The How-To's of Social Networking


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In week 3 of our Winning Digital Marketing Strategies: Lunch and Learn Series, we learned:
How to determine what social sites you need to be on
How to create and optimize your page in sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter, and the benefits of each site
How to build your social network and engage users
... and how to use this to gain visibility and make your business more successful!

Presented by Allison Kulage of Bare Knuckle Marketing at

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The How-To's of Social Networking

  1. 1. Class 3
  2. 2.  Drives Traffic Earns Natural Links Reputation Management Customer Service Tool Brand Recognition Increases Visibility Enhances Real Social Interactions
  3. 3.  You must be willing and able to engage Requires constant attention and interaction Honest / Authentic message Conversation not Conversion Interacting not Advertising Social networking is more effective when a “real” connection is made off-line.
  4. 4. ListenMonitor/ PlanMeasure UseEngage Tools Grow Network
  5. 5. Monitor the social networks to: Listen Find Your Market Monitor/ what are they saying? Measure Plan Find Your Voice what is your persona? Engage Use Define Your Goals Tools what do you want to accomplish? Grow Network
  6. 6.  Find Your Market What are they saying about:  Your brand  Products / Services in general  The industry  Your competition  Their problems, complaints  Their hopes, dreams, what makes them happy Find Your Voice Define Goals
  7. 7.  Find Your Market Find Your Voice  Humor  Controversy  Information  Education Define Goals
  8. 8.  Find Your Market Find Your Voice Define Goals  Improve reputation  Increase sales  Increase visits / traffic  Increase leads  Generate awareness  Build relationships  Build trust  Focus groups  Combat negative comments  Customer service
  9. 9. Useful Research Sites and Tools
  10. 10.  setup RSS feeds (manage with Google reader)
  11. 11.  setup Google alerts
  12. 12.  Focus on goals Listen What social networks should you participate in? Monitor/ Measure Plan Who is responsible for posting content? How often will you post content? Use Engage Tools Join Conversation First, Then Convert Them Grow Network
  13. 13. Social Media Sites  Facebook  Twitter  LinkedIn  Pinterest  YouTube  StumbleUpon  Delicious  Digg  Niche Social Sites  Start your own social network –
  14. 14.  Who?  One or more people?  Who will it come from?  Who will be the admin(s)?  Use internal resources How often?  Set a schedule  What is natural?  Twitter    Facebook   Facebook Scheduling feature
  15. 15.  Features  Know the basic commands (hashtag, retweet, like, etc.)  Create custom apps  Hide time wasting apps Know how to login, post updates, act as PAGE Best Practices  Dont spam  Create social media policy (rules and ethics)  Dont retweet too much  Remember to use keywords  Create content that is useful  Share useful links  Establish a relationship, dont just give the sales pitch
  16. 16.  HootSuite TweetDeck Listen Phone Apps Monitor/ Plan  TweetDeck Measure  Foursquare  QR Code Scanners  Network Specific Engage Use Tools (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) Grow Network
  17. 17. General Tips  Share with existing friends Listen  Reciprocal befriending Monitor/ Measure Plan  Send email invite  Be interesting  Deliver value Engage Use  Follow industry leaders Tools  Link to your profiles Grow Network  Ads  Add “Like” button
  18. 18.  Product announcements Sell – share coupon codes/links Listen Cutting edge news Monitor/ Plan Contests Measure Customer service Listen and respond Use Engage Industry specific humor Tools Periodic tips Grow Network Seasonal tips/info
  19. 19.  Setup RSS feeds to show mentions of brand Listen Setup Google Alerts Monitor/ Plan Measure Most social media sites have a metrics tool Engage Use Tools Google Analytics Grow Network
  20. 20.  Don’t focus on proving direct ROI Benefits are often secondary or tertiary Focus on interaction, value of content, not numbers Branding – mentions of your brand Measure actions, not just size of network Track your time/costs
  21. 21.  Baseline Data  How many fans, followers, bookmarks, etc.  Search Engine rankings  Referrers  Number of meaningful comments/interactions  Subscribers & Interactions Interaction – are users engaging in a conversation?  Twitter: retweets, answering questions, driving traffic to site, increasing followers?  Facebook: likes, comments, wall posts, mentions?  YouTube: views, comments, embeds? Conversions – are your sales, leads, etc. increasing? Rankings – increasing, adding to the long tail? Retention rates, Repeat business
  22. 22. Create a presence  Personal Profile  No Commercial Activity  Facebook Group  For a quick discussion, or attracting quick attention  Main benefit: you can direct message your members  Not indexed by search engines  Facebook Page  For long term relationships  Multiple admins allowed at different levels  Indexed by search engines 
  23. 23.  Add Applications: Vanity URL: (need 25 likes) Export updates to Twitter: Import Blog: Social RSS
  24. 24.  Be searchable – consider setting profile to public Control who sees what with Friend Groups and Custom Privacy Settings Account > Edit Friends > Create a List Account > Privacy Settings > Customize Settings Connect with industry leaders/influencers Join groups in your market/network Follow limits - 5000 friends, unlimited fans
  25. 25.  Link/Logo on site Link/Logo in email signature, print materials Send Email Request Facebook Ads Act as page, interact on other pages “Like” other pages/content, as company
