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Irina Tone Miami Ad School Portfolio 2009


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I graduated from Miami Ad School's Boot Camp for Account Planners in 2009 and this is my planning book and a sample of how I think about brands, consumers and culture.

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Irina Tone Miami Ad School Portfolio 2009

  1. 1. Peek Inside Irina Tone Account Planner
  2. 2. even I am a though planner I spent 4 years studying the antithesis of Advertising: Because looking at soccer fans cheering on a stadium will always be more Philosophy fascinating than watching Nike ads. I fell in love with writing and became a Because living in too many places gave me an insider’s eye but an outsider’s Copywriter perspective. I think reading Dostoyevsky is more insightful on Because my curiosity nearly killed me when I was 7 and I gulped gasoline human nature than a hundred consumer research from my dad’s canister, to see if I could run faster. projects I sometimes trust my gut more than my reason, so I Because I can imagine a world without ads but not without The New Yorker, left everything in Romania and moved to America Isabel Allende or Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I’m 60% left brain Because I think our habit of standing on our feet is the biggest obstacle in seeing things differently. The following is an account of how Miami Ad School helped me think like a planner. 2
  3. 3. A Case of Brand Anemia Patient: The Vitamin Shoppe Account Planners Art Director Irina Tone Miranda Peterson Pamela Gant Copywriter Julio Aenlle 3
  4. 4. Task: Position the brand in order to attract a young female target. OBJECTIVE Step 2: Find the enemy. Drive young, wellness-minded women to the stores THE ‘BIG AISLES’ The VS’s real competition are not other retail chains, e.g. GNC, but the BIG AISLES: wholesale stores, supercenters, and drugstores. Checking out the store and talking to In this case, the VS needs to give ‘grocery shoppers’ a strong enough women there gave us a clear sense of reason to go there and to fulfill a need that the ‘big aisles’ don’t. the problem... A SCHIZOPHRENIC SITUATION Step 3: Digging for insights The Vitamin Shoppe is caught between the ‘muscle-milk’ male- Finally, finding them on the health section targeted market and wellness-minded women who shop there for vitamins, but don’t feel they belong to that 110% of Yahoo Answers. Women ask masculine store environment. complicated questions on health issues. Their posts clearly show they are health- savvy above the average, but still, they are Step 1: Looking at the industry to looking for validation. confirm a hunch:’grocery shoppers’. INSIGHT GROCERIES HOLD THE BIGGEST SHARE OF HEALTH ALWAYS LOOKING FOR A SECOND OPINION WHEN IT Groceries and supermarkets account for 70% of the COMES TO HEALTH ISSUES. vitamin sales. A two-fold explanation: first, people look for Shoppers are supersavvy and know what supplements to buy convenience, and second, because vitamins are a before they go in the store, because they’ve done their research, commodity product, there’s no brand loyalty at the but they need a second credible source to assure them. purchase moment. + the third one... Talking to women in stores, we found out that our ‘grocery STRATEGY shoppers’ don’t see any value in going to specialized EVEN EINSTEIN WOULD ASK US QUESTIONS. vitamin stores, because they feel that sales associates there Creating a strong differentiator for VS which no one in the don’t know what to recommend anyway. market owns now: being the knowledgeable health advice source at the moment of purchase. 4
  5. 5. Creative Brief Why are we advertising? Drive new customers to The Vitamin Shoppe store and existing customers more often. Whom are we talking to? 25-55 year-old women, health savvy, informed and who take care of themselves. RS C TO They are health mavens, who get their health-related information from their doctors and third-party sources DO DIY (magazines, peers, online health portals). But, they are looking for a second credible source to validate what they know. What do they currently think? ‘I don’t really care where I buy my vitamins, because people there don’t know what I need anyway.’ What do we want them to think? ‘The Vitamin Shoppe is my doctor’s “supplement”. What is the single most persuasive idea that we can convey? EVEN EINSTEIN WOULD ASK US QUESTIONS. Why should they believe it? - The Vitamin Shoppe Sales Associates undergo training focused on health conditions (“The Vitamin Shoppe University”) and not products. - Education is continuous: Sales Associates need to pass an internal exam every month. Tone Smart and fun. Creative guidelines Website redesign a must (the site is disconnected from the philosophy of the store display that is focused on health needs, and not products). 5
  6. 6. The idea behind this concept was to give our audience instant gratification. If they’re looking for answers everywhere, then why not give them on the spot? Instead of just another campaign saying something, why not exchange something valuable to them for interaction? CREATIVE CONCEPT INCREASE YOUR VI-Q 6
