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GVM presents Fitness Coffee, Fitness Tea and Fitness Barley, the new patented Italian products aiding in diet and in weight loss with same methods of preparation of traditional coffees.

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  • Dear Elbert,
    with espresso coffee machine as with other methods the preparation of Fitness Coffee is exactly the same as with a traditional coffee.
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  • Really nice presentation. But how about using an italian espresso coffee machine to prepare your Fitness Coffee.
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Fitness Coffee Web Presentation

  2. 2. A HEALTHY WAY TO START YOUR DAYFitness Coffee is an innovative patented product manufactured by GVMI.E. (Italy). Patent N. 0001361629. Fitness Coffee is an all natural 100%made in Italy product designed to replenish the body with powerfulantioxidants and nutrients without changing your passion for coffee.All our blends contain only premium quality roasted coffee, selectedofficinal herbs and aromatic spices that can contribute to your genaralwellbeing.Fitness Coffee is: • The sole patented health coffee on the market • 100% natural • Lower calories than artificially enhanced instant coffee (full of hydrogenated fats and sugars) due to the natural production process and all natural composition • Over 300% more antioxidants than green tea and over 150% more antioxidants than a red wine Merlot • Fitness Coffee has been known to: o Increase thermogenesis and supports metabolism* o Tone and purify the body* o Increase Energy**Naturally Fitness Coffee is not a medicine and helps in weight control when taken inconjunction with a balanced (calorie) controlled diet and moderate exercise.
  3. 3. ADVANTAGES OF FITNESS COFFEEFitness Coffee is 100% vegetal product entirely made in Italy. All theingredients are safe according to the actual suggestions, laws and rulesof the Health Minister and of EU Community. All products are sourcedfrom certified Italian suppliers that guaranteed freshness and nutritionalvalue of each product.Fitness Coffee is proud to be 100% natural and it DOESNT NOT contain: • Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) • artificial additives, • artificial colorings, • artificial flavors, • preservatives, • sugar, • MSG. FITNESS COFFEE® · can be brewed as a normal cup of coffee (drip-filter, moka, boiled, French press or espresso); · is unique and delicious with a long lasting flavor; · can be served cold and with ice as a superb alcohol-free herbal beverage, ideal for the hot season.
  4. 4. ANTIOXIDANT TESTFITNESS COFFEE is 100% natural and vegetal product and providesmore natural precious antioxidants than any other food and drinks.According to the recent scientific study (Dr. Björn Carlmark, Bearco KB /Dr. Magnus Nylander, MN Biocare, Stockholm – Sweden) Fitness Coffeecontain 300% more antioxidant benefits than green tea.Antioxidants are absolutely essential to our health. They are substancesthat fight toxins and protect cells from the damage caused by freeradicals. Each Serving OF FITNESS COFFEE Contains: Calories Sugars Fat Saturated Sodium Fat 0,75 kcal 0,05 g 0,01 g 0,00 g 0,31 mg < 1% < 1% 0,00% 0,00% < 1%of GDA = Guideline Daily Amount *Percent of Daily Values are based on 2,000 kcal diet.
  5. 5. Fitness Coffee AntioxidantBlend.Ingredients: top quality roastedcoffee, bitter and sweet orange,licorice, cardamum, cinnamon, mate,green tea, peppermint, sweet mint,anis, star anis, turmeric, rhodiolarosea, ginger, cloves, lemon-scentedverbena.Increases thermogenesis, supportsmetabolism, helps boost energylevels, provides powerful antioxidants.Packaging: 250 g bags with one-waydegassing valve, ground or beansFitness Coffee EspressoIngredients: same as Fitness CoffeeAntioxidant.Increases thermogenesis, supportsmetabolism, helps boost energylevels, provides powerful antioxidants.Packaging:single-dose espresso pods7 g in cartons of 300 podsFitness SensualcaffèIngredients: top quality ground coffeeblend, Turnera Aphrodisiaca, guaranà,dandelion, anis, rhodiola, hawthorn,cinnamon, licorice, dandelion,cardamum, mate, ginger, sweetorange and other tonifying herbs toenjoy more your special moments.Packaging: 250 g with one-way valve
  6. 6. mnm Fitness Coffee B-fine Ingredients: top quality ground coffee, bitter orange, guarana, juniper, ginseng, cardamum, cinnamon, mate, birch, dandelion, cumin, liquorice etc. Increases thermogenesis and supports athletic performance, relieves physical and mental fatigue, stimulates mental activity, helps in weight loss diets, provides powerful antioxidants. Packaging: single dose bags 7 g in boxes of 30 or 300 bags Fitness Barley Ingredients: organic roasted barley, chicory, red tea rooibos, ginseng, wild rose, cinnamon, hawthorn, peppermint, cardamum, dandelion, bitter orange, anis, ginger, fennel, cumin. Its caffeine-free, provides powerful antioxidants, its natural antiacid and can improve the digestion, its also beneficial to your dental health. Packaging: 350 gShelf life: 24 months
  7. 7. From 8th to 12th October 2011 the international food and beverage sector met atAnuga in Cologne. With 6,596 suppliers from 100 countries, Anuga is the worldslargest and most important trade fair for food and beverages.The fair spotlights new products, innovative trends and future-oriented concepts. TheTaste11 special show serves as a trend barometer for the buyers and a source ofmomentum for the global food business. This is where visitors can see an overview ofthe top new products at Anuga 2011 selected by an international jury of tradejournalists. More than 500 companies with over 1 200 ideas competed to be includedin the special show and the accompanying Taste11 catalogue. These products was onshow in an attractive exhibition in the northern section of the Boulevard. The juryselected a total of 54 products and concepts that were impressive by virtue of theirunderlying ideas, innovative character and creative applications – taken from all ten ofAnugas specialised trade shows.Our FITNESS COFFEE ANTIOXIDANT FULLY ACTIVE BLEND is a winner of a Taste11Award.
  8. 8. We all live fast-paced, 21st-century lives. We are constantly bombardedwith choices, change and uncertainty. The effects of this lifestyle on thebody vary for all of us, but much of what we experience will be common— stress. When the body and mind are stressed, the entire systemsuffers decreased efficiency, and often we become susceptible tophysical, psychological, and emotional diseases. In short, our modern lifebegs that we give the body some help. Fitness Tea™ can help!Aside from being great-tasting, gourmet tea, Fitness Tea is an all-naturalbeverage designed to deliver nutrients and antioxidants to your bodythat you might not be getting in your current diet. Advantages of Fitness Tea FITNESS TEA® does not contain: • Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), • MSG (monosodium glutamate), • artificial and natural flavors, • artificial additives, • artificial colorings, • preservatives, • sugar. Each Serving OF FITNESS TEA Contains: Calories Sugars Fat Saturated Sodium Fat 0,56 kcal 0,09 g 0,01 g 0,00 g 0,41 mg < 1% < 1% 0,00% 0,00% < 1%of GDA = Guideline Daily Amount *Percent of Daily Values are based on 2,000 kcal diet.
  9. 9. PRODUCTS FITNESS TEA B-YOUNG INGREDIENTS: green tea “Lucky Bird”, tea rooibos “Super Grade”, karkade, wild rose, hawthorn, cloves, cinnamon. PROPERTIES: aids heart activity, boosts brain power, supports metabolism, adds important minerals and antioxidants to the diet. PACKAGING: - single-dose pyramid bags in box of 15 pcs FITNESS TEA B-FIT INGREDIENTS: green tea “Lucky Bird”, liquorice, fennel, sweet mint, birch, peppermint, dandelion, cumin. PROPERTIES: lowers total cholesterol levels, facilitates digestion, detoxifies the body, provides powerful antioxidants. PACKAGING: - single-dose pyramid bags in box of 15 pcsShelf life: 36 months
  10. 10. TRADITIONAL COFFEE IN BEANSVenezia Orient ExpressThis blend has been studied to let you enjoy aclassic Italian coffee with a defined and strongtaste, powerful body and penetrating aroma. It’scomposed by selected Robusta from Africa andIndia and Arabica varieties from Africa and SouthAmerica.Packaging: 1 kg bag with degassing valveMontebianco ExpressThis classic blend has been created for the loversof the ancient Neapolitan coffee tradition. Thisprestigious blend is an Arabica special selectionof the best South American origins with a hint ofIndian and African Robusta. It’s dedicated to thefinest gourmet that will appreciate a fine scented,very creamy and full body cup.Packaging: 1 kg bag with degassing valveEspresso del LevanteThis special blend has been studied to let you enjoy a high quality Italian coffee rich in aromatic and perfume notes. This exclusive and excellent blend is intended only for those who want the best, ever and without any compromise. Soft to the palate, refined in its aroma, it keeps the Arabica properties untouched thanks to careful roastin process.Packaging: 1 kg bag with degassing valve
  11. 11. WE LOVE TO GET FITIN NATURAL WAY EVERY DAY! GVM I.E. via Franchi, 35 – 64100 Teramo – ITALY Tel. +39 0861 212729 – Fax +39 0861 217602 – –