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Sara 4 w ac

  1. 1.  Aboriginal People have lived in Australia for over 50,000 years.  They were the first people in Australia and always have looked after the land and animals.
  2. 2.  Aboriginal tribes used specific languages in different areas.  There were over 500 different languages.  Most Aboriginal people now speak English but are still using their culture.
  3. 3.  Aboriginal People had a lot of spiritual beliefs. They told lots of spiritual stories which were written by rock art and the stories were passed down by ancestors.
  4. 4.  The Aboriginal men and women had all different roles.  Men- they went out and hunted the food with spears and boomerangs.  Women-used their digging sticks to dig up berries and bugs, open shellfish and crush up seeds.
  5. 5.  Aboriginal people ate anything that was available. The main foods they ate were kangaroos, emus ,sea foods and other foods that were on the land.  They also found food in the bush which included nuts and berries. Aboriginal People weren’t fussy on what they ate and didn’t take a lot of food fro, the land.
  6. 6.  Aboriginal People used stones, bark, wood, sap ,vine and grass.  They used everyday utensils for what they had to do. From the stones and sticks they made stone axes. They made containers out of bark to carry food or small children.
  7. 7.  Aboriginal people used digeridoo’s and clapping sticks to make their music at ceremonies and at dances. When the digeridoo is played it can relate to stories and represent animals noises.
  8. 8.  Aboriginal people gave respect to their sacred sites and other tribes sites. The sacred sites were built out of different materials which were based on were the tribes were.  Uluru is one of the most famous Aboriginal site in the world. It is in the beautiful Northern Territory (NT).
  9. 9.  The Aboriginal people didn’t know what to do when Captain James Cook arrived. The Aboriginal people was confused why they came to the land.  The Aboriginal people caught diseases from the English. Aboriginal people lost their cultures and they had loss of lands.
  10. 10.  Aboriginal people are still keeping their culture and are still speaking the languages that were spoke for over 50 000 years back. Most Aboriginal people now live in major cities and have everyday jobs just like us.