10 social crm tools to help you keep tabs on your customers


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10 social crm tools to help you keep tabs on your customers

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10 social crm tools to help you keep tabs on your customers

  1. 1. 10 Social CRM Tools to Help You Keep Tabs on Your CustomersThese 10 social customer relationship management(CRM) applications can help yourorganization monitor, manage and respond to what your customers are saying aboutyou on popular social media sites (and elsewhere).Overview on 10 Social CRM ToolsBatchbook from BatchBlueBatchBlues Batchbook helps smaller organizations develop more meaningfulrelationships with their best customers. With Batchbook you can easily create acustomer relationship history, track conversations that happen where they takeplace--in person, via email or on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The software makesit easy for users to retweet, reply to or save a tweet as a communication; post toFacebook walls and add friends; and pull in RSS feeds from blogs and social sites likePinterest and YouTube. Batchbook also allows you to record information aboutcustomers and create to-do items that are tied to specific people.Jive Engage Platform http://blog.router-switch.com/
  2. 2. Jive Softwares Jive Engage Platform brings social collaboration technology to theenterprise. Jives cloud-based service allows enterprise users to create viralcommunities that connect employees, customers and partners via social media,creating new opportunities for internal collaboration, customer care, socialmarketing and sales. Using Jives social CRM platform, modules and apps,organizations can interact with customers on Facebook, Twitter and other socialnetworking sites.Lithium Social Customer Suite http://blog.router-switch.com/
  3. 3. Lithium Technologies Social Customer Suite was designed to help companiesimprove customer engagement. The suite is made up of four components: theCommunity Platform, LevelUp for Facebook, Social Media Monitoring and theCustomer Intelligence Center. The Community Platform uses social conversations toturn customers into extensions of the companys workforce. LevelUp for Facebookallows organizations to transform Facebook fan pages into communities wherecustomers can answer questions, share ideas and write product reviews. With SocialMedia Monitoring, businesses can analyze and monitor conversations taking placeacross various social channels. With the Customer Intelligence Center, Lithium SocialCustomer Suite, customers can measure social program performance and identifyinfluencers and brand advocates.Note:What’s Your Habit While Shopping or Shopping Online?Meltwater Buzz Engage Module http://blog.router-switch.com/
  4. 4. The Meltwater Buzz Engage Module is a social CRM application that blends socialanalytics, CRM and digital marketing to provide a comprehensive social engagementtool for businesses, brands and agencies. With the Engage Module, organizations candiscover relevant conversations happening real-time on social media sites, interactwith current and prospective customers across their preferred channels and managetheir social media presence. And, unlike some other social CRM solutions, Engagefocuses on specific individuals within a community rather than on a generic topic.Mzinga OmniSocial http://blog.router-switch.com/
  5. 5. OmniSocial, from Mzinga, is an enterprise-class, cloud-based, SaaS social businesssoftware suite that helps organizations create, design and manage social andknowledge-sharing experiences. OmniSocial helps companies interact withcustomers via online discussions, blogs, chat, and social media sites. It has advancedcontent moderation features, so users can keep conversations on topic, and apowerful analytics platform for tracking results against business goals. CurrentlyMzinga supports more than 15,000 communities and 2.5 billion monthly pagerequests from 40 million unique visitors in 160 countries worldwide.Spaces by Moxie Software http://blog.router-switch.com/
  6. 6. Spaces by Moxie is a customer-centric, enterprise social software suite that allowsemployees, customers and partners to share knowledge and collaborate across socialchannels. The two key components of Spaces by Moxie are Expert Connect andSpaces Connect. Expert Connect is a cross-departmental collaboration tool forCustomer Service and Support, IT, HR and sales and marketing, which ensuresaccurate and efficient customer communications across channels -- e.g., email,community, chat, social media (Facebook, Twitter). Spaces Connect is acomprehensive integration framework with secure APIs and pre-built connectors,which allows business customers to integrate Spaces by Moxie with their existingCRM, ERP, content management, HR and other third-party applications.Nimble http://blog.router-switch.com/
  7. 7. Nimble helps organizations build better relationships with their customers byintegrating and unifying all points of contact and social communication. Nimbleimports, merges and unifies contacts, calendars and communications from Google,IMAP, Skype and social networks like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. This enablesusers to have one place to read and respond to communications. Nimble alsoautomatically searches social media sites, identifying relevant connections andranking them in relevance. Once key information is identified, users can share thatdata with those who need it most. In addition, Nimbles API allows users to createtheir own social CRM widgets.Oracle RightNow Social Experience http://blog.router-switch.com/
  8. 8. Oracle RightNow Social Experience is a comprehensive social CRM solution forenterprises. A set of cloud-based applications, Oracle Right Now Social Experiencegives organizations the tools they need to interact with customers across socialmedia channels, as well as monitor what is being said about them online.Salesforce Radian6 http://blog.router-switch.com/
  9. 9. Salesforce Radian6 allows organizations to listen to what people are saying abouttheir brand, company, competition and industry across the social Web -- as well astrack and react to comments, questions and complaints as they happen.SugarCRMSugarCRM is an open-source solution with social CRM built in, so organizations canintegrate their social media feeds with their email marketing for online collaboration,document sharing and sales intelligence from the get-go. With Sugar Social CRM,users can read tweets of people they follow in the Activity Streams dashlet. They canread and respond to Facebook friends news feeds, get up-to-date information oncustomers and prospects via the InsideView module. And if organizations want orneed to create additional functionality or social CRM applications, they can do sousing Sugar Studio, Sugar Cloud Connectors and Module Builder.---Original reading and CRM Apps Pricing info you can see at pcworld.comMore Network News and Tips:Types of NetworksFifteen More Useful Cisco Sites to Know Cisco WellEight Commands on a Cisco ASA Security Appliance You Should Know http://blog.router-switch.com/