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Cisco catalyst 6800 switch and friends


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Cisco catalyst 6800 switch and friends

  1. 1. Cisco Catalyst 6800 Switch and FriendsCisco has significantly updated its enterprise network line-up with programmablecampus and branch switches and routers designed to tightly bind applications tonetwork hardware and services. Here’s a look at Cisco’s newest offerings.The Catalyst 6800 is an outgrowth of the ubiquitous – and 10+ year old – Catalyst6500. The 6800 is targeted at programmable campus backbone 10/40/100Gbpsservices. It includes the 7-slot, 11Tbps 6807-XL, the 4.5RU 6880-XL, and the 6800iaaccess switch.The new Supervisor Engine 8E for the Catalyst 4500-E modular access switch includesCisco’s new programmable UADP ASIC for wired and wireless convergence. It isdesigned to unify wired and wireless policies and management. The 8E works withexisting Catalyst 4500-E chassis and line cards, Cisco says.
  2. 2. For large branch deployments, Cisco’s new ISR 4451-AX router features up to 2Gbpsforward performance with native Cisco WAAS-based WAN optimization, and“LAN-like experience” at the branch, Cisco says.The Catalyst 6800 is said to be supervisor and line card compatible with Ciscos 10+year old and ubiquitous Catalyst 6500 campus core switch.
  3. 3. The Catalyst 6800 is expected to compete with HPs 10500 switch, and JunipersEX8200 and EX9200 switches.More Related:Cisco Delivers “Monster” Catalyst Switch, Routers for SDN Environments