  7. 7. OSKS CTI VE KI INTERA Placed in malls and trafficked areas, inviting women to find out their health index, and what vitamins and supplements help relief pains and aches. How it works? The touch-screen captures the body silhouette and people can target a body area on the screen. Next, a recommendation for a supplement vitamin and a medical explanation of how that supplement works would appear on the screen. VI-Q TESTS IN-STORE Interactive displays placed in stores to test your Vitamin IQ. 7
  8. 8. PRINT Magazine prints with an interactive feature: peel-off stickers that can be placed on the silhouette on the print, to show the areas with problems. The call-to-action on the print encourages people to bring the print to the store, for a personalized supplement plan. 8
  9. 9. EDESIGN W EB SITE R The current website is a mess, but in spite of that, people join the community section of the site to ask questions and to get recommendations. This was an insight into their desire for information and interaction. So, we wanted 2 things: 1. Build the navigation on body needs, not products. People want to solve their body problems, not look for products. This also matches the store’s display philosophy, focused on body conditions. 2. Give as much practical information around those body issues as possible, to engage users and exchange value for them to return. N LICATIO DAR APP CALEN V-ICAL The app syncs with the Outlook calendar or iCal to give supplement recommendations based on what the body needs in each season, store offers...and a few extras. 9
  10. 10. 10
  11. 11. This was our REAL Pitch presented to the client Task: Develop a fully integrated campaign that changes the perception that is “just the newspaper on the web to a fully multimedia and interactive news and information platform. Next, we looked at the traffic to see OBJECTIVE what readers were doing... Increase traffic and time spent on the website. THE UNTAPPED CONTENT Business Objective Only 20% of traffic goes to the vertical content on the More eye-balls to generate more ad revenue site. Even the traffic is a replica of the way a paper is read. Step 1: Headache. What is NOT wrong? WHAT IF WE COULD TURN IT AROUND? And engage more users with the vertical sections: culture, politics, economical, fashion, social, ar ts, THE PROBLEM enter tainment. And make NYT a hub of rich The twin on the web is struggling to change his identity , but information and not “the paper.” he’s dressed the same, he looks the same, he is called the same. Acts the same. And we are told in the client briefing we can’t change anything. The interactive and multimedia platform Understanding why people scavenge positioning sounded like “the emperor’s new clothes” story. for stories Everybody sees them, but are they really... INSIGHT YOU’RE ONLY AS INTERESTING AS THE STORIES YOU When it’s such a mess, only the evangelists HAVE can help... The core audience we wanted to target was the young, social, digital native, curious intellectual. He wants genuine experiences that enrich and deliver depth and create social THE SHARE OF MIND currency. Among news sites and news aggregators, holds the biggest share of eyes. But, talking to NYT hardcore users, it was clear that what drives them is self-enrichment and not transactional headline skimming, like on the other sites. In other words, the online share of minds belongs to STRATEGY NYTIMES.COM HELPS YOU MAKE YOUR OWN STORIES. 11
  12. 12. Creative Brief Why are we advertising? Change the perception of the of the is just “the newspaper on the web” by making the the online destination for rich content on various topics, and not just the news. Whom are we talking to? Male/Female, 25+, Hardcore Internet user, undergraduate degree 43.2 MM S ER Young, curious intellectuals, avidly looking for everyday discoveries: a new Taschen catalogue on architecture, Lars von Trier’s latest EK SE movie, the newest gadget, a gallery opening, the new bar around the corner or a documentary on the genocide in Sudan. CE N TA They are looking for stories and experiences that enrich their lives. Stories communicated through conversations, blogs, articles, a BS photographer’s lenses, a musician’s lyrics. SU What do they currently think? I go to the Times when major crisis happen, but I don’t go often because they’re mainly for news. What do we want them to think? The is a hub that connects me to the new world of politics, culture, technology, entertainment, and social. What is the single most persuasive idea that we can convey? NYTIMES.COM HELPS YOU MAKE YOUR OWN STORIES. Why should they believe it? is a rich information platform that covers everything from fashion, politics, arts and economy to International topics. Tone Clever. 12
  13. 13. 6 What if everything we know is 6 degrees away from anything we could ever know The six degrees of separation theory was the idea behind our creative concept. We wanted to find a clever way to bring to life 2 things: 1 the fact that you can find so much different stories, pictures, videos on the verticals of the, that you could literally connect them and build something new out of that. 2 the way our audience scavenges the world for new stories: through discoveries. 13
  14. 14. PRINT Print campaign that makes connections between different things, for example, Obama and the Oscars, through articles from different sections of the site: /movies /blog /arts /business /politics The idea is to stress that the content on the website goes beyond the paper’s. 14
