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Cisco catalyst 3850 switch converge wired, wireless to build simple, secure, open networks


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Cisco catalyst 3850 switch converge wired, wireless to build simple, secure...

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Cisco catalyst 3850 switch converge wired, wireless to build simple, secure, open networks

  1. 1. Cisco Catalyst 3850 Switch ---Converge Wired, Wireless to Build Simple, Secure, Open Networks Evolving User Workspace–Megatrends Enterprise Wireless Evolution–From Best-Effort to Mission-Critical and Very High Density Performance Protection for your 802.11 WiFi Network. Unified Access–Uncompromised User Experience in Any Workspace
  2. 2. One Network, with Converged Access–A New Deployment Option for Wired/Wireless New Catalyst 3850 Switches-Built on Cisco’s Innovative “UADP” ASIC ---The Intelligent Switch for the World Connected
  3. 3. Network Modular Uplinks and Power Supplies IOS XE Evolution Single Platform for Wired and Wireless
  4. 4. Note:All features may not be available onnew platforms at introduction but areexpected to be added within 12-18 months. Flexible NetFlow for Converged Access Granular QoS for Converged Access
  5. 5. Security-For Converged Access Scalable Multicast Deployments-Achieved via Converged
  6. 6. Hierarchical Bandwidth Management and Fair Sharing Proof: Consistent Qos, FNF, ACL Configs on Wired-Wireless Increased Wireless Bandwidth with Converged Access
  7. 7. Resiliency-StackWise-480 Catalyst 3850, Comparison with 3750X
  8. 8. StackWisePlus vs. StackWise-480 Cisco Catalyst 3750X Switch-StackWise Plus Cisco Catalyst 3850 Switch-StackWise 480 •480 GbpsStacking Throughput •Supports 4 members per stack in the current release & 9 Members in the next release •Active – Standby switch architecture. Supports SSO-NSF redundancy •Control Plane – MAC learning, STP, L3 & CDPCentralized with state sync with Standby •Data Plane – Distributed L2& L3 forwarding •1:1 Statefulcontrol plane Redundancy •All stack members must be at the same license level LAN Base/IP Base/IP Services •No Backward compatibility with StackWisePlus •4 Switches StackPowersupport
  9. 9. Catalyst 3850 Stack vs. Catalyst 6500 StackWise-480-Cable Close-up
  10. 10. Converged Access-Physical Entities-Catalyst 3850 Switch Stack Converged Wired/Wireless Access-Benefits The Full PDF File you can see at: sentation.pdf More Cisco 3850 Info and Topics: Cisco Catalyst 3850 Series- the Industry’s first Fixed, Stackable GE Switch