Players’ Perceptions on the Concept of the “Good Player” in MMOGs


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Paper presented at the Foundations of Digital Games 2013 conference (

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Players’ Perceptions on the Concept of the “Good Player” in MMOGs

  1. 1. 1/15The Good Player in MMOGsFDG 2013 15/5/2013Players’ Perceptionson the Concept of the “Good Player”in Massively Multiplayer Online GamesIro Voulgariavoulgari@upatras.grVassilis Komiskomis@upatras.grDepartment of Educational Sciences& Early Childhood EducationUniversity of Patras, Greece
  2. 2. 2/15The Good Player in MMOGsFDG 2013 15/5/2013Who is the “Good Player”?• Expertise in MMOGs efficiency and effectiveness in tasks, knowledgeof game mechanics, spatial skills, social capital,social activities• How do the players perceive the concept of the“good player”? Skills and qualities required by the playercommunity?
  3. 3. 3/15The Good Player in MMOGsFDG 2013 15/5/2013Research Methodology• Mixed method research– Qualitative: interviews– Quantitative: online survey (open & closedquestions, 5-point likert-scale)• Sample– Interviews: expert players (N=27), various MMOGs– Survey: >=229, >18y, various MMOGs
  4. 4. 4/15The Good Player in MMOGsFDG 2013 15/5/2013Interviews“What are, in your opinion, the qualities of a goodplayer?”• Personality• Social Skills• Technical Gaming Skills
  5. 5. 5/15The Good Player in MMOGsFDG 2013 15/5/2013Personality• Inspire respect, respect others, motivate co-players,receptive to different viewpoints, patience with players andtasks, play for fun– “Being a good player has nothing to do with how good of a ‘killer’ you are inthe game, but with what kind of a person you are” (Int., Male, 33y)• Bad player = annoying behaviour, personality– “A player may be experienced and useful to the team, but also behave in abad manner, and use other players for personal gain etc. […] I personallyprefer to be in teams with people that I can discuss with, even if they don’thave that much experience [in the game], than to be in teams withexperienced players who are ‘too’ smart and never miss the chance to showoff, accuse everyone else of being stupid, and put all the blame for theproblems of the team on others” (Int., Male, 37y).
  6. 6. 6/15The Good Player in MMOGsFDG 2013 15/5/2013Social Skills• Helpful behaviour, empathy for the needs of others,effective communication, develop and sustainrelations and friendships– “Some things, such as the manipulation of the avatar, youcan learn in time […] But behaviour towards the otherplayers, communication, humour, helping others, thesethings show some basic qualities about the person behindthe avatar. These qualities I consider more important,regardless of the player’s strength” (Qnr., Male, 35-44y)
  7. 7. 7/15The Good Player in MMOGsFDG 2013 15/5/2013Technical Gaming Skills• knowledge of the rules and functionalities, employ different strategies,adjust tactics to new situations, solve problems, high scores, success intasks (pve, pvp), assess and tackle situations, plan strategies, good gear,manage resources, good reflexes– “A good player is someone who knows how to be efficient in relation to his/hergear” (Int., Male, 29y), “A good player will assess the situation and have theexperience to comprehend it and engage in it without getting into a trap” (Int.,Male, 37y)• One case: link qualities of a “good player” with character level– “The answer to this question [i.e. the closed survey question Q18] is different,depending on your level in the game. My answers in the question refer tosomebody who has reached a max level (lvl) in the game” (Qnr., Male, 18-24y).– 5=very important: “High level/High score”, “In-game equipment”, “Patience”, “Knowledge ofthe game”, “Sociability”2=of little importance: “Leadership skills”, “Teamwork”, “Active participation” in game tasks
  8. 8. 8/15The Good Player in MMOGsFDG 2013 15/5/2013QuestionnaireQ18 “How important for a good player do you think thefollowing features are in the game?”– 22 likert-scale, 5-point items (1=unimportant, 5=very important)
  9. 9. 9/15The Good Player in MMOGsFDG 2013 15/5/2013Patience, cooperation,teamwork80% positive responses eachGood behavior, decision-making, communicationskills, self-control, helpfulbehavior, good knowledgeof the game, manipulationof the virtual character70%-79% positive responses each
  10. 10. 10/15The Good Player in MMOGsFDG 2013 15/5/2013Main aspects of skills/qualities• Social Skills: interaction with others, sociability, teamwork, cooperation, humor– Q18.15 Humor, Q18.16 Teamwork skills, Q18.7 Helpful behavior, Q18.18 Sociability, and Q18.19 Good behaviortowards other players, Q18.21 Cooperation skills (Cronbach’s alpha=0.819)• Resourcefulness: problem solving, resourcefulness, creative thinking, relations with others,communication, self-control– Q18.1 Communication skills, Q18.2 Creative thinking, Q18.12 Problem-solving Skills, Q18.13 Resourcefulness, andQ18.14 Self-control (Cronbach’s alpha=0.796)• Resources Management Skills: management, leadership, decision-making, activeparticipation in tasks.– Q18.6 Decision making skills, Q18.9 Leadership skills, Q18.10 Organizational skills, Q18.22 Active participation in in-game tasks (Cronbach’s alpha= 0.743)• Technical Gaming Skills: efficiency and effectiveness in game tasks, manipulation and thegear of the character, level or score, knowledge of the game mechanics– Q18.3 High level/High Score, Q18.8 Good in-game equipment in the game, Q18.17 In-depth knowledge of the gamemechanisms, Q18.20 Good manipulation of the character or the game functions (Cronbach’s alpha= 0.712)Factor Analysis of Q18, four factors (57.83% of the variance)
  11. 11. 11/15The Good Player in MMOGsFDG 2013 15/5/2013Good Player Qualities Ranking
  12. 12. 12/15The Good Player in MMOGsFDG 2013 15/5/2013Age and the Criteria for the GoodPlayerInterviews: >30y personality, communication, collaboration <30y technical gaming skills, knowledge of the game, high scoreor level, success, in-game gearSurvey: Difference in Technical Gaming Skills– ANOVA (F=3.08, df=2, 227, p=0.024<0.05) Difference between age groups 18-24 and >35– Post hoc comparisons (Bonferroni test)/ Mean Difference=0.46385, SE=0.16918, p=0.02<0.05 Players of 18-24y emphasized more the technical gaming skillsthan players >35y
  13. 13. 13/15The Good Player in MMOGsFDG 2013 15/5/2013Gender and the Criteria for theGood PlayerInterviews: Sociability and relations among players & technical gaming skills andknowledge of the game No difference between men and women– small women sample (N=3)Survey: No difference between men and women Except of the case of the Technical Gaming Skills Women agreed more than men that gaming technical skills were animportant quality of a good player– small women sample (Ν=19)– non-parametric test (Mann-Whitney), statistically significant differentiation between the twogenders (U=1442.5, p=0.05)
  14. 14. 14/15The Good Player in MMOGsFDG 2013 15/5/2013Conclusions• “Good Player” = gaming skills, cognitive and metacognitiveskills, social and interpersonal skills, management skills,personality traits• Criteria related to related to age, gender, level (?)• MMOGs: games & (virtual) worlds/communities• Shared player values shape the ethos of the playercommunity• The impact of the design? Importance of social interaction,cooperation and interdependence
  15. 15. 15/15The Good Player in MMOGsFDG 2013 15/5/2013Thank you!Iro Voulgariavoulgari@upatras.grVassilis
  16. 16. 16/15The Good Player in MMOGsFDG 2013 15/5/2013