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творческая работа по английскому языку готовый вид


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Travel
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творческая работа по английскому языку готовый вид

  1. 1. Design work on English language on a theme: <br />Liverpool<br />
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Liverpool<br />Liverpool - a city to England, an administrative centre of a county Merseyside. About 439 thousand inhabitants. Port at a confluence of Irish sea, for a long time - the largest port of the Great Britain (the second after London), from here went once the ships with immigrants in New Light (the exposition tells about it in the Sea museum Merseyside), serves all Great Britain on import of a clap, grain, a wool, rubber, possesses huge floating docks. Large industrial centre: shipbuilding and ship repair, auto-and aircraft engineering, electrotechnical, chemical, paper, the food-processing industry. Share and commodity stock exchanges.<br />
  4. 4. The Liverpool auctions<br />The port Liverpool is based in 1207 by order of king John Bezzemelnogo who undertook the next attempts to win Ireland. By order of the king the weekly auctions (this right was granted at all to all cities so the big fair began to involve the neighbouring population) also have been founded. Gradually Liverpool fair became the largest in Northern England. On a charter 1229 special rights have been given the Liverpool merchant class.<br />Nevertheless, the majority of townspeople in the Middle Ages was made by farmers and fishermen. Ireland was the largest trading partner of a city, skin and a wool (and there - iron and other production of metallurgy) whence were delivered. Through Liverpool to Britain French wines also were delivered. <br />
  5. 5. City development<br />Main role in development of Liverpool colonial acquisitions in the North America and West Indies have played. The city began to grow quickly. Throughout the history the city was constantly reconstructed, therefore few ancient buildings here have remained. The city town hall built up anew everyone some tens years. Not to stir to city growth, the city lock has been taken down. In 1715 the first dock has been constructed. On a crest of Industrial revolution the city became the third on size port of England after London and Bristol. Through it production of Manchester was taken out. The leading place occupied shipbuilding. In the beginning. XVIII century fashionable there are sea bathings for which territories in the city northwest are taken away. To sulfurs. XIX century Liverpool became the port of Britain second for a turn. In 1894 the channel which has connected it with Manchester has been dug. In 1849 the philharmonic society building is constructed, in 1852 the Central library is opened. In 1898 the tram line is opened. During the Second World War the city was exposed to bombardments, there were destructions.<br />
  6. 6. Sights<br />In a southern part of a city the attention involves a cathedral with more than 100-metre belltower, and also a Catholic cathedral the Underground combining elements futuristic styles (it is finished in 1967). In a city the branch of London gallery Tejt, Walker&apos;s picture gallery is located. Liverpool - the native land legendary «the Liverpool four» - participants of &quot;Beatles&quot;. <br />
  7. 7. It is a little about Beatles<br />Beatles, an English rock group. It has been formed in Liverpool in 1959. The group has brought the considerable contribution to rock music development, having caused its transition from tantsevalno-entertaining in art sphere.<br />The future participants of legendary group were born and have grown in Liverpool where in the late fifties influence of the American popular music hardly probable was not stronger, than in capital of the Great Britain.<br />The group has received name The Silver Beetles («Серебренные жуки»). Further the word silver has been lowered from the name, and Beetles has been changed by Lennon on Beatles. In 1960 The Beatles make the first trips to Hamburg where with success act in the local beer. In the beginning 1961 Lennon with the group debuts in club &quot;Cavity&quot; in native Liverpool and for two years gives there more than 300 concerts. <br />
  8. 8. Sports<br />In Liverpool is available 2 professional soccer teams acting in prime minister-league: Liverpool and an Everton. Liverpool is based on stadium &quot;Enfield&quot; located in 3 kilometers from city centre and containing 45,5 thousand of persons, and an Everton at stadium “Gudison Park&quot;, containing 40,5 thousand spectators.From basketball commands of the strongest is Everton Tigers.Also in a city there is some Rugby football of commands. <br />
  9. 9. Transport<br />The basic transport knots are the airport, railway station and port. The airport is in 12 km on the southeast from city centre. It is connected with Liverpool and other cities bus service. Railway station Liverpool Lime Street is constructed in August, 1836. Connects a city a railway communication with all large cities. The Liverpool port is also very important transport knot of a city. In 2004 of its services have taken advantage more than 700 thousand persons, it has been transported more than 616 thousand containers and 32 million tons of cargo. For a year the Liverpool port passes about 15000 ships. Very widespread a taxi.<br />
  10. 10.
  11. 11. The port was built In what year?<br />When was built railway station?<br />In 1207<br />At August 1836<br />What is identified the railway station which was <br />built in 1836?<br />What is identified the stage on which is drilled soccer command «Everton»?<br />LiverpoolLimeStreet<br />&quot;Gudison Park&quot;<br />Where there is Liverpool?<br />What is identified the stage on which is drilled soccer command «Liverpool»?<br />In an administrative centre Merseyside.<br />&quot;Enfild&quot;<br />How many concerts group Beatles for first two years has given?<br />How much people lives in Liverpool?<br />300<br />Beside 439 thousand<br />What group was motivated in this city?<br />Beatles<br />When was built first dock? <br />In 1715<br />
  12. 12. Goodbye!<br />Work the pupil has executed 5-3 classes <br />KhassanovVitaliy<br />