Brianna.reid 4 w aboriginal culture project


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Brianna.reid 4 w aboriginal culture project

  1. 1. Aboriginal people cared for the land that they lived on. Aboriginal people have lived here for a very long time, more then 60,00 years. Aboriginal people didn’t have a lot of clothing, they only really wore some pants but not the pants we wear different sort of pants.
  2. 2. Different Aboriginal tribes speak different languages. There are so many Aboriginal languages that I can’t name all of them. There are over 500 languages around the world.
  3. 3. The Aboriginal people believed that dreamtime stories were real they still could be real. The Aboriginal people believe that their ancestors made the land before they went to heaven.
  4. 4. Usually women stay at the camp and dig for grubs and all sorts of bugs. The men go out hunting for Kangaroos, wombats and many more big mammals to eat. The women also hunt lizards. The animals that the men bring back are cooked by the men.
  5. 5. Aboriginals had a traditional diet, one of the foods are wallabies. Also when they have special celebrations they have some traditional food such as berries. Aboriginal people had a very strict diet ( bush tucker )
  6. 6. Aboriginal people used tools such as digging sticks, spears and boomerangs. They used these used these tools to hunt for food. They also used Implements to dig up grubs and insects. Aboriginal tools and implements were very special to the Aboriginal people because they were used every day.
  7. 7. Aboriginal people danced around a fire with music this music was made by the Aboriginal people. A Didgeridoos is always made out of wood and it’s not just a musical instrument it is also a piece of art because it has paint over it. Didgeridoos make very beautiful noises, like animal noises.
  8. 8. Aborigines have many sacred places such as Uluru. Sometimes only Aboriginal people are able to indentify the sacred sites. There are many natural sacred sites around Australia such as waterfalls and rocks. It is very important that everyone respects these sacred sites.
  9. 9. In 1770 Captain James Cook arrived, he raised the British flag for the king of England. There were many problems between the British people and the Aboriginal people because the British people didn’t ask the Aboriginal people to claim the land. The British and Aboriginal people didn’t understand each other so there were many problems when the new settlement came.
  10. 10.  In now days Aboriginal people wear lots of clothing and have proper houses. Aboriginal people still have sacred sites and special musical instrument such as Didgeridoos. Aboriginal people also still dance around fires for special celebrations, Aboriginal people are a very important part of our world.