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Dummy2 catherine mcnabb


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Dummy2 catherine mcnabb

  1. 1. Starting Screen
  2. 2. Click “Front Desk”
  3. 3. Click “Arrivals”
  4. 4. Input Guest Last Name and Search
  5. 5. Check Departure Information and Open Guest Profile
  6. 6. Input DOB and Passport No.Ask the guest to present his/her passport by dragging a notecard called“Passport of (his/her name)” under his/her inventory to your avatar
  7. 7. Print Registration CardPresent the registration card to obtain the guest signatureGo back to Second Life and give the registration card by dragging it from yourinventory to the guest’s avatar
  8. 8. Check In
  9. 9. Assign Room
  10. 10. Complete Check-in
  11. 11. Back to Main Page