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Di Più - Andretto Design - Company Profile


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Di Più - Andretto Design - Company Profile

  1. 1. by Company Profile
  2. 2. ANDRETTO DESIGNMurano glass is a material of recognized excellence and the essence of all ourprojects. Rigorously made in Italy, our creations are hand-manufectured andhand decorated.
  3. 3. MURANO GLASSEach object made of Murano glass is unique because of the artisan makingof raw material which presents irregularities in the mass and surface. Waves,bubbles and imperfections are the great virtue of this extraordinary andincomparable material. Furthermore, producing on demand we can guarantee tothe customer complete freedom to choose unlimited combinations of shades,finishes, decorations and personalized graphics to get unique andunrepeatable pieces
  4. 4. THE SLABSAt the origin of each creation there is the hand-rolled glass slab created byMurano artisans and not simply the vitreous glaze. We make full use of eachslab, with the wastes we obtain wires, grit and hand-cut shapes of variousthickness used for decorations.
  5. 5. THE GLASS CANESThe glass canes of Murano, with personalized design, are cut to obtaindifferent thickness and unique compositions.
  6. 6. THE MURRINESA real jewel of Murano’s art: The murrines. They are masterpieces miniature,little gems made of colours and transparency. We use them to compose decorsand graphic designs, placing them one by one, to create unique andunrepeatable pieces, as all of our production are.
  7. 7. THE GRITMurano glass obtained from slabs cutting and finishing is milled in order toobtain glass grit, in four granulometries , from the largest to the finest grit,according to the decoration to be developed.
  8. 8. THE WIRESThanks to an oven-fall, we are able to convert the glass pieces into thin wireswhich are decorative elements of great effect.
  9. 9. THE DRAWINGOur drawings are rigorously original and handmade. We use mainly pureplatinum 999.9 and 24 carats gold, in leaf, liquid or in paste.
  10. 10. THE MOSAICFrom the slabs we also obtain different types of mosaics, square cards ofdifferent measures or shapes. We can create volumetric effects with differentthickness between the various parts of the mosaic. Each card is laid and gluedmanually on the net.
  11. 11. 21.6100% Murano glass. A new collection for a brand new concept of luxury, madeof essence and absence. No concessions to luxury. Completely hand-crafted foran unlimited freedom of expression. Substance. Light. Elegance. Simply 21.6
  12. 12. E-59In E59 collection Murano glass potential is magnified by the use of light. Theglass slabs are in fact illuminated with backlights. The power of light beautifullyexposes the glass materiality and irregularities, giving it a unique and distinctiveconnotation.
  13. 13. ARTE DE LA TABLEAll upon-described processings are applied to our plates and bowlscollections, we can create them of various shapes and sizes, personalizingthem time by time in colours and decorative applications: grit , hand designs,murrines, wires, glass shapes shaped by hand, solid or variegated colours.Plates are absolutely suitable for food contact and dishwasher safe,therefore absolutely to be used.
  14. 14. TEST DATA definition of water and steamresistance to chemical attacks: resistant resistance: resistantUNI EN ISO 10545/13 UNI EN ISO 10545/11frost resistance: resistant water absorption: resistantUNI EN ISO 10545/12 UNI EN ISO 10545/3colours resistance to fading: resistantDIN 51094