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  • For almost 4 years I work as a web developer for Stanford law school. Today I will show how we are using drupal to transform legal legal education @ stanford, how drupal helps us to deliver more with less to, faculty, to students, staff and alumni and general public Presentation is targeted both for Web leaders, that are looking use cases of drupal the higher education improve efficiency of their departments/schools/universities Drupal developers looking at use of Drupal capabilities to build both custom and standard sites.
  • Before going into specific uses of Drupal @ sls I want to talk about webscape at standford Critical mass of users/editors I will not be talking about social media aspect of the web in this presentation. Innovations in year 2010 or 2011 is common practice in 2012 Better understanding that drupal is your friend and a great tool
  • Use drupal on law servers and on afs
  • How web technologies improve efficiency of higher education Provide better communication and collaboration tools (department sites, blogs, etc.) Deliver more efficient tools for research Online classes – developing trend Present information in the new format / from the new perspective Improve efficiency of administrative operations
  • True migration – no new features
  • Interdisciplinary project Proof of concept that drupal can handle much more than departmental site
  • Drupal brought together all these departments, promotes collaboration and improves workflow, operations etc.
  • Drupal atsls what-next-bad_camp-2012

    2. 2. Webscape @ Stanford in 2012 Most school sites are on Drupal  Graduate School of Business  Stanford Law School  Stanford University Libraries  School of Engineering  School of Earth Sciences  School of Education  Office of Registrar Rapid growth of Drupal users (= Drupal editors) Users include more and more faculty and students Stanford ITS / Web Services provide one-click Drupal install and sites.stanford.edu 2
    3. 3. Drupal @ SLS Drupal was first accepted by SLS in 2009 Sites as of 2010  Admitted Students  Reunion Classbook  SLS Navigator, Curriculum & Career Guide, https://slsnavigator.law.stanford.edu/ New sites  Main school site - Law.stanford.edu  Office of Facilities – custom forms Forms.law.stanford.edu  Faculty Research - http://globalclassactions.stanford.edu/  Other sites in development  Student journals - http://www.stanfordlawreview.org/  Conference papers library  Considering COD distribution for conferences 3
    4. 4. Drupal = Efficiency :: Do More with Less 4
    5. 5. Law.stanford.edu on Drupal Migration completed in summer of 2012  Preserved feel and look of existing site  Preserved functionality from the old CMS  Events workflow  Integration of social media  20K nodes  Information organized in 23 Content types  Over 50 views and over 100 template files  New: Feeds to import and auto update course information Concern: How will SLS staff respond to new responsibility of content management? 5
    6. 6. Maintenance Development Wishlist Hosted on law school  New Features server  Responsive theming  Biblio module for library Prod/stage/dev with automated updates via  Discussing upgrade to script D7 or D8 Security updates Code maintenance / git 6
    7. 7. 4 months after launch User training (~ 160 Individual and ~25 group accounts ) Defining user roles (20 user roles now) Giving more permissions Improving user experience (customized admin views for each role on dashboard) User notifications using mass contact module Improving workflows Content cleanup 404 errors analysis using Google Webmasters Error log Apache redirects Performance (varnish, etc.) 7
    8. 8. User Management Individual accounts  Created automatically via Webauth standard Stanford login module  Events management  Bio updates Group accounts (aka local Drupal accounts)  Created by webteam  Organizations pages 8
    9. 9. /User/ page is prime real estate 9
    10. 10. UX improvements: Dashboard = /user 10
    11. 11. Login page for webauth and local accounts 11
    12. 12. UX improvements: Dashboard = /user 12
    13. 13. “All Content” bulk operations view with variety offilters for Super Admin 13
    14. 14. Custom views for different Roles 14
    15. 15. Color coded buttons for standard Rubik 15
    16. 16. Code snippets to share A view used as A view used as an exposed an exposed Admin theme for /user page filter filter Use a view as a filter for another view View with Filters View with Filters 16
    17. 17. Problems to solve – menu links Make links to pages with restricted access visible in menus User with access User with no access Menu Menu Text block Text block used as used as menu menu 17
    18. 18. Problems to solve – blocks management Content type to emulate blocks with better management schema 18
    19. 19. SLS Navigator https://slsnavigator.law.stanford.edu/ Curriculum & Career Guide Marriage of faculty domain knowledge and advanced web technology Shows relevancy of an item (course, clinic, or resource) for selected carrier path Imports course information about all courses in the University from Registrar’s office into local Drupal installation 19
    20. 20. List courses and clinics for a path 20
    21. 21. Course information in context of career path 21
    22. 22. Stanford Import Course Module Result of year long project and ongoing collaboration between SLS and Registrar’s office Source of info http://explorecourses.stanford.edu Eliminates duplication of data entry by importing all course information from a single source to all systems 22
    23. 23. Consistent Information about LAW Courses SLSNavigator - Course Relevance to a career path (Office of Career Services) Lawreg.stanford.edu - Course schedules (Office of Registrar) Course evaluations @ Law.stanford.edu (Office of Student Affairs and faculty Support, University Evaluations system) Courses @ Law.stanford.edu – information for prospective students and general public 23
    24. 24. Stanford Drupal Camp – April 5-6https://drupalcamp.stanford.edu/ 24
    25. 25. Thank You 25