Cisco command summary for cisco routers


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Cisco command summary for cisco routers, more details...

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Cisco command summary for cisco routers

  1. 1. Cisco Command Summary for Cisco RoutersCisco Router Configuration Commands - Lists how to enable and disable interfaces,add IP addresses to interfaces, enable RIP or IGRP and set passwords.Cisco Router Show Commands - Handy show commands to check on the status ofinterfaces.Cisco Router Basic Operations - Covers getting into and out of different modes. Also,some handy shortcut keys are included.Cisco Router Copy Commands - How to save and backup your router configurationand IOS file.Cisco Router Debug Commands - Some useful debug commands.Cisco Router Configuration CommandsRequirement Cisco CommandSet a console password to cisco Router(config)#line con 0 Router(config-line)#login Router(config-line)#password ciscoSet a telnet password Router(config)#line vty 0 4 Router(config-line)#login Router(config-line)#password ciscoStop console timing out Router(config)#line con 0 Router(config-line)#exec-timeout 0 0Set the enable password to cisco Router(config)#enable password ciscoSet the enable secret password to peter. Router(config)#enable secret peterThis password overrides the enable password and isencypted within the config fileEnable an interface Router(config-if)#no shutdownTo disable an interface Router(config-if)#shutdownSet the clock rate for a router with a DCE cable to 64K Router(config-if)clock rate 64000Set a logical bandwidth assignment of 64K to the serial Router(config-if)bandwidth 64interface Note that the zeroes are not missingTo add an IP address to a interface Router(config-if)#ipaddr
  2. 2. To enable RIP on all 172.16.x.y interfaces Router(config)#router rip Router(config-router)#network RIP Router(config)#no router ripTo enable IRGP with a AS of 200, to all interfaces Router(config)#router igrp 200 Router(config-router)#network IGRP Router(config)#no router igrp 200Static route the remote network is, with a mask Router(config)#ip route, the next hop is, at a cost of 5 5hopsDisable CDP for the whole router Router(config)#no cdp runEnable CDP for he whole router Router(config)#cdp runDisable CDP on an interface Router(config-if)#no cdp enableCisco Router Show CommandsRequirement Cisco CommandView version information show versionView current configuration (DRAM) show running-configView startup configuration (NVRAM) show startup-configShow IOS file and flash space show flashShows all logs that the router has in its memory show logView the interface status of interface e0 show interface e0Overview all interfaces on the router show ip interfaces briefView type of serial cable on s0 show controllers 0 (note the space between the s and the 0)Display a summary of connected cdp devices show cdp neighbor
  3. 3. Display detailed information on all devices show cdp entry *Display current routing protocols show ip protocolsDisplay IP routing table show ip routeDisplay access lists, this includes the number of show access-listsdisplayed matchesCheck the router can see the ISDN switch show isdn statusCheck a Frame Relay PVC connections show frame-relay pvcshow lmi traffic stats show frame-relay lmiDisplay the frame inverse ARP table show frame-relay mapCisco Router Basic OperationsRequirement Cisco CommandEnable Enter privileged modeReturn to user mode from privileged disableExit Router Logout or exit or quitRecall last command up arrow or <Ctrl-P>Recall next command down arrow or <Ctrl-N>Suspend or abort <Shift> and <Ctrl> and 6 then xRefresh screen output <Ctrl-R>Compleat Command TABCisco Router Copy CommandsRequirement Cisco Command
  4. 4. Save the current configuration from DRAM to copy running-config startup-configNVRAMMerge NVRAM configuration to DRAM copy startup-config running-configCopy DRAM configuration to a TFTP server copy runing-configtftpMerge TFTP configuration with current copy tftpruning-configrouter configuration held in DRAMBackup the IOS onto a TFTP server copy flash tftpUpgrade the router IOS from a TFTP server copy tftp flashCisco Router Debug CommandsRequirement Cisco CommandEnable debug for RIP debug ip ripEnable summary IGRP debug information debug ipigrp eventsEnable detailed IGRP debug information debug ipigrp transactionsDebug IPX RIP debug ipx routing activityDebug IPX SAP debug IPX SAPEnable debug for CHAP or PAP debug ppp authenticationSwitch all debugging off no debug all undebug allMore Cisco Commands Info and Tips:Top Five Cisco IOS Commands Every Network Admin Should KnowHow to Configure IPSEC Encryption with the Cisco IOS?Configuring Local Username Database in Cisco IOS