  15. 15. DIGITAL BILLBOARDS The billboards change everyday to show interconnected subjects, for example: NFL and FDA. 15
  16. 16. VISUAL MEDIA TOOL The tool illustrates visually the 6 degrees of separation idea, showing interrelated multimedia content and articles from on the searched subject, Obama, for instance. It uses the same technology like the Visual Thesaurus. 16
  17. 17. DESKTOP APPLICATION An application that pulls images from and displays them on the desktop, linking them to the articles or multimedia content online. 17
  18. 18. Account Planners Irina Tone Pamela Gant A Recipe For Campbell’s Art Director Miranda Pete rson Soupremacy Copywriter Julio Aenlle 18
  19. 19. Task: Expand Campbell’s soup empire. Step 2: The way to the brand strategy OBJECTIVE Glamourizing a ‘staple brand. Increase sales for Campbell’s entire soup family. REMOVING THE ‘RICE AND BEANS’ STIGMA The general consensus is that saving money is smart, but not 1, 2, 3 GO when it comes to food. Stats confirmed it: recession in the picture, but food spending hasn’t declined in 2008. From a habit of checking the stocks more Everyone thinks that cheap food means LESS. Less nutritious, often than the email, we found our first of less quality and less tasty. People will cut back on everything lead: Campbell’s had been the only one else( movies, clothes, before they will buy generic store brands among the Fortune 500 whose stocks or staple food. For many people, soup-in-can is the ‘last resort hadn’t the past months.. meal’. THE BIGGER PICTURE Everyone we talked to was Campbell’s rise in sales in the past quarter due to the bad economy shows that recession-proof eating is having a big embarrassed to say it... impact on the food industry. INSIGHT NOBODY WANTS TO DRESS, FEEL AND... EAT LIKE A ‘LOSER’. People are comfortable with the idea of cutting back on food Step 1: What makes sense in terms of only if they feel they’re doing the smart thing and it doesn’t business: conquer new territory. make them feel like they’ve given up on their standards of living. The human need for self-esteem is essential. BUILD SOUPREMACY With a 7 to 1 market share versus General Mill’s soup brand, growth doesn’t come from the competitor’s pockets. But, given the shift in spending habits due to the economy, Campbell’s has a chance to steal share from eating out and all other low-cost meal options: fast-food, Mac&Cheese, Lean Cuisine meals. STRATEGY CAMPBELL’S IS FRUGAL CHIC 19
  20. 20. Creative Brief Why are we advertising? Create appeal for Campbell’s soup among light soup consumers. Whom are we talking to? Young Aspiring Cosmopolitan Women ISTAS SS ION Andrea is a 27-year-old Account Executive. She was accomplished and successful until she was laid-off, due to the E REC economic downturn. Now she is struggling with the economic challenges, but she hasn’t given up on life’s pleasures. To strengthen her budget, she curtailed her love for dining out, and she is now spending more time in the kitchen. She is a New Kitchen Convert. She realizes that when the economy rebounds, she will not want to go back to the prodigal lifestyle, because she’s become the savvy recessionista. What do they currently think? Soup in a can is for people who have no other choice. It’s ‘rice and beans’. What do we want them to think? Campbell’s Soup is a nutritious meal. What is the single most persuasive idea that we can convey? CAMPBELL’S IS FRUGAL CHIC. Why should they believe it? Campbell soup is nutritious, inexpensive and comes in lots of ‘styles’. Tone Upbeat, optimistic, CHIC. 20
  21. 21. Admit it. It happened to you too... Campbell’s was our first brief working together in a new team. Although the team’s excitement was palpable after the brief, the creative for Campbell’s had nothing to do with the strategy. It was about being warm in a cold economy. No need to go on. We tried resuscitating the strategy, making a little Frankenstein baby, but nobody was happy with the creative concept either. After seeing the creative in the book, 2 uberminds of Planning went more or less like “what was that”, so I decided I wasn’t going to make the third one ask the same. Note to self : don’t worry about hurting the creatives’ feelings. They will survive. You too. And they will still love you if you take them to beer after. 21
  22. 22. 954 274 0071 Irina Tone: My Life MAP Find out more about me: education, work and life story BARCELONA, Spain MIAMI, US B.A. Philosophy 2006 University of Barcelona Digital Strategist April 08 - Dec 08 Agency:McCann Worldgroup Miami After 4 years of hardcore readings, brain-wrecking Logics, and a passion for Philosophical questions that will last a lifetime, I Nurtured my passion for interactive and planning, graduate and leave one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. working on GM’s brands in the LAAM region (Latin Going back home for the next adventure. Am, Africa and ME) Developed digital channel strategy and digital customer experiences for the Chevrolet brand. BUCHAREST, Romania Jr. Copywriter and Strategy Planner 2006-07 Agency: Kinecto Interactive My next adventure My Planning journey started here, migrating from Copywriting. ? Started building strategy muscles on digital campaigns for L’Oreal, Renault, Lipton, City Bank, Bayer, Colliers. MIAMI BEACH, US Miami Ad School Jan 09-March 09 Account Planning Boot Camp Accomplished one of my dreams of learning here from the uberminds of Planning. 22