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Gifts from the Superheroes!


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Our new task in Stanford Technology Entrepreneurship course was to turn that "worst" idea into something promising and make a short 2-3 minute "commercial" for this startup idea, advertising the product or service and making it sound good. We choose Santa Service idea and developed it into Gifts from the Superheroes idea! So, enjoy!

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Gifts from the Superheroes!

  1. 1. From “Santa Service” to“Gifts from the Superheroes” •Ira Solovyova •Dmitra Kyianytsia •Alexander Zezulinsky Stanford 2012, Technology Entrepreneurship Intelliart team presents
  2. 2. What was the idea? Starting point: Santa Service What does What does itSanta Service achieve? provide? It helps kids toA gift shop where realize theiryou send wishes to wishes, write to Santa and we Santa and see himdeliver gifts right to at home. the door.
  3. 3. 1 look st
  4. 4. How did we change the idea? Gifts from the Superheroes, a new way of delivery What does it achieve? Our service creates relations with customers by providing excellent customer emotions via creative way of congratulations
  5. 5. How did we change the idea? Gifts from the Superheroes, a new way of delivery What does Gifts from Superheroes provide? It’s web delivery service. Let your lovely Hero congrats you!
  6. 6. Gifts from the Superheroes Key Features Create gifts and Favorite heroes can heroes wish-list congratulate you in online Skype or in real lifeLarge base of heroes:Santa, Batman, Spider man, X-men or Cat lady… Service isn’t only for kids! Everybody has the Hero!
  7. 7. Gifts from the Superheroes Customer segment Corporate segments: congratulate your boss or employee in a new wayAll people wholoves Holidays, presents, and Heroes!
  8. 8. Gifts from the Superheroes How it works? Looking for a non- Choose the present standard way of & way of greeting greeting? We congratulate by Skype or in real Discover a huge base life of HEROES at our web GET your presentChoose way of delivery
  9. 9. Commercial part
  10. 10. THANK YOUStanford 2012, Technology Entrepreneurship Intelliart team presents