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Pr3 producer audience_tasks

  1. 1. PR3Producer and Audience: Analyse the Marketing Campaign of Iron Man 3Here is where you use knowledge from previous units and apply them to film. You need to make apodcast for a film magazine’s website on the production and marketing of a blockbuster movie. Thefollowing must be covered:How the producer considered the target audience during production.The publicity and marketing strategy for the filmCodes & ConventionsReception and Star TheoryAnchorageTypes of audience feedbackPlease provide statistics to support your points and illustrate your article with images of stars from thefilms you write about, as well as movie posters.Introduction: Explain how and why different audiences are targeted by film producers (1 paragraph)Part 1:Provide a synopsis of the film Iron man 3 (1 paragraph)And also give the information below: (1 paragraph)What is the target audience of Iron Man 3?GenreYear of productionDirectorProducerDistributorBox office takingsBudgetBox office takingsUK release datePart 2: Give detail about how the filmIron man 3 was MARKETED. Give detail about thecontrasting methods of marketing, for example:P3 describe therelationshipbetweenproducers andfilmaudiences withsomeappropriate useof subjectterminologyM3 explain the relationshipbetween producers and filmaudiences with reference todetailed illustrativeexamplesand generally correct use ofsubject terminologyD3 comprehensively explainthe relationshipbetweenproducers and filmaudienceswith elucidated examplesand consistently using subjectterminology correctly
  2. 2. T.V.Web 2.0 such as file sharing and social network sites (You Tube/Facebook)CinemaBillboardsPostersNewspapersMagazines (interviews/reviews)The Internet (cinema film listings/review pages)The internet (official web pages)Word of mouthPart 3Write a third and fourth paragraph which answers the following. Refer to the articles included atthe bottom of this briefHow has the audience for Iron Man 3 been targeted by the producer?Explain the term ‘anchorage’? (Google ‘Media terms anchorage’)The media term ‘anchorage’ means to fix something to something else, for example theadvertisements for the new Iron Man film such as posters on sides of buses or on billboards usesIron Man himself as the main image. The reason why this is called anchorage is because theaudience of Iron Man is ‘anchored’ because of the company that produces the Iron Man filmswhich is Marvel is very famous therefore expectation of how good the film is going to be makesits target audience pay to see it. This chain carries on and on by word of mouth and many otherways.Look at the Iron Man 3 poster below and identify the text which is used to anchor the Audience.Explain how it anchors the audience.The main image which is ‘Iron Man’ captures the audience’s attention and straight away withouteven having to read any writing the expectation of a great film begins to be talked about and spreadaround the public mainly by word of mouth.
  3. 3. What research methods would a producer use to find information about the targetaudience, before a film goes into production? Think about your own methods of researchIron man 3 Articles