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Peter and the wolf


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Lesson plan for ESL students. Age: 6

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Peter and the wolf

  1. 1. PETER AND THE WOLF November 2011
  2. 2. • Age: 6 years • Previous knowledge: Animals and family. • New vocabulary: happy, sad, surprised, hungry, angry, scared. • Warm up to know the new words and the characters. • Narration interacting with children. • Feedback: Filling gaps activity and performing activity. • Post-task: Draw their feelings about the lesson.
  3. 3. Peter, was a little boy, who lived with his grandfather in a meadow, near a forest.
  4. 4. Early one morning, Peter opened the gate and walked into the big meadow to play with his toy gun.
  5. 5. Grandfather was angry, because Peter had gone into such a dangerous place where wolves lived.
  6. 6. But Peter was not afraid though, because young boys are never scared of anything. So, when granddad falls asleep, he caught his gun and went out again.
  7. 7. A little bird sat on Peter’s finger and happily said, “Everything is quiet”. His name was Sasha the bird. Then, they met Sonia the duck, other Peter’s friend.
  8. 8. As Peter watched the duck and the bird, he noticed a cat creeping through the grass. Peter wanted to warn the little bird and shouted, “Look out!”
  9. 9. - Bad cat!!! We must go together to hunt a wolf. And Peter and his three friends, went to hunt wolves.
  10. 10. But suddenly, something happened. The wolf appeared!!
  11. 11. The four friends were so scared, that they climb a three with just one jump. ¿The four? No, the duck couldn’t scape. POOR DUCK!
  12. 12. Peter, the cat, and the little bird, were very sad. And the wolf, was still waiting them down the tree.
  13. 13. Peter made a plan to rescue his friends: - Sasha! Fly in circles around the wolf’s head, but be careful!! It made the wolf very ANGRY.
  14. 14. The wolf was busy trying to catch the bird, so he didn’t see what Peter was doing. The wolf was trapped!
  15. 15. Few minutes later, three hunters appeared, and they got very surprised! PETER HAD HUNTED THE WOLF!
  16. 16. The hunters helped Peter to take the wolf to the Zoo. Everybody were very happy because the wolf couldn’t scare them anymore.
  17. 17. And if you listened very carefully, you could even hear the duck quietly quacking from inside the wolf… Becaude he had swallowed her alive! THE END
  18. 18. Time to remember feelings!
  19. 19. How is Peter? He is ANGRY!
  20. 20. How is the wolf? He is HUNGRY!
  21. 21. How are Peter, the cat and the bird? They are SAD!
  22. 22. How is Peter now? Peter is SCARED!
  23. 23. How are the hunters? They are surprised.
  24. 24. Time to choose a character! A child has to choose one character and a feeling, and perform it in silence for all the class. The children has to guess what character is.
  25. 25. Time to choose a character! Questions: 1º Are you the cat? 2ºAre you sad? Answers: - Yes, I am. - No, I am not.
  26. 26. My feelings about today’s lesson: DRAW YOUR FEELING! The teacher: The story: The activities: