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Irina Kogan Resume


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Irina Kogan Resume

  1. 1. I R I N A KO G A N 10 Northtown Way #1403, Toronto, ON, Canada, M2N 7L4 Email:  Phone: (416) 707-9609 OBJECTIVE Seeking a position in the computing field that is commensurate with my qualifications. Preferences: Java / XML software development, work in the area of databases. PROFILE Internationally acclaimed and accomplished professional software engineer and developer with a superior record of implementing cost-effective and scalable advanced technology and business solutions to meet a diversity of needs.  Over 10 years of object-oriented design and programming experience (mainly in Java) and of working with different database systems (mainly with DB2)  7 years of experience with XML and XML-related technologies and tools  7 years of experience of working in the multinational corporations (Siemens, IBM) and with the well-known clients (Intel, Altova, DaimlerChrysler, 1C, universities world-wide)  Master’s degree in Computer Science, with the focus on databases  IBM certifications in DB2: DB Associate, DB Administrator, Application Developer  Very good analytical skills, strong attention to detail, flexible problem solving approach  Excellent communication skills and customer relationships  Equally strong as a reliable team player and as an independent performer  Proactive, self-motivated, result-oriented, hardworking, fast learner, well-organized TECHNOLOGIES BRIEF  Languages: Java (JDK 1.5, including JDBC / JCC, Swing, J2D, JAI), static / dynamic SQL, PL/SQL, SQL/XML, XQuery, XQUpdate, Perl, Unix Shell Scripting (sh / ksh), C/C++, CLI / ODBC  Database Systems: DB2 9.7, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL  XML Tools and Technologies: XML, XPath, XSLT, Xerces, XMLSpy and other Altova tools  Modeling Tools: BON, ER, UML  Performance Analysis Tools: Eclipse Profiler plugin, tprof / oprof, iostat / vmstat, CLI trace, DB2 tools (snapshot monitor, event monitor, db2expln / db2exfmt, db2trc)  Other Tools: Eclipse, CVS / SVN, CMVC / ClearCase, ClearQuest, MS Visual Studio  Operating Systems: UNIX (Solaris, AIX), Windows (XP, NT, Vista, 2000, 2003), Linux (RedHat, Suse) C A R E E R H I S TO RY IBM Toronto Software Lab, Markham, Canada 03.2004 – 12.2008 Software Engineer & Developer, Performance Analyst Department of Information Management, DB2 Selected responsibilities and achievements: IRINA KOGAN  Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. 1) Transaction Processing over XML (TPoX) benchmark Key designer and developer of the first version of the benchmark:  Chose a real-life scenario from the financial industry and wrote XML Schemas, XML indexes and the workload statements including XQueries, SQL/XML queries and XML updates.  Developed a high-performance and highly parallel workload driver (Java, JDBC).  Found important issues in the new DB2 code via the use of TPoX, analyzed them and worked closely with the DB2 developers from different parts of IBM to get them fixed.  Used the benchmark for performance evaluations of pureXML in DB2 on the databases of the size up to 100 GB. Performed various tuning and achieved excellent results, which were published and well-recognized world-wide. 2) Integration of the Altova tools with DB2 9 pureXML Key contributor from IBM to the integration of the Altova’s world-famous graphical tools (XMLSpy, DatabaseSpy, MapForce, StyleVision) with DB2 pureXML:  Identified the most important DB2 functionality to be supported by the Altova tools and provided Altova with some optimal implementation details.  Participated in the design and thorough testing of the new features and interfaces.  Took an active role in marketing of the new functionality. 3) Other XML work  Designed and developed new XML workloads to be able to find functional and performance problems on the early stages of the DB2 9 – 9.7 development.  Used UNIX shell scripting and Perl to set up and automate the workload runs.  Used various profiling tools (tprof, db2trc, db2 snapshot monitor, db2expln / db2exfmt, etc.) to do the detailed performance analysis and to find the performance bottlenecks.  Found some serious issues (up to 20x performance degradations as compared to the earlier DB2 builds using different DB2 code), which resulted in the redesign of some new components and improved the quality of DB2 significantly. 4) Other work and achievements  Converted the DB2 workload containing several complex stored procedures, functions and triggers to PL/SQL to test the new cross-compiler functionality in DB2.  Worked with DB2 DPF (Database Partitioning Feature), performed database migration, various tuning / optimizations and other DBA tasks.  Continuously led and developed teams.  Built strong relationships with the DB2 partners including Intel (USA), DaimlerChrysler (Germany), Altova (Austria and USA), University of Calgary and 1C (Russia).  Prepared and gave various presentations, including for large audiences (XML Customer Day, DB2 9 Beta Education Day; conferences: CASCON 2007, XML 2007).  Published several papers, some of which are listed in the Selected Publications section. Siemens AG, Munich, Germany 01.2002 – 10.2003 Software Developer, Researcher Corporate Technology, Department of Software & Engineering Selected responsibilities and achievements: 1) Java and XML development  Designed and implemented a Java program that customizes an animation for any Siemens cell phone (color scheme, screen size and other parameters) by applying point, IRINA KOGAN  Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. area, geometric, statistical and color quantization operations from the JAI (Java Advanced Imaging) libraries to the animation frames.  Developed visual XML and SMIL editors containing various active components using Java Swing and J2D (graphical tools).  Used the Xerces XML parser (SAX and DOM) to devise algorithms converting XML into ASCII format conforming to the specified grammar.  Wrote the XSL transformations and XML schemas.  Used Cocoon under Tomcat and MySQL JDBC to support web services using XML. 2) KODI research project  Exploited business models, accounting, billing and charging methods for context-aware services for mobile devices over 3G networks and proposed extensions.  Developed use cases for various types of context-aware applications and addressed issues of payment, interoperability of services and roaming using UML-style dependency and flow charts.  Conducted presentations, led meetings and coordinated work between the three project partners: Siemens AG, Apollis Interactive AG, Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU).  Wrote the project's annual deliverable. E D U C AT I O N A N D L A N G U A G E S M.Sc. in Computer Science, York University, Canada, Oct. 2001  Master’s thesis in the area of databases: "Semantic Integrity: Recommendations on Good Design Methodology"  Grade Point Average is 8.2 out of 9  University jobs in 2000-2001: Graduate Teaching Assistant, Graduate Research Assistant (extensively used DB2, Oracle – incl. PL/SQL, SQL Server as well as BON-, UML-, ER-diagrams) B.Sc. (Honors) in Computer Science, York University, Canada, Dec. 1999  Member of Dean’s Honor Roll  University jobs in 1998-1999: Computer Lab Monitor, C++ Programmer, Teaching Assistant, Translator (English <--> Russian), Private Tutor Languages: fluent in English and Russian, good knowledge of German PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND ACHIEVEMENTS IBM Awards: Bravo! Achievement award for the work on XML performance on DB2 9 IBM Certifications in DB2 8.1: Database Associate, Database Administrator, Application Developer IBM Training: Leadership: Levels 1-3 Influencing Skills Presentation Skills Mastering Think On Your Feet Negotiation Skills AIX 5L System Admin III: Performance Management S E L E C T E D P U B L I C AT I O N S  Irina Kogan, Erin Cavanaugh, Liz Andrews: "Integration of Altova Tools with IBM DB2 9 pureXML demonstrated via the Online Brokerage Application Scenario ", whitepaper on the Altova’s website, Feb. 2008  Irina Kogan: "Using the Altova Tools with IBM DB2 pureXML ", extensive tutorial on IBM developerWorks, Dec. 2007  Matthias Nicola, Irina Kogan, Berni Schiefer: "An XML Transaction Processing Benchmark ", ACM SIGMOD Conference 2007 IRINA KOGAN  Page 3 of 4
  4. 4.  Irina Kogan, Matthias Nicola, Berni Schiefer: "DB2 9 XML Performance Characteristics ", IBM developerWorks, June 2006 IRINA KOGAN  Page 4 of 4