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Online Content for Real People


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For the person and for the brand, there are three key elements to creating successful, qualitative online content: be present, be relevant, be authentic.

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Online Content for Real People

  1. Online content for real people How to contribute to social media without wasting your audience’s time or yours
  2. Social media is a party… not a war that needs plotting. Relax.
  3. Be present
  4. Be relevant
  5. Don’t be that guy.
  6. Be authentic
  7. “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” (probably misattributed to Oscar Wilde) “People follow people.” (rightfully attributed to Fred Graver, head of TV at Twitter)
  8. Credits All photos are under Creative Commons license*. All great portraits by web4camguy on Flickr. Check him out! Then in order of appearance… David Domingo/Flickr The war room in Dr. Strangelove, Stanley Krubrick, via North Charleston/Flickr Iirraa/Flickr Duncan Kinney/Flickr *except this one by my talented brother François Roughol/Flickr