Charlie waite research


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Charlie waite research

  1. 1. Unit 57: Photography and Photographic Practice Research of other photographers work
  2. 2. Charlie WaiteCharlie Waite is an Englishlandscape photographerborn in 1949. Charlie Waiteis particularly noted for hispainterly approach inusing and shade. BeforeCharlie Waite was aphotographer he workedin television and theatrefor 10 years.
  3. 3. Examples of photographs
  4. 4. About Waite’s PhotographsThese images are both very typical of Charlie Waite because they bothhave a point in the photograph that attracts the viewers attention. Mostof the time this being a path or highly contrasted part of the image.Charlie Waite seems to use the brightness and contrast of thephotograph to determine the time of year in the image.The image on the right is taken in France and is the Ardennes Canal.The image on the left is taken in England and is Cranbourne House.
  5. 5. CompositionCharlie Waite photographed landscapes sotherefore he used a large variety of positions andangles in his images to achieve differentperspectives. Waite used the colours in hisphotographs to help the viewer understand histhinking behind the image.“Quote by Charlie Waite”“I often think of that rare fulfilling joy when you arein the presence of some wonderful alignment ofevents. Where the light, the colour, the shapes, andthe balance all interlock so perfectly that I feel trulyoverwhelmed by the wonder of it”
  6. 6. Techniques usedWhen Waite photographs alandscape he was most likely touse a very fast shutter speed toensure he didn’t have any blur inthe shot he was taking and alsoto capture subjects such as birdsclearly in his images. Waitepositions his photographs so thatthere is a main focal point for the The style of Charlie Waite is solely landscape photographs, he is mostviewers attention to be caught well known for his landscapes inby. Many of Waite’s photographs England however he did takeare very complex and have a lot numerous photographs in Francehappening in each of them, this is and Italy. Waite’s photographs seemwhy I think he always seemed to to be very brightly coloured or verymake a point in the picture stand dark, some of his pictures such as the one above on the left show bothout. bright and darks colours and contrasts.
  7. 7. Strengths & WeaknessesI think Charlie Waite’s photographs are veryinteresting. This is the type of photography that Ienjoy doing. The part of Charlie Waite’sphotographs I would be most likely to interpret into my own work is the way he uses focal points tomake his photographs unique and interesting. Ialso like how he uses different brightness andcontrasts to again make one part of aphotograph more prominent than the other lessimportant parts of the image. I like Charlie Waite’stype of photography and I would happily use anyof his techniques in my work. In my opinion I don’tthink Charlie Waite has any weaknesses.
  8. 8. Do this for 3 photographers