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Top 5 Salesforce Employee Training and Onboarding Tips


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Getting ready to implement Salesforce in your organization? Here are a few experience-based insights to help you onboard employees.

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Top 5 Salesforce Employee Training and Onboarding Tips

  1. 1. Top 5 Salesforce Employee Training and Onboarding tips by iridize
  2. 2. The Data CRM Onboarding is more than showing employees how the system works. It’s about showing them how SaaS can help improve work performance and create a better work environment.
  3. 3. The Data
  4. 4. Structured Training Process
  5. 5. Salesforce is considered an easy CRM platform, but a structured training process, whether in group or individually – is always a good start. Img source: smarnad @
  6. 6. Make sure the training sessions are prepared in advance. Schedule periodical touch-base meetings with the trainer – to get feedback on the process.
  7. 7. Get the Right Service Package
  8. 8. There’s more to choosing a CRM package than selecting a platform. Compare features Consider feature relevance for your organization Decide if it is worth the expense
  9. 9. On-page Onboarding Solutions
  10. 10. On-page onboarding solutions like iridize’s provides an on-page learning environment that keeps trainees on the actual, live system while learning. Hi there, James! Welcome to your Salesforce tutorial. Let’s get started.
  11. 11. A major differentiator iridize has over its competitors: personalized tutorials that can be tailored to different Salesforce segments or even specific users. Hi Cindy! Your Salesforce tutorial for the Customer Support Dpt. is about to start. Are you ready?
  12. 12. Appoint a Salesforce Point Person
  13. 13. Employees know where to turn for support Decreases likelihood of issues falling in between the cracks Project ownership has a proven track record of improving the SaaS onboarding process.
  14. 14. Senior Staff Training and Use
  15. 15. When senior-level staff roll up their sleeves and commit to learning alongside other employees - there is more motivation to adopt a new work method.
  16. 16. Why Iridize Mobile?We Hope That Was Helpful! Read more about onboarding solutions at Or request a demo at
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