  26. 26. What is EdgeRank?EdgeRank is the Facebook algorithmthat decides which stories appearin each users news feed.Why should I care?88% of fans will never return to your brand page.95% of engagement happens in the news feed.
  27. 27.  Affinity = How connected you are – mutual friends, frequent posting on each other’s wall, etc. Weight = Certain content carries more weight. (photos and videos > links, comments > likes) Time Decay = As a story gets older, it loses points.
  28. 28. The higher your EdgeRank, the higher your post on theNews Feed. So, how do get higher EdgeRank? Post daily, at least Gain “weight” – post videos, photos, comments, more engaging content types Get people talking – ask questions, be interesting, use apps Run Facebook Ads – Great targeting options Mobile – Almost half of Facebook users use a mobile device, so make sure your content and apps are also mobile friendly.
  29. 29.  Choose username Create an avatar Custom background Use keywords in your description so other users can find / follow you
  30. 30.  Use various tools to find Twitter users to follow   Twitter suggests “Who to Follow” Follow well known Twitter users Twitter lists Follow people that engage and influence Who do the industry leaders follow or RT or mention frequently? Block “Adult” accounts that follow you – they can damage credibility Follow back those that follow you Don’t auto follow everyone back If you follow too many people, it can be too noisy Follow who your network is following Find local users: Cincinnati Twitter List/Database
  31. 31.  Twitter Commands  #hashtags  @replies  RT’s (Retweets) Use your account  Who’s retweeting your content?  Who’s mentioned you? Trending topics – what’s hot? Add Retweet Button to your blog / other content
  32. 32.  Leave space at end for retweets Hashtags  #Followfriday  Virtually attend an event  Use of hashtags makes you look like a fluent tweeter Block spammers, or report to @spam on Twitter Look at @Connect > Mentions to see who’s mentioned you, retweeted, etc.
  33. 33.  Product testing Create an online persona Be entertaining Respond within 24 hours Post links to your content People love lists Use trending keywords Contests, prizes are often shared Allow users to share Launch a help center Organize Twitter event
  34. 34.  Add Company Profile: (click Add a Company) Get recommendations Customize your links to draw interest Can share updates on Twitter and vice versa Custom URL Add applications
  35. 35.  Import contact list Send invites Connect to everyone you know Business cards at networking events? Look them up or invite! Follow up with custom request Join groups and connect Join Q&A Email blast Use Plugins:
  36. 36.  Career/job postings Start discussions Status updates show in email messages Join groups and contribute to Q&A
  37. 37.  Create Company Channel How to Rank Higher:  Likes  Views  Keyword relevance Channel Settings  Avatar  Background  About  Links to other sites Choose a good thumbnail Accurate Transcripts
  38. 38.  Network within YouTube (comment, subscribe, send message) Embed on Facebook Add Annotations  Call to action  Link to your channel to gain subscribers  Promote other videos Add YouTube Channel link to email signature, print, website, etc. Embed video in Email signature Embed video on site
  39. 39.  Not for Advertisements. Don’t post commercials, unless viral Google uses voice recognition technology so make sure it’s clear Create relevant, unique, informative content Less than 5 minutes is generally a good rule Link to video from your site with keywords in the link text. Surrounding HTML should be descriptive and keyword rich. Keyword rich descriptions in video title, in the tags in YouTube, etc. Use the word “video” as a keyword in these tags as well. Brand your video. Enable sharing and allow people to embed your video on their sites
  40. 40.  Only one type of page (no business vs. personal) Pinned images link back to it’s original website Over 23 million users Mobile App and Website
  41. 41. You’ll find these under Settings: Keyword rich description in your about section Link to your website Location (if you’re local) Publish activity to Facebook Timeline (personal profile) Connect to Twitter
  42. 42.  About > Pin It Button  Browser button  Website button (follow entire account or pin individual images)  Mobile apps Create Boards = Be social!  Pin your own content  Pin other content Comment on other boards and pins Coordinate with your existing digital strategy, align with your keywords and name your boards accordingly Include price in description
  43. 43. Content Ideas and Inspiration Product shots – demo, in use, creative uses Infographics Photos of events Photos of your store front or location Photos of customers Create theme based boards Use hashtags to encourage Twitter activity Look to Categories for inspiration Video Gifts
  44. 44.  Allow others to contribute (they must follow you first) Share Pins Who’s pinning your content Analytics:
  45. 45.  On Site  Social bookmarking  ShareThis Off Site  Business Cards  Radio, TV, Traditional  Events  QR Codes  Window Clings
  46. 46.  Don’t Spam Be Respectful & Friendly It’s OK to be a “Real” Person Provide Quality Content – The purpose of these sites is to share relevant content. You’re there to establish a relationship, not to make a sales pitch. Social Media Policy – many companies are implementing these now. Use your “What if my mother saw this?” filter
  47. 47. Class 4: Advanced Digital Strategies, Metrics Analysis, and Open Q&A Bring Your Questions! Twitter @BareKnuckleMktg