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All about the Ermioni area, Peloponesse, Greece



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All about the Ermioni area, Peloponesse, Greece

  1. 1. Ermioni village, the Peloponnese, Greece: the perfect break The Peloponnese may be Greece's mythical heart, but a holiday here is not all about the ancients Ignore the islands, turn left at Athens and make the journey that defeated Nero across the dramatic Corinth canal, for it is in the Peloponnese that you will find staggering landscapes, soaring mountains and the mythical heart of Greece. Fill your lungs with the scent of olives, oranges, cypresses and history. The cast of ancient characters is a classicist’s dream – Clytemnestra’s murderous welcome of Agamemnon returning home to Mycenae from the Trojan War; Nestor’s Palace at Pylos, from which Odysseus’s son set out in search of his father; the inspiration for the river Styx and the entrance to Hades. And you don’t have to own a well-thumbed Thucydides to feel a thrill driving through the once-mighty city states of Corinth and Sparta. But it’s not all about the ancients: the Peloponnese today is an un spoilt patchwork of dizzying mountains, deep gorges, green valleys and wild flower meadows.
  2. 2. All about the Ermioni area
  3. 3. Ermioni village Overview Address: Ermioni 21051, Argolis, Peloponnese, Greece Nearby locations: Nafplio town, Hydra island, Spetses Island, Poros island, Mycenae archaeological site, Tiryns, Epidavros ancient theater, Corinth canal. A bit further: Mystras & Sparta, Monemvasia, Olympia, Taigetos & Parnon mountains, Mani peninsular Holiday Home
  4. 4. Where we are: Athens airport to Ermioni Driving time from the airport to Ermioni is 2 ½ hours. The first part is on the new motorway. The second part is through the mountains and pine tree forests. On the way to Ermioni you'll meet the Corinth Canal and the historical site of Epidavros. The alternative route is from Patras port. Driving time is again about 2 ½ hours. Finally, from Piraeus Port, the hydrofoils to Ermioni would take approximately 2 hours via Poros and Hydra islands.
  5. 5. Corinth Canal: for a quick break on the way to Ermioni from the airport
  6. 6. Peaceful surroundings of the Treehouse holiday home
  7. 7. Swimming in Ermioni (Madrakia & Bisti forest) Boat to Hydra island
  8. 8. The view with Hydra island in the horizon
  9. 9. Opposite view with the Treehouse on the top of the hill
  10. 10. Just 200 meters from the Treehouse… for a quick swim from the rocks
  11. 11. South side of the Ermioni peninsular: Madrakia port
  12. 12. The area is more like an island with a huge coast line
  13. 13. Tennis courts just 5 minutes walk from the Treehouse
  14. 14. Ermioni port
  15. 15. The Ermioni peninsular
  16. 16. Madrakia port (south side of Ermioni)
  17. 17. The cave in Kilada village just 10 minutes drive
  18. 18. The cave was occupied from about … 40.000 BC to 3.000 BC …
  19. 19. Nafplio city at night: one hour drive from Ermioni village
  20. 20. The fort above the city
  21. 21. … back to Ermioni
  22. 22. The cave in Didima village
  23. 23. taverna
  24. 24. Local food is based on fish, lemon, olive oil and fresh fruit & vegetables
  25. 25. The monastery opposite Ermioni
  26. 26. The Treehouse & amazing blue sky
  27. 27. Bisti forest at the end of the peninsular
  28. 28. Don’t miss the Thursday open market
  29. 29. Avgo monasteri: difficult to find but worth the views
  30. 30. The main Treehouse apartment
  31. 31. Mycines archeological site
  32. 32. Epidavros ancient theater: must visit
  33. 33. Olive tree: maybe more than 3.000 years old
  34. 34. Olive groves with a view
  35. 35. No comments …
  36. 36. Local pomegranates
  37. 37. Extreme … delicacy
  38. 38. Fresh fruit, vegetables and wild edible plants
  39. 39. Spetses island: easy access from the Treehouse
  40. 40. Hydra island: cosmopolitan
  41. 41. The pomegranate feast in Ermioni (last week of October)
  42. 42. Our own on line map will give you all the ”tips” & information you will need
  43. 43. Reviews click to read all reviews “The Tree House sits atop a hill offering beautiful views of the sea and surrounding hills… The quality of the light is remarkable; and the sea a deep blue that is barely believable… We existed in a bubble of pleasure all the time we were there… We hope to return…” visitor from UK - June 2013
  44. 44. Holiday Home This is a real Greece all year round