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Digitalization and elearning in Laurea UAS


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Digitalization and elearning in Laurea UAS

  1. 1. Digitalisation and elearning Irma Mänty Development Manager, Learning Solutions 20.6.2018.
  2. 2. 2017Vision and Road Map for Digitalization • Workshops, think tanks • Discussions • Boosting participation with digital tools for employee, student and partner engagement • Quick experiments / pilots • Resource materials, reports Laurea´s Digital Policies Katri Ojasalo, Vice-President
  3. 3. Service Design Methods
  4. 4. Pepper robot was a speaker at the publication ceremonies of the Digital Policies
  5. 5. And some steps to achieve the goal by the end of 2020 10 Digital policies
  6. 6. Students develop and demonstrate their competence through various means.They may choose pedagogically high-standard varying formats of study from Laurea’s broad offering and from other higher education institutions in Finland and abroad.  Non-stop courses  e-portfolio  Digital exams  Theses process 100 % online  OIL = Online International Learning 1. Flexible Learning
  7. 7. Laurea employees have strong expertise in digital pedagogy and Learning by Developing (LbD). Individual study paths are supported by multiform, professional growth-promoting guidance, utilising smart solutions and learning analytics.  Laurea Certified Tutor,  Digital mentors  Online course of digital pedagogy  Joint quality criteria for online learning  AI for guidance and, in particular, tutoring  Digital competence-related Open Badges 2. Digital pedagogy with workplace connection
  8. 8. Students have easy access to all student services at Laurea from their own terminal devices regardless of time and place.  Study certificates, transcripts of records, digital certificates  Planning of timetables, booking guidance appointments  Chat(bots)  Tuudo apps 3. Digital student services
  9. 9. Flexible, digitally oriented learning environments enable individual blended learning and collective work.  Video studio and streaming facilities  Classrooms are equipped for hybrid learning  BYOD  Online learning platform 4. Blended learning environments
  10. 10. The utilisation of digital technology integrates Laurea even more strongly into the world of work. During their studies, students develop into digitally skilled experts for the future workplace.They are emphatic and possess good collaboration skills.  PRM (partner relationship management) system  Learning by Development (LbD) will be extensively applied in digital environments and online learning  The guidance and monitoring of work placements 5. Digital workplace integration
  11. 11. Laurea’s strong development and experimentation culture promotes the development of entrepreneur attitude. Open, digital innovation platforms enhance the forming of networks and co-creation, promoting innovation and commercialisation.  Service design expertice is included in all fields of study at Laurea  Digital living labs  An authentic e-commerce learning environment 6. Co-creation and culture of experimentations
  12. 12. The Laurea community develops new digital solutions in cooperation with its RDI project partners, producing new research data on digitalisation. For maximum impact, the data and research associated with RDI activities are basically open.  A new open digital publishing platform  All RDI players use the digital RDI project management system 7. Open RDI activities supporting digitalisation
  13. 13. Laurea is open and important for the region. Laurea is present online throughout its competence community. It is known as a producer of effective competence and high-quality digital services.  A marketplace for the marketing of continuing education  New website, new communication principles 8. Accessibility and sharing of competence
  14. 14. Laurea’s operations are managed, developed and anticipated at all levels by using analysed data to achieve the desired impact and performance. Modern, easy-to-use digital tools, systems and services form a clearly defined assembly, supporting everyone’s daily work at Laurea.  Data analysis: forecast models related to teaching, RDI activities, finances and HR  Data security and data protection will be ensured in all operations 9. Digital processes and management by knowledge
  15. 15. Laurea’s operating culture and the staff’s competence promote transformation into an open higher education institution of the digital era that is capable of agile development.  Training and support are available for the adaption and use of new digital tools, systems and services  Information management skills and digital competences are ensured by using Open Badges 10. Operating culture and competence in the digital era
  16. 16. DigiTeam Laurea students studied 100 000 ECTS virtual studies on 2017
  17. 17. DigiTeam trains Laurea staff Tailored training: Digital mentors Digital pedagogy, learning design, digital tools Video workshops Building online degree programmes:  business management & service innovation and design  nursing & social services  BIT & security management Online course of digital pedagogy  5-6 weeks collaborative working Digital clinics: twice a month Production workshops preparing online courses
  18. 18. Support for online learning Service Desk  Chat Video studio Production workshops Support for students Digital mentors (approx. 20 people)