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Auditory Actions: helping pupils with auditory processing


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Short presentation by Auditory Actions from its 2014 seminar series: helping pupils with auditory processing

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Auditory Actions: helping pupils with auditory processing

  1. 1. Helping a pupil with auditory processing difficulties
  2. 2. Topics  What is auditory processing?  The importance of active listening  The classroom general strategies  Assessments  Specific remediation strategies
  3. 3. How does it present in the classroom setting  Difficulty in following instructions  Auditory memory poor  Difficulty in paying attention when there is any level of noise  May behave as if they have a hearing loss even though hearing is normal  Weakness in working memory and perceptual reasoning  Weakness in vocabulary  Difficulty with comprehension
  4. 4. Type of listening skills  Critical listening  Active listening  Informative listening for instructions  Appreciative listening
  5. 5. Auditory processing difficulty? POSSIBLY!HOWEVER…….. Be a pure auditory difficulty Coexist with other non auditory disorders and can be overlooked such as ADHD Primarily APD but with facts similar to other problem and be misdiagnosed such as dyslexia/language impairment Co-exist with a measurable hearing loss
  6. 6. Management of APD seen as a tripod • Environmental modifications • Remediation activities direct intervention • Compensation strategies – designed to improve access to and use of auditory information
  7. 7. And another thing….. There are different types of APD which need different types of remediation Integration Prosody Decoding memory
  8. 8. Generally Need to focus on Following instructions Remembering from text Drawing from description both pupil and teacher Working memory Auditory closure possibly Extending vocabulary