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FSW 1 Year Anniversary


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Free Spirits Wellness

Published in: Health & Medicine
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FSW 1 Year Anniversary

  1. 1. You are invited to 1 Year Anniversary
  2. 2. This Wednesday Nov. 14OPEN HOUSE from 2 to 6 FREE EVEN T
  3. 3. Stop by for Tea TastingHourly Prize Draws &Christmas Gift Ideas!
  4. 4. Meet the practitioners &win one of the many prizes :
  5. 5. An Herbalist Consultation with Marius Benedict
  6. 6. A Goal-Setting Session with Irina Benedict
  7. 7. A Reading with Carole
  8. 8. Hypnosis CDs byJackie Hofmann
  9. 9. Art Cardsby Mary An
  10. 10. Aromatherapy Perfumesby Julie Allan
  11. 11. Books andCrystals
  12. 12. November 14th1041 2nd Avenue EastDowntown Owen Sound, justdown from The Painted Wardrobe There are renovations on the outside look for balloons on sandwich board