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SEO Security Audits - SMX London


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SEO Security Audits - SMX London

  1. 1. @irishwonder SMX London 2013Don’t Let Your Hard Work Go Down the Drain
  2. 2. @irishwonder SMX London 2013@irishwonder
  3. 3. @irishwonder SMX London 2013@irishwonder  Other people’s malicious activities can getyour site in trouble
May 2012,  But so can your own actions (or lack ofaction)!
“Theres almost nothing acompetitor can do to harmyour ranking““Google works hard to preventother webmasters from being ableto harm your ranking”
  4. 4. @irishwonder SMX London 2013@irishwonder  SEO security audits cover a wider spectrum ofissues than just links  Some sites’ problems have little to nothing todo with links and can be caused by onsiteissues  Site architecture causing problems is oftenoverlooked  But link audits are an integral part of SEOsecurity audits
  5. 5. @irishwonder SMX London 2013@irishwonder
  6. 6. @irishwonder SMX London 2013@irishwonder  Indexable (empty) search results  Use of insecure plugins  Site structure causing duplicate onsitecontent  Bad redirects  Incorrect or absent robots.txt  Etc.
  7. 7. @irishwonder SMX London 2013@irishwonder  Bingo – your site is now about Viagra!(Example typical for Wordpress but many other platforms have similar issues)
  8. 8. @irishwonder SMX London 2013@irishwonderAnd it will get indexed……because…
  9. 9. @irishwonder SMX London 2013@irishwonderIndexable search results◦  Result: duplicate content + site can be indexed forany sketchy stuff
  10. 10. @irishwonder SMX London 2013@irishwonder  Add this to your Wordpress site’s robots.txt:◦  Disallow: /search/◦  Disallow: /*?s=
  11. 11. @irishwonder SMX London 2013@irishwonder
  12. 12. @irishwonder SMX London 2013@irishwonder
  13. 13. @irishwonder SMX London 2013@irishwonder  Sites get hacked  According to Stop Badware, the three mostcommon types of badware affecting sites are:◦  Malicious scripts◦  .htaccess redirects◦  Hidden iframes
  14. 14. @irishwonder SMX London 2013@irishwonder
  15. 15. @irishwonder SMX London 2013@irishwonderMy post on how to get rid of malware on a site:
  16. 16. @irishwonder SMX London 2013@irishwonder
  17. 17. @irishwonder SMX London 2013@irishwonder  Warning in Google Webmaster Tools  However, this does not always mean incorrectrobots.txt
  18. 18. @irishwonder SMX London 2013@irishwonder
  19. 19. @irishwonder SMX London 2013@irishwonderTest here:
  20. 20. @irishwonder SMX London 2013@irishwonder  Who are your neighbours?
  21. 21. @irishwonder SMX London 2013@irishwonder  BEFORE you get any emails from Google!
  22. 22. @irishwonder SMX London 2013@irishwonder  A weak link profile makes negative SEOagainst a site much easier  Are you sticking to one type of links?  How consistent is your link building?
  23. 23. @irishwonder SMX London 2013@irishwondervs
  24. 24. @irishwonder SMX London 2013@irishwonder
  25. 25. @irishwonder SMX London 2013@irishwonder  How obvious are they?
  26. 26. @irishwonder SMX London 2013@irishwonder  Do they look like an artificial, plannedlinkbuilding effort?
  27. 27. @irishwonder SMX London 2013@irishwonder
  28. 28. @irishwonder SMX London 2013@irishwonder  Do your links suddenly disappear?  Do you get more links all of sudden?  Do you get spammier links than usual?  Do you get unusual anchor texts?  (Faster: do you get traffic for unusualkeywords?)
  29. 29. @irishwonder SMX London 2013@irishwonder
  30. 30. @irishwonder SMX London 2013@irishwonder  No  But you can close all the easily exploitableholes  And then a negative SEO campaign becomesmore difficult than they are willing to spendthe effort on
  31. 31. @irishwonder SMX London 2013@irishwonder  Onsite checks:◦  Duplicate content◦  Indexable search results◦  Incorrect or absent robots.txt◦  Insecure plugins◦  Already existing malware  Offsite checks:◦  Bad neighbourhood on the server◦  Weak link profile◦  Obvious paid links◦  Overuse of anchor texts◦  Obvious network setup
  32. 32. @irishwonder SMX London 2013@irishwonder••  Twitter: @irishwonder•  Facebook:•  LinkedIn: am I:•  Independent SEO consultant•  CMO of•  Chief SEO Scientist at