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Fromclevertointelligent 140204140210-phpapp02

  1. 1. Thanks for having me! Managing Director @InSites Consulting @hakimzemni I have a passion for media, politics, music & movies. I am happily married, a proud dad of 2, and a mediocre soccerplayer  I am often described as ‘an opinion on 2 legs’ I love my job because I’m fascinated by the question “why do people do what they do?”
  2. 2. @HakimZemni
  3. 3. @HakimZemni
  4. 4. From social To private @HakimZemni
  5. 5. From social to private @HakimZemni
  6. 6. Heard about this one already? @HakimZemni
  7. 7. Our no-longer-blind-spot In today’s reality, when something is free, YOU are the product. @HakimZemni
  8. 8. The indie data movement Own your digital self. @HakimZemni
  9. 9. Cloaking Defacing. De-sharing. De-leting. @HakimZemni
  10. 10. The members formerly known as… Q: Were you a member but not longer on one of the following social media? 10% 14% n= 244 @HakimZemni
  11. 11. Digital guardians @HakimZemni
  12. 12. From smartphones to blackphones Preinstalled, without hooks to carriers or vendors. @HakimZemni
  13. 13. From Big Data To Enoughness @HakimZemni
  14. 14. Enoughness Enoughness. I am enough. You are enough. There is enough. @HakimZemni Brands talk big about Big Data, but most of them can’t even handle Small Data.
  15. 15. Enoughness = No Data Seconds of gratification. @HakimZemni
  16. 16. Enoughness = Private Data No names. Just quotes. Likes&conversations. 2,5 billion views/month. Teens love it. @HakimZemni
  17. 17. From free data to fair data Import. Share. Be Embedded. Be Credited. Give your price. Earn money/view. @HakimZemni
  18. 18. From big data to dada data Spoof or it didn’t happen. #Spoof #shred @HakimZemni
  19. 19. Enoughness = Dada Data Inventor of the #Belfie. Most.Instagrammed.Ass.Ever. @HakimZemni
  20. 20. From real time to @HakimZemni
  21. 21. From content to evergreen content Impact. Presocial. Time. Impact. Social. Time. Impact. Evergreen. Time.
  22. 22. Animated marketing @HakimZemni
  23. 23. Clickbait copy or PayWalls? @HakimZemni
  24. 24. Clickbait copy or PayWalls? A. 1,1% B. 4,3% C. 7,2% @HakimZemni
  25. 25. Clickbait copy! A. 1,1% B. 4,3% C. 7,2% > @HakimZemni
  26. 26. Public Data Private Data Big Data Enoughness @HakimZemni
  27. 27. @HakimZemni
  28. 28. From Denial To Wake-up @HakimZemni
  29. 29. The impact of the crisis Does the economic crisis have an impact on the way you live? @HakimZemni
  30. 30. The impact of the crisis 2 out of 3 Gen Y’ers experience the impact of the crisis. 68% 41% still lives at home. @HakimZemni
  31. 31. The delay of impact @HakimZemni
  32. 32. Bankruptcy Alert 16% of Flemish SME’s have a ‘high-risk-profile’. (UNIZO, 2013) @HakimZemni
  33. 33. From Wake-up To Start-up @HakimZemni
  34. 34. There is hope! @HakimZemni
  35. 35. The Unicorn Club-dream U.S.-based software companies started since 2003 and valued at over $1 billion. (techcrunch) @HakimZemni
  36. 36. Who are they? @HakimZemni
  37. 37. Missed opportunity? 0 since 2011 @HakimZemni
  38. 38. The start-up shift. From… To… Europe Silicon Valley Asia @HakimZemni
  39. 39. Silicon Valley or not? FRA GER @HakimZemni UK SUO
  40. 40. Silicon Valley is no longer Death Valley Europe. Lose the puppy eyes. @HakimZemni
  41. 41. What’s with these shoes? @HakimZemni
  42. 42. It’s the future, stupid @HakimZemni
  43. 43. The I Can Print it-dream @HakimZemni
  44. 44. The Maker Movement-dream Concept. Print. Assemble. Recycle. Make. Idea. Sell. Marketing & Pre-sales start here. @HakimZemni Average Cycle time A few weeks to months
  45. 45. MIY #BuildYourOwn. #FriendlyElectronics. @HakimZemni
  46. 46. To Shutdowns @HakimZemni
  47. 47. Stuff is disappearing, man. @HakimZemni
  48. 48. Stuff is disappearing, man. @HakimZemni
  49. 49. Will everything disappear? Your product is a feature on our platform! @HakimZemni
  50. 50. Tenacious Technologies 250% increase since 2002. 37% of all albums sold were vinyl in the Week of Vinyl. 244.000 vinyl albums still sold every week. @HakimZemni
  51. 51. From Shutdowns to @HakimZemni
  52. 52. If you think you can do better than banks, now is your time to try! @HakimZemni
  53. 53. The icon(s) of the newconomy @HakimZemni
  54. 54. Newconomy #smartsaving #FromSupplyDemandtoDemandSupply @HakimZemni
  55. 55. Public Data Private Data Denial Big Data Enoughness Start-up @HakimZemni Wake-up Newconomy
  56. 56. Where are you now? ‘Pinwhat? Snapwhat? Tumbwhat? Instawhat?’ ‘We’re on Facebook and Twitter’. ‘Social Media?’ 2006-’07 2010 2012-’13 2008-’09 2011 2014 ‘We gotto do something’. ‘We have a strategy’. ‘Time for a strategy, again’. @HakimZemni
  57. 57. Battle of the Teens @HakimZemni
  58. 58. Social media mixology Time to cook up your social media cocktail. @HakimZemni
  59. 59. Based on target group women. business. 30+ affluents. @HakimZemni
  60. 60. Based on your brand/positioning Creative Industry. Service Industry. #inspirational #customerexperience @HakimZemni
  61. 61. Based on your independence @HakimZemni
  62. 62. Public Data Private Data Denial Big Data Enoughness Start-up Innovation Presence @HakimZemni Wake-up Newconomy Consolidation Mixology
  63. 63. Mouthcorner marketing
  64. 64. Co-always
  65. 65. Co-everything! How’s school?
  66. 66. Co-Everything? Yes, they can
  67. 67. Public Data Private Data Denial Big Data Enoughness Start-up Co-sometimes Co-creation Co-always Innovation Co-everything Presence @HakimZemni Wake-up Newconomy Consolidation Mixology
  68. 68. #takeaways Help consumers to help you. For real. Prepare yourself for a shutdown by a startup. Big Data is great, Big Insights are better. @HakimZemni
  69. 69. Thanks for having me! Managing Director @InSites Consulting Questions, feedback, remarks? @hakimzemni