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Who is playing your game?

  1. 1. Who plays your game? Player centric market research and marketing Sylvain Noblet Senior Brand Manager, Flaregames
  2. 2. Target audience vs. Who plays your game
  3. 3. Early market research matters! Gathering Data Understand audience Plan strategy Create right content
  4. 4. Collect feedback Present early concept Analyze results Qualitative data based on early concept
  5. 5. Qualitative data - When to use those tools? Panels - Focus Group Soft LaunchMVP Release Hard Launch Concept Card (Nielsen) Facebook Analytics First Reviews Playtest Cloud (Video recording) Fake App store Facebook Insights
  6. 6. Validate Assumptions on segments Get indication on Marketability Build your UA case Quantitative data - MVP Release First insights on your funnel performance Build your Benchmark Potential or Warning signs ?
  7. 7. Post MVP - Analysing the data Identify market opportunities & risks Gathering Learnings Improve the Acquisition funnels Create your marketing assets Competitors and industry benchmarks ASO (App Store Optimization) Collected data suggests NEXT STEPS before Soft Launch
  8. 8. “The drivers of segment differences are not demographics” (Google Play study) Who plays mobile games? Player insights to help developers win. Google Play, July 2017. 8b33f76bb6d8
  9. 9. Go find your users Create your strategy Focus on actions that Matters Pick the right communication channels Plan your budget and spend accordingly Build the right wording Users Users
  10. 10. Key takeaways Find where your players are Build your plans on USER DATA Demographics are B******T Identify WHAT your players DO
  11. 11. Thanks for taking part in our meetup