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Cisco branch routers series network analysis module


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Cisco branch routers series network analysis module

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Cisco branch routers series network analysis module

  1. 1. Cisco Branch Routers Series Network Analysis Module---NME-NAM-120SThe Cisco Branch Routers Series NAM is designed to give you more visibility intoyour network than ever before. It shows you how the network is being used and howyour users experience the services the network offers to help you improve theperformance of your WAN. Because Cisco NAM provides visibility for comprehensiveperformance monitoring and simplified troubleshooting, it is ideally suited fortodays dynamic, evolving enterprises.The innovative design of Cisco NAM combines a rich set of embedded data collectionand analysis capabilities with a remotely accessible, Web-based managementconsole, all of which reside on a single network module.Monitoring WAN usage at the application layerOne of the foundations of Cisco NAM isits ability to look inside the live packet togather information on applications, hosts, and conversations.Applicationmonitoring identifies every application that has consumed bandwidth, reports howmuch bandwidth has been consumed, and detects which hosts are using whichapplications. Host and conversation-pair monitoring provides bandwidthconsumption per host and shows you which hosts are talking to each other alongwith the amount of traffic each host is generating. Monitoring application, hosts, andconversations can help you proactively spot bottlenecks before your network suffersblows to performance and availability. It can also help you improve WAN trafficperformance, since these metrics reveal usage patterns for users as well as for routerand switch, interface, server, and application resources.Improving how users experience application performanceCisco Branch Routers Series NAM provides essential information on applicationperformance as experienced by the clients in branch offices. With Cisco NAMstransaction-aware application response time feature, Cisco NAM can isolateapplication performance problems to the network, the application, or the server.Having these measurements that reflect the users experience of networkperformance helps to quickly identify the source of performance degradation andresolve problems before users even notice.Identifying the opportunity for WAN optimizationCisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) is a powerful application accelerationand WAN optimization solution that facilitates branch office server consolidation,performance improvements for centralized applications and services, and LAN-likeservice levels for remote users by mitigating application and transport latency,improving throughput, and minimizing WAN bandwidth consumption for allTCP-based applications.Simplifying problem detection and resolution
  2. 2. Using Cisco Branch Routers Series NAM, thresholds and alarms can be set on variousnetwork parameters, such as increased utilization, severe application response delays,and voice quality degradation and alerts can be generated on potential problems.When a potential problem is identified, the packet can be automatically capturedand decoded to help resolve the problem before it affects users. Captures can beperformed using a web browser from any desktop, and decodes can be viewedthrough the Traffic Analyzer GUI while the data is still being captured. Cisco NAMscapture and decode capability provides depth and insight into data analysis usingtrigger-based captures, filters, decodes, and a capture analysis toolset to quicklypinpoint and resolve problem areas.The NME-NAM-120S is a NAM model offered for the branch routers. The NAMsoftware runs on the NAM and isdirectly reachable as an end-station and includes itsown SNMP agent, HTTP server and command-line interface (CLI). The NAM softwarecommunicates with the IOS software on the router.Table 1 lists the different NAM models.Note This document specifically addresses the NAM NAM 4.0 software installationand configuration with the NME-NAM-120S, but also supports the NM-NAM,NME-NAM, and the NME-NAM-80S. There are some exceptions noted for NM-NAMcommands.Table 1 Network Analysis ModulesSKU DescriptionNME-NAM-120SNME-NAM-80SSupport branch routers which include the 2800, 2900,3700, 3800, and 3900 series multi-services and integratedservices routersNM-NAM Supports branch routers which include the 2600XM, 2800,3660, 3700, and 3800 series multi-services and integratedservices routersWS-SVC-NAM-1 Support the Cisco Catalyst 6500 switches and Cisco 7600routersWS-SVC-NAM-2WS-SVC-NAM-1-250SWS-SVC-NAM-1-250SSupported Branch RoutersThe NME-NAM-120S (and NME-NAM-80S) can be deployed in any network moduleslot in the Cisco router platforms listed in Table 2. A Network Module (NM) AdapterCard, SM-NM-ADPTR, is required to successfully integrate the NME-NAM intosupported ISR G2 platforms. The NME-NAM supports the router platforms with NAMsoftware version 3.6 or later. Only one Cisco NAM can be installed in a Cisco branch
  3. 3. router.Table 2 NME-NAM Supported Router PlatformsRouter Platform IOS Version (Minimum) NM Adapter Card Required?Cisco 3945 ISR Cisco IOS 15.0(1)M YesCisco 3925 ISR Cisco IOS 15.0(1)MCisco 2951 ISR Cisco IOS 15.0(1)MCisco 2921 ISR Cisco IOS 15.0(1)MCisco 2911 ISR Cisco IOS 15.0(1)MCisco 3845 ISR Cisco IOS 12.4(9)T NoCisco 3825 ISR Cisco IOS 12.4(9)TCisco 2851 ISR Cisco IOS 12.4(9)TCisco 2821 ISR Cisco IOS 12.4(9)TCisco 2811 ISR Cisco IOS 12.4(9)TCisco 3745 MSR Cisco IOS 12.4(9)TCisco 3725 MSR Cisco IOS 12.4(9)TNote The NM-NAM is not supported on ISR G2 platforms.To determine which IOS release your router is currently running, examine the outputof the show version command.More Cisco Branch Routers Series Network Analysis Module (NME-NAM-120S)Installation and Configuration Note, 4.0Visit: Cisco Products you can buy at Switch RecommendationSave on Select Cisco 2960S, Catalyst 3560G, Catalyst 3560V2, Catalyst 3560E,Catalyst 3560X, Cisco 3750X Switches.