Iris Ruan Ethnographic Experience


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These are highlights of ethnographic fieldwork that are my personal favorites. These examples do not detail all of my ethnographic experience.

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Iris Ruan Ethnographic Experience

  1. 1. MY ETHNOGRAPHIC EXPERIENCE Iris Ruan May 29, 2012 l
  2. 2. 1. PX Protest, August 14, 2011 DalianOver 10,000 people protested for the removal of a toxic chemical plant. The government finally promised to move the factory.
  3. 3. I conducted participant observation during the protest and did interviews after the protest. It was the first time that I felt the power of citizens. After this experience, I have more hope for our civil society.
  4. 4. 2. Occupy Men’s Bathrooms, March 8, 2012 Wuhan College students launched the movement to let more people realize that China does not have enough bathrooms for females and that this is a form of gender inequality.
  5. 5. I observed both online and offline interactions and I wanted to find out:How did youth use social media to organize this movement and establish trust with new participants to let them join the movement?
  6. 6. I could feel college students were reallypassionate and brave about promotinggender equality.
  7. 7. 3. Female Citizens Social Participation and Gender Equality Youth Camp April 2 – April 4, 2012 Wuhan
  8. 8. During the three days training, I observed :- lectures on gender issue from experts- discussions about gender discrimination among the attendees- students making plans to promote gender equality
  9. 9. Students gathered for the same goals:- To advocate for public awareness of gender discrimination- To take actions against gender discrimination
  10. 10. After the camp, students launcheda movement at a shopping centerto resist companies discriminatingagainst female job seekers forbeing married and/or pregnant.
  11. 11. My exciting ethnographic experiences made me realize:Youth are brave to participate in the civil society.Youth take initiative to be responsible for theircountry.
  12. 12. My exciting ethnographic experiences:Have given me a closer view of the society.I explored the world through the eyes of youth. Iris Ruan