� the targeted sales competencies into specific � Each participant�s personal action plan helped build closer and best match to meet their particular needs. division (OPM) has seen a dramatic up turn: a 24% increase in learning objectives. Special care was taken to ensure that targeted more profitable partnerships with clients revenue in the past two years, almost doubling its share of our improvements will have an immediate and direct contribution to � According to the evaluation, participants and their managers Response client�s business to 19.5% sales performance were highly satisfied with TACK�s services and their positive effects � Design of a new performance framework of sales competencies � Individual success of salespeople has also been evident � Designed and delivered a comprehensive Sales Training on business development and results. used as a benchmarking and development tool through promotions, greater levels of confidence and dramatic � Re-engineer the sales and performance monitoring processes improvements in personal sales results. One participant increased � KPIs, recruitment and induction, tactical direction of sales her sales by 600% in one key account SUCCESS STORΥ management � Our results have also been recognised by the National Training � Design and development of a Sales Academy, consisting of Awards, with our client becoming the winner of a Regional Training Major global pharmaceutical company, Denmark bespoke short-, and longer-term integrated learning programmes Award. Boosting sales meetings� effectiveness Background and objectives organisation over a 6 month period Our client is a major global pharmaceutical company. They � Practice days experimenting with the practical use of tools SUCCESS STORΥ employ over 50,000 all over the world, developing, producing and learned Pharmaceutical industry leader, Russia selling pharmaceutical products to both animal and consumer � One-on-one coaching of sales personnel Developing leadership competence healthcare. Due to the company�s constantly broadening portfolio � Follow-up workshops on best practices. Background and objectives intensive and highly interactive 3-day workshop allowed in-depth of drugs, sales staff where challenged to deal with an increasing study of managerial tools, and a situational approach to people number of customers. At the same time, the amount of time Results Our client is a leading pharmaceutical organisation headquartered management and development needed per meeting was increasing due to the ever broadening in the UK, with staff numbers exceeding 100,000 people � An average of 22% increase in number of planned range of products to be presented. TACK worked closely with the worldwide. They work in public health all over the world, engaging � Participants were thoroughly assessed before and after the meetings per week sales staff and management to identify where and how it would be in scientific research, developing, producing and selling programme to define learning gaps, work on them, and assess the possible to optimise the sales effort. � Better and more effective planning and organisation of the day, effectiveness of the initiative. pharmaceuticals, vaccines and consumer goods for hygiene and as reported by participants and their managers health protection. They have been present on the Russian market Results Response � Tangibly increased sales conversion rates through better and since the 1980�s and today they not only promote their products in � The programme helped bring people management practices to � Conducted a hands-on study of existing practices through more structured presentations Russia, but also make significant contributions to finding solutions a new level within the organisation which it was identified that the best way to improve sales to major challenges facing the Russian public health. They chose � Decrease in unproductive time on the road and due to effectiveness was to rethink the process of prioritising, planning TACK as a preferred partner to train their sales force and develop � According to evaluation results, all participants highlighted the unsuccessful meetings and booking sales meetings people management and team leadership competence. programme�s effectiveness and practical applicability � Better attitude towards planning and booking meetings, less � Designed a training workshop focusing on the right habits of � As a result of the success of the programme, it became a downtime, fewer support requests, increased productivity Response planning and booking meetings with customers standard part of the client�s learning portfolio and we prepared � Feedback received shows an overall high satisfaction with � Working together with their internal experts, TACK designed a 8 in-house facilitators to deliver it internally. � A series of training programmes on effective sales planning and results achieved. bespoke programme on Effective Supervisory Management. This 08 > 09Pharmaceuticals
  6. 6. SUCCESS STORΥ SUCCESS STORΥ World leader in healthcare, China Top ranking global pharma company, Indonesia Bringing brand values to life Growing, acting, generating results Background and objectives � Strengthened front-line employees� service focus and customer Background and objectives � Work assignments implemented in-between learning days awareness by a systematic customer service training programme Our client is a pioneer in healthcare, based in Switzerland. As an helped turn learning into action, generate insights, achieve As one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world, our innovator of products and services for early detection, prevention, � Designed and delivered management training programmes results, and embed new habits. Solution-focused discussions with client realises the strategic importance of people development diagnosis and treatment of diseases, they contribute on a broad that helped enhance the effectiveness of organisation superiors, fellow participants and facilitators helped participants to maintain and further strengthen its position. TACK worked range of fronts to improving peoples health and quality of life. think through relevant business problems and opportunities and � Designed and implemented a series of business skills closely with their Learning & Development Managers to design a They are providing the first products that are tailored to the needs define relevant action plans to address them development programmes addressing a broad range of comprehensive Supervisor and Officer Development Programme, of specific patient groups. Their mission is to create added value � Performance and skills assessment to gauge and report communication and interpersonal skills. based on their established HR Strategic Plans and Competencies. in healthcare by focusing on their expertise in diagnostics and development in the 15 managerial competence areas. pharmaceuticals. Recently they enjoyed tremendous growth in Results Response their business: