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The Best Tutorial for Learning Salesforce


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So what IS the best tutorial for learning Salesforce? Is it an official Salesforce tutorial or perhaps one of the complementing Salesforce onboarding solutions? Video, walkthrough or written documentation?

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The Best Tutorial for Learning Salesforce

  1. 1. The Best Tutorial for Leaning Salesforce by iridize
  2. 2. The Data There are a variety of Salesforce tutoring solutions. Some are provided by Salesforce and many by complementing Salesforce training solutions. Hi there, New User! Welcome to your Salesforce tutorial. Let’s get started.
  3. 3. Salesforce Onboarding Solutions
  4. 4. On-page guides and walkthroughs help keep the users engaged on- page instead of going back and forth between documentation/ video.
  5. 5. Onboarding solutions like iridize also offer personalized onboarding guides, tailored to different workflows and specific users. Hi Jill! Your Salesforce Customer Service tutorial is about to start. Are you ready?
  6. 6. iridize also offers a goals tracking platform that provides data about how much the walkthrough guides are improving the users' goal completion rates.
  7. 7. Video Tutorials
  8. 8. Youtube offers many Salesforce tutorials for a variety of workflows and work environments.
  9. 9. The drawbacks in video tutorials:  Do not reflect your specific workflow (confusing to users)  Toggling back and forth between the video and Salesforce – overload for users’ short term memory.
  10. 10. Salesforce’s Tutorials
  11. 11.  Openly accessible Salesforce tutorials target Salesforce admins  Once logged in, users can access the Learning Center.  Salesforce maintains a youtube channel
  12. 12. *These aren’t training methods per se, but will be helpful support tools after a Salesforce tutorial. Salesforce also has  An extensive knowledgebase  A vast online community of peer-based support.* i
  13. 13. External Trainers
  14. 14. These can be:  Franchises implementing Salesforce  Experienced Salesforce users or admins …Who are NOT operating as part of the official Salesforce brand?Img source of stamP: Stuart Miles @
  15. 15. The quality of these services varies. It is best to:  Invest in research  Request recommendations
  16. 16. Why Iridize Mobile?We Hope That Was Helpful! Read more about onboarding solutions at Or request a demo at
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