So You Want to Know About AdSense?


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It seems weird to talk about AdSense in 2013 but I've been recently asked to do it and here are my memories of the AdSense days

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So You Want to Know About AdSense?

  1. 1. Google AdSense Hmmmmm…
  2. 2. Some Subtitles This Slide Deck Could Have Had• Reminiscing the Good Old Days• Is It Even Worth the Hassle Now?• In 2013… Seriously?• You Sure It’s AdSense You Want to Hear About? @irishwonder
  3. 3. Steady Decline @irishwonder
  4. 4. Proof? Google Image search for “AdSenseCheque” @irishwonder
  5. 5. A Bit of History• Launched in 2003• By early 2005 AdSense accounted for an estimated 15 percent of Googles total revenues• In 2005 Google starts a dedicated “Inside AdSense” blog (• In 2007 Google introduced changes to AdSense that resulted in many accounts getting suspended @irishwonder
  6. 6. How It Works@irishwonder
  7. 7. Approval@irishwonder
  8. 8. Create Ads@irishwonder
  9. 9. Create AdsPublisher ID is what identifies you as an ad publisher @irishwonder
  10. 10. The Reverse Side…When an advertiser places an ad via AdWords they can select where to place it:Display network = AdSense publishers @irishwonder
  11. 11. Next… Site crawled Mediapartners-Google bot Relevant ads displayedDynamically fetched depending on the site content Visitors click ads Publisher gets profit @irishwonder
  12. 12. Reporting@irishwonder
  13. 13. Payment Methods• Cheque• Wire transferUpon reaching at least $100 during a pay period(Earnings roll over from previous periods) @irishwonder
  14. 14. How Profit Is Shared GoogleAdvertiser CPC Publisher @irishwonder
  15. 15. Some Rules…• You can only have one account• You cannot encourage your visitors to click the ads• You cannot have pages with ads only• There are certain banned topics where ads won’t display (some may even get your account banned) @irishwonder
  16. 16. Some Adverse Effects of AdSense Business Model• MFA sites• Scrapers• AdSense Arbitrage @irishwonder
  17. 17. Was It Profitable? – You Bet!People used to buy houses with money they made via Adsense @irishwonder
  18. 18. The Backlash…2007 AdSense update was not the last thing to hurt publishersGoogle Panda update has hurt sites with heavy ads @irishwonder
  19. 19. Where Did Everyone Go After 2007?• Affiliate marketing• (Less) Other contextual programs (Chitika, Infolinks, Kontera, AdBrite, etc.) @irishwonder
  20. 20. P.S. My Last AdSense Check(For one of my accounts, anyway) @irishwonder
  21. 21. Like me reminiscing the good old days?Feel free to follow me to see what I’m up to today!Me:SEO consultant at, CMO of ContentMango•• Twitter: @irishwonder• Facebook:• LinkedIn: