How to Create and Sustain Customer Loyalty


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Creating and sustaining customer loyalty is first and foremost about building a unique, personal relationship with your customers. This requires attentiveness, sensitivity and providing the best customer service possible. So how to go about doing that?

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How to Create and Sustain Customer Loyalty

  1. 1. How to Create and Sustain Customer Loyalty by iridize
  2. 2. An ancient tech-support proverb The Data Good customer service is like marriage: after the romancing of the sales is over, it’s time to start the real work on the relationship.
  3. 3. We’ll let you in on a trade secret… Customer loyalty is not “generated” – it’s earned
  4. 4. Why does it matter? Customer loyalty is key to building a sustainable business customers won’t develop loyalty to a PRODUCT – provide a SERVICE worthy of loyalty
  5. 5. Think UX when designing the CEX In the webapp world, user experience is a guiding principle in designing user interface
  6. 6. Core elements in UX: Consider:  navigation  ease of use  intuitiveness  minimizing resistance points
  7. 7. Or, in other words: Observe your customers’ response to the service process and see what needs changing. There are no metrics for customer frustration, so use your soft skills
  8. 8. Analyze your flow to bits Design a customer support process that makes sense: No repetitiveness Sequential flow of questions Get straight to the point – save the contact info for last
  9. 9. Reminder: You’re building a relationship – so build a relationship
  10. 10. How would you address a friend? Personalize YES: √ Earnest √ Sensitive √ Like… a first date NO Annoying Intrusive Fake familiarity
  11. 11. Everyone is using CRMs Today, customers expect you to know EVERYTHING about their interaction with your company… …but don’t mistake that for relinquishing privacy.
  12. 12. Demand what you provide Frankness and transparency should go both ways: Tactful “I see here that you’ve purchased…” Creepy: “This specific purchase you made on this exact date and time…”
  13. 13. Customer Support is critical Go all out on support options. Spare no expense.
  14. 14. The 360 degree support options It is YOUR job to consider all the different user types in your customer base Phone support Walkthroughs and on-page guidance Tutorial videos Detailed knowledgebase
  15. 15. What’s in it for you? This approach is also beneficial for you, the provider: providing self-service help options helps reduce incoming customer support requests
  16. 16. Why Iridize Mobile? It’s Been a Pleasure We hope that was helpful! Read more about optimizing onboarding and customer service in our blog Or contact us to request a demo.
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