sales growth, as well as geographical expansion. Results � Improved staff�s proactive attitude, better work environment, � Design and implementation of a comprehensive, business- Considering the advance of products and high quality services, they � The client reported a noticeable improvement in all of the 15 increased staff engagement and a sense of purpose and mission themed and results-focused competence development decided to establish a Training Academy to provide a continuous targeted managerial competence areas programme addressing 15 specific management competencies. development path for all levels of sales and service staff. They � Improved quality and value awareness, encouraging individuals The programme constituted a total of 9 learning days off work plus � Participants and their superiors highly appreciated the wanted to bring the learning from the training academy back into the to take personal responsibility for on-going quality improvement to related work assignments programme and reported that it helped them tangibly improve real working environment, to continuously develop brand values and win and keep customers� trust. Overall customer satisfaction and internal cooperation improved significantly as a direct result of the � The programme was divided into 3 parts with 3 days each: competence and performance in their roles as managers and further improve business performance. They decided to partner up initiative - Part 1: Together We Grow leaders with TACK to help accomplish this important initiative in China. - Part 2: Together We Act � Based on the success of the first series, our client decided to � Successfully applied company culture to specific processes Response - Part 3: Together We Generate Results continue our cooperation and integrate the programme into their and practices � Trained more than 200 members of staff to address business talent management and leadership development processes. � Increased field sales performance, as well as the loyalty behaviours to support brand values and commitment of key accounts � Created a platform for effective on-brand communications, � Enhanced management practices, bringing company brand bringing brand values to life for staff in their daily work values to life �Designed and delivered a series of sales training programmes and sales workshops across different work levels � Substantially increased staff motivation and engagement levels. SUCCESS STORΥ Global pharmaceutical giant, Hungary Improving sales effectiveness Background and objectives focused questions, structuring and using solid argumentation, SUCCESS STORΥ gaining commitment, closing the deal and consistent follow-up Our client promotes and sells high added value generic Global pharmaceutical icon, Ukraine and tracking pharmaceutical products in a market leading position. Their cost- Professionalising the field sales force effective products include antibiotics, pain relief and cardiological � For the advanced sales force an advanced sales development products. They consistently develop their relationships with session on success-oriented attitude, partner management, Background and objectives daily practice hospitals and special regional health care centres. They focus on assertiveness, cooperation strategies, maintaining win-win Our client is one of the top 5 pharmaceutical companies in the � Development workshops for opinion leaders to help them ensure the values of quality, innovation, and global presence. They are relationships long term, dealing with difficult partners and handling world. They achieved significant results in the Ukrainian market greater impact of their speeches truly committed to consistently exceeding customer expectations. conflict situations. within a few years after entry. Being part of a global company, they � Training modules for key buyers to help them foster an effective Our client decided to step up to the challenges of the changing Results had their internal training and development solutions implemented communication. market, and increase sales volume with a proactive development by in-house trainers. The objective to further increase market share plan featuring different stages according to the development � According to participant and line manager feedback, the required reinforcing their field sales force. They realised that to Results programmes successfully supported sales staff in achieving level and professional challenges of the given target group. The develop required competencies effectively they needed to partner � Increased productivity of the clients sales force resulting in hitting ultimate objective was to achieve a higher level of commitment more focused sales efforts, improved sales results, better with a specialist provider who has the right expertise, industry targets from business partners, and thus increase market share. customer relationship management, and thus a more consistent knowledge and delivery capability. They chose TACK and over time achievement of business objectives � Increased loyalty and commitment on the part of opinion leaders Response our co-operation developed into a close partnership. In addition to - Participants reported a boost in morale, self-confidence, and key buyers developing their field sales force, we helped re-design and deliver - A development solution was designed targeting two different motivation and achievement drive loyalty programmes for opinion leaders and key buyers, too. � Feedback received indicates that both participants and their audiences within the client�s organisation: the junior sales force managers valued TACK�s comprehensive approach and consider � In addition, the programmes had a markedly positive impact that and the advanced sales force. Unique learning objectives were Response TACK a professional and reliable L&D partner helped reduce staff turnover set for each audience � Designed and implemented a development programme for the � Highly positive feedback from the department resonated inside - Based on the success of the project, the client is exploring � For the junior sales force a foundational sales workshop on field sales force to reinforce key competencies needed to gain more opportunities for further cooperation with TACK. the company, and as a result they expanded our co-operation with creating a positive first impression, planning sales visits, using business, providing practical business development tools to use in further departments previously co-operating with a competitor. 10 > 11Pharmaceuticals
  7. 7. In a fast-changing and highly complex business environment it is of paramount importance to be able to manage effectively and �sell your way to success. Are you uniquely well-placed to make a profound difference to your peoples performance and your organisations results?TACK International Ltd, Trinity Court, Batchworth Island, Church Street, Rickmansworth WD3 1RT, United Kingdom, Tel.: +44 (0) 1923 897900, Fax:+44 (0) 1923